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Artist Discography U - Z

Lesley Uggams
The Ultimations
The Undisputed Truth
The Unforgettables

Unique Blend
The Untouchables
Robert Upchurch
The Utopias
V. V. & The Superbs
The Valadiers
Johnny Valentine
Van & Titus
The Valentinos
Patience Valentine
The Van Dykes
Baron Van Dykes
Lynn Varnardo
Don Varner
Sarah Vaughan
Carol Vega
The Vel-Tones
The Velours / Fantastics
The Velvelettes
James Velvet
Billy Vera
Jackie Verdell
Yvonne Vernee
The Vibrations
The Victones
The Voicemasters
The Voices Of East Harlem
The Volcanos
The Volumes
The Vontastics
Adam Wade
Bobby Wade
Shirley Wahls
Junior Walker
Gloria Walker
The Agents / Ronnie Walker
The Wallace Brothers
Shirley Walton
Travis Wammack
Herb Ward
Robert Ward
Dee Dee Warwick
Dionne Warwick
'Baby' Washington
Ella Washington
Gino Washington
Michael Washington
Freddie Waters
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson
Oscar Weathers
Carlena Weaver
Lenny Welch
Jean Wells
Junior Wells
Mary Wells
Barbara West
Rudy West & The Five Keys
Willie West
E T White & His Great Potential Band
Kim Weston
Barry White
Danny White
Josh White



















Charlie Whitehead
Bobby Whiteside
Marva Whitney
Jay Wiggins
Spencer Wiggins
Andre Williams
Bette Williams
Deneice Williams

Dorothy Williams
Lee 'Shot' Williams
Timmy Willis
Al Wilson
Betty Wilson
Timothy Wilson
The Wildweeds
Jerry Williams
Juanita Williams
Lee Williams & The Cymbals
Reuben Williams
Timmy Willis
Dusty Wilson

J. Frank Wilson
Jackie Wilson
Nancy Wilson
Spanky Wilson
The Winstons
Ruby Winters
Bill Withers
Bobby Womack
Stevie Wonder
Brenton Wood
Chuck Wood
C Henry Woods Troupe
Danny Woods
Pearl Woods
World Column
Betty Wright
O V Wright

Roy Wright
Sandra Wright
Johnny Wyatt
Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie
Mel Wynn & The Rhythm Aces
Sandy Wynns
The X-Cellents
The Xplosions
Johnny York
Alice Young
The Young Divines
The Young Folk
The Young Ones
Young - Holt Unlimited
Lonnie Youngblood
The Younghearts
Timi Yuro
Z Z & Company