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Artist Discography A - B

100 Proof (Aged In Soul)
? And The Mysterians
Abraham & His Sons
The Abstract Reality
The Accents
Buddy Ace
Barbara Acklin
Acres Of Grass
Al Adams
Alberta Adams
Johnny Adams
June Adams
Marvin Adams & The Boppers / Alonzo & The Boppers
Valentine Adams
The Admirations
The Adlibs
The Adorables
The Adventurers
AFO Combo
The African Echoes
African Music Machine
The Agents / Ronnie Walker
Ben Aiken
Jewel Akens
Steve Alaimo

Chas Alexander
Kent Allan
Gene Allison
Johnnie Alton
Alcon Shades
Sam Alcorn
Arthur Alexander

J W Alexander
Margie Alexander
Paul Alexander
Ray Algere
Ricky Allen
Sherli Allen
Allison & South Funk Blvd.
Levert Allison

Alpaca Phase III
Adam's Apples
Sammy Ambrose
The Ambassadors
The Ambassadors Of Soul
The Ambers
The Americans Of '68
Stewart Ames
The Andantes
Carol Anderson
Jesse Anderson
Kip Anderson
Stanley Anderson
Vikki Anderson
Jimmy Andrews
Lee Andrews & The Hearts
Ruby Andrews
Bobby Angelle
The Anglos
Beverly Ann
Mel Anton
The Apollas

The Appointments
The Appreciations
Roy Arlington
Jo Armstead
Jimmy Armstrong
The Artistics
The Ascots
Clarence Ashe
The Astors
Ben Atkins & The Nomads
Joe ‘Mr G’ August
Donel Austin
Patti Austin
The Avons
Lonnie B & Viki G
Bob Babbitt
Baby Huey & The Babysitters
Baby Jane & The Rockabyes
Baby Ray
Bad Albert (Coleman)
Bad Habits
The Bagdads
Buddy Bailey & Curt Moore
Jay Jay Bailey
Rene Bailey
Vickie Baines
Johnny Baker
LaVern Baker
Sam Baker
Yvonne Baker
Hank Ballard
Kenny Ballard
Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band
Bessie Banks
Darrell Banks
Homer Banks
Larry Banks
Barbara & Brenda
Barbara & The Browns
Marilyn Barbarin
Dean Barlow
Billy Barnes
J J Barnes
Johnny Barnes
Ortheia Barnes
Sidney Barnes
Towanda Barnes
H B Barnum
Elliot Baron
The Barons
Richie Barrett
Chris Bartley
Wilbur Bascomb & The Blue Zodiacs
Toni Basil
Billy Bass
Fontella Bass
Lee Bates
The Bates Sisters
David Batiste & The Gladiators
Rose Battiste
Jean Battle
Jackey Beavers
The Bees
Beginning Of The End
The Bell Boys
Archie Bell & The Drells
Reuben Bell

William Bell
The Bell Brothers
The Belles
La Brenda Ben
Milton Bennett
Wayne Bennett
Benny & Tina
Kenny Bernard
Lewis Bethune
Betty & Roy
Brief Encounter
Brook Benton
Buster Benton
Chris Bernard
Chuck Bernard
Charles Berry And The Cherrys
Minzi Berry
Big Ella
Big Frank & The Essences
Big George
Big Tim & The Empires
Big Wolfe
Betty Bibbs
Eddie Billups
Larry Birdsong
Cody Black
Marion Black
Marjorie Black
Black Haze Express
Black Ivory
Cicero Blake
Billy Bland
Bobbie Jean Bland
Bobby Bland
Gil Blanding
Curtis Blandon
Blast Furnace Band
The Blenders
The Blenders (A.F.O.)
The Blend Tones
Bobby & Wallace
James Bond Sextet
Black Blood
The Blossoms
Blue Magic
The Blue Notes
Bob & Gene
Eddie Bo
The Bobbettes
Bobo Mr. Soul
Hamilton Bohannon
William Bollinger
Gonzales Bonaparte
Eddie Bond
Boogie Jake
James Booker
Tony Borders
James Bounty
John Bowie
Sam Bowie

Private Charles Bowen & The Gentlemen From Tigerland
Jan Bradley
Bob Brady & The Con Chords
Johnny Bragg
Al 'TNT' Braggs
Bill Brandon
Dan Brantley
Jimmy Braswell
Jimmy Breedlove
Brenda & The Tabulations

Fred Briggs
Bonnie Brisker
Johnny Bristol
Rod Bristow
Tina Britt
Aldora Britton
Broadway Express
The Broadways
Alfreda Brockington
Julius Brockington
Brothers & Sisters
Brothers In Co-Op
Brothers Of Love
Brothers Of Soul
The Brothers Two
Andrew Brown
Barbara Brown
Bobbie Brown
Charles 'Soul' Brown
ames Brown
Jimmy Brown
Latimore Brown
Maxine Brown
Nappy Brown
Nat Brown
Pep Brown
Roy Brown
Ruth Brown
Shirley Brown
Veda Brown
Alan Bruce
Ed Bruce
Frankie Brunson
Van Brussard
Don Bryant
J D Bryant
Lillie Bryant
Mickey Buckins & The New Breed
Bull & The Matadors
Solomon Burke
Gene Burks
Eddie Burns
Jimmy Burns
Harold Burrage
Daisy Burris
Bill Bush

Tommy Bush
Billy Butler
Jerry Butler
Hindal Butts
Nancy Butts
Ann Byers
Leon Byrd