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Artist Discography E - F

Sam Early
Earth's Delight
Thomas East & The Fabulous Playboys
Skip Easterling
The Ebonys
Eddie & Ernie
Lada Edmund
Dee Edwards
Jimmy Edwards
John Edwards
June Edwards
Mill Edwards
Shirley Edwards
The Egyptians
The Eight Minutes
Donnie Elbert

The Eldees
The Electrifying Cashmeres
The Elgins

Elijah & The Ebonies
The Elites (Patti, Pam and Ann)
Jimmy Elledge
Shirley Ellis
Lorraine Ellison
Patti & The Emblems
Billy 'The Kid' Emerson
The Emotions
The Emperors
The Empires
The Enchanters
The Enchantments
Barbara Jean English
The Enjoyables
The Entertainers Featuring Bobby Conerly
The Epitome Of Sound
Episode Six
Minnie Epperson
The Epsilons
Mark Eric
Big Dee Erwin
The Escorts
The Esquires
The Essex
The Ethics
Mill Evans
Betty Everett
Merle Everts
The Excels
The Exciters
The Extremes
The Fabulous Apollos
The Fabulous Dinos
The Fabulous Peps
The Fabulous Tears
The Fads
Yvonne Fair

Fluffy Falana
The Falcons
The Family Circle
Fantastic Four
The Fascinations

The Fasioneers
Lawrence Faulkon
The Fawns
Al Fayard
Bill Fayard

Chino Feaster
The Fellows
Freddy Fender





Terry Felton
William Fennessee
Helena Ferguson
The Festivals
Lee Fields
Lily Fields
The Fiestas
The Fifth Dimension
Finishing Touch
First Choice
First Class
Andy Fisher & The Encores
The Five C's
Five Degrees Fahrenheit
The Five Du-Tones
The 5 O’Clock News
The "5" Royales
Five Quails
The Five Stairsteps
Paul Flagg

Flaming Ember
The Flamingos
Chuck Flamingo & The Kansas City Playboys
Wade Flemons
Sam Fletcher
Phil Flowers
Eddie Floyd
King Floyd
Bent Forcep & The Patients
Frankie Ford
Ted Ford
Fork In The Road
The Formations
Rubien Fort
Bobby Foster
Eddie Foster
Jerry Foucha
James Fountain
The 4 Avalons
The Four-Evers
The Four J’s
The Four Larks
The Four Mints
The Four Monitors
The Four Pro's
The Four Sonics
The Four Tops
Annabelle Fox
Lady Fox And The Foxettes
Inez Foxx
Roberta Flack
Darrow Fletcher
Carol Fran
Ruff Francis And The Illusions
Frankie & The Damons
Aretha Franklin
Carolyn Franklin
Erma Franklin
Skipper Lee Frazier
The Freedoms
The Freeman Brothers
Arthur Freeman
Bobby Freeman
George Freeman
Judy Freeman & Blackrock
Freddi / Henchi & The Soulsetters
Frenchy & His All Stars
Tommy Frontera
Frank Frost
The Fuller Brothers
Harvey Fuqua
The Fuzz