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Artist Discography C - D

The Cairos
Harry Caldwell
Lena Calhoun
The Calveys
The Camaros
Vi Campbell
G C Cameron
Candy & The Kisses
Lonzine Cannon
The Capitols
Carl Carlton
Eddie Carlton
Kenny Carlton
James Carr
B B Carter
Blanch Carter
Clarence Carter
Kenny Carter
Mel Carter
Casanova Two
Alvin Cash & The Crawlers
Fred Cash
The Castaways & Tony Rivers
Jimmy Castor
The Casualeers
The Cat-Keys
The Cautions
The Cavaliers
Chairmen Of The Board
Lee Charles
Patty Charles

Ray Charles

Nolan Chance

The Chancellors
Gene Chandler
Lorraine Chandler
The Charters
The Charts
Freddie Chavez
Chubby Checker
The Checkerboard Squares
Frankie Cherval
The Chiffons
The Chi-Lites
Lee Circle
Chris And Shack
Diane Christian
Chuck & Cleo
Eugene Church
Jimmy Church
Cherry People
The Cinderellas
Alice Clark
Chris Clark
Claudine Clark
Dee Clark

Lewis Clark
Tony Clarke
Judy Clay
Otis Clay
Sonji Clay
Vicky Clay
Linda Clifford
George Clinton
Larry Clinton
Bruce Cloud
The Clovers
The Coasters
Johnny Cobb & The Attractions
The C.O.D.s
Brice Coefield
Ann Cole
King Coleman
Mitty Collier
Keanya Collins
Rodger Collins
The Commands
The Commodores
The Commotions
Arthur Conley
Buddy Conner
June Conquest
The Contours
L C Cooke
Sam Cooke
Eula Cooper
Les Cooper & The Soul Rockers

The Cooperettes
Johnny Copeland
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose
James Conwell
Lucky Cordell
The Corsairs
Dave 'Baby' Cortez
The Corvairs
The Counts
JoAnne Courcy
Dean Courtney
Lou Courtney
Don Covay
Julian Covay
Wally Cox
Carolyn Crawford
James Crawford
G L Crockett
The Crystals
Clifford Curry
King Curtis
Lenny Curtis
Cynthia & The Imaginations
Robbie D & The Robettes
Duke Daniels
The Danleers
David & The Giants
Angela Davis
Bobby Davis
Geater Davis
Maxine Davis
Melvin Davis
Rhonda Davis
Tyrone Davis
Leah Dawson

The Daylighters
Eddie Daye
Johnny Daye
DC Blossoms
Harry Deal & The Galaxies
The Dealers
Debbie Dean
Snoopy Dean
The Debonaires
The Decisions
Sam Dees
Marylu Del Monte
Patti Jo Demps
Pat Dennis
The Delcos
The Deletts
The Delfonics
The Dells
Jimmy Delphs
Bill Dennis
Sugar Pie Desanto
Detroit Emeralds
The Detroit Executives
Detroit Soul
William DeVaughn
Florence Devore
Clyde Dickerson
Bo Diddley
Moses Dillard
Tony Diamond
Diamond Joe
Dickie & The Ebb Tides
The Diplomats
The Distortions
The Dixie Cups
Willie Dixon
Nella Dodds
Troy Dodds
Maurice Dollinson

Fats Domino
Renaldo Domino
Don & Juan
Ral Donner
Lillian Dorr
Lee Dorsey
Kitty Doswell
Debbie Dovale
Al Downing
Bobbie Downs
The Dramatics
Patti Drew
The Drifters

Jean Du Shon
The Dubs
The Du-Ettes
Brenda Duff
The Dukays
Doris Duke
Leroy Dulley
James Duncan
Joyce Dunn
Lillian Dupree
Earl Van Dyke

The Dynamic Superiors
Johnny Dynamite
The Dynells
The Dynettes