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Current Re-issues

Recently someone asked if there was a definitive list of the rare records that have been reissued over the last few years. It turns out that there wasn't one, until now.

I've tried to include everything that has some claim to be legitimate, therefore obvious bootlegs have been excluded. 

Surprisingly, it is rather a long list, and only goes back for about three years. So rather than list them all here, I've had to separate them into different labels each with their own page although I've combined the Winsford / Lowton / Grapevine 2000 singles into one page.

The Kent / 100 Club Singles

The Joe Boy Singles

The Winsford Anniversary Singles

The Lowton Anniversary Singles

The Grapevine 2000 Singles

The Soul City Singles

The Connoisseurs Singles

The Sevens Singles

Miscellaneous labels

If you're not bothered about original labels you can build one hell of a collection of Northern Soul on vinyl for a relatively modest investment.