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Artist Discography N - R

Johnny Nash
The Natural Four
Vikki Nelson
The New Yorkers
The Newcomers
Cliff Nobles
Jimmy Norman
Freddie North
The Notations
Odds & Ends
Lenny O'Henry
The O'Jays
The O'Kaysions
Ollie & The Nightingales
The Olympics
The Opals
Allen Orange
The Orlons
Kell Osborne
The Ovations
Tony Owens
Oz & The Sperlings
Bobby Paris
Fred Parris & The Restless Hearts
Deanie Parker
Eddie Parker
Gloria Parker
Junior Parker
Robert Parker
Winfield Parker
Gino Parks
Dean Parrish
Bobby Patterson
The Patterson Twins
Alexander Patton
Patti & The Emblems
Billy Paul
Peggy Paxton
Freda Payne
Ann Peebles
Melvin Van Peebles
The Pentagons
George Pepp
Barbara Perry

Oscar Perry
The Persianettes
The Pets
James Phelps
Philip & The Faithfuls
Esther Phillips
Pic & Bill
Wilson Pickett
The Plants / George Jackson
The Platters
Jean Plum

Poindexter Brothers
The Pointer Sisters
Frank Polk
Ray Pollard
The Poodles
The Popular Five
Nolan Porter
Pat Powdrill
Bobby Powell
The Precisions
Billy Preston
The Pretenders
Lloyd Price
Arthur Prysock
Eddie Purrell
James & Bobby Purify
Sidney Joe Qualls
Jimmy Radcliffe
The Radiants
Lou Ragland
Romey Rand

Teddy Randazzo
Barbara Randolph
Lynne Randell
Ravin Mads
Lou Rawls
Alder Ray
Jimmy Raye
The Razor's Edge
Otis Redding
Roy Redmond
A C Reed
Jimmy Reed
Lula Reed
Vala Reegan & The Valarons
Della Reese
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
The Reflections
Clarence Reid
Diane Renay
Wendy Rene
Jeannie Reynolds
Sir Mack Rice
Lisa Richards
Jimmy Ricks
The Rivingtons
Jimmy Robbins
John Roberts
Alvin Robinson
Cleveland Robinson
Roscoe Robinson
Lee Rogers
The Ronettes
Ronnie & Robyn
Jackie Ross
The Royal Jokers
The Royalettes
Ruby & The Romantics
Jimmy Ruffin
The Rumblers
Mitch Ryder