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10th February, 2016 - New label listing for HBR Records.

9th February, 2016 - New label listings for Panther, Jaber, and Estill, a new discography for Marjorie Black.

8th February, 2016 - New label listings for Rush, Tri-sound, Sound Impression, and In Records. DJ Bookings updated, and the Allnighter Planner updated.

4th February, 2016 - Update to the Allnighter Planner. New label listings for Genebro, HPC, and Mandingo.

28th January, 2016 - New label listings for Divinity, and J & W.

27th January, 2016 - New discographies for The Empires, and The Emperors.

26th January - New label listings for Art, Golden State, and Clissac Records. New discographies for The Cooperettes, Blanche Carter, and Willie Dixon.

25th January, 2016 - A new feature has been added. The 2016 Allnighter Planner. A simple 'one look' guide to what allnighters and weekenders are on every week of the year. New label listing for A-Go-Go Records, and a new discography for the Casanova Two.

22nd January, 2016 - New discography for Harry Deal & The Galaxies.

21st January, 2016 - New discographies for Johnny Dynamite, Vi Campbell, and Lonzine Cannon. Label listings for Crossover, Destination, Wet Soul, House Of The Fox, Del-Val, Julmar, Cuppy, Donna, Holiday, and Zell's records.

20th January, 2016 - New label listings for Cabell, Go Go, Gregar, and Day-Wood

19th January, 2016 - New discographies for Jay Wiggins, and Betty Wilson. Label listings for Warren, and Vigor Records.

18th January, 2016 - New label listings for Solid Sound, and Start Records.

17th January, 2016 - New label listings for B.B.C., Gama, D.C. Sound, Scorpion, Quest, Great Potential, Jan Jan, Loop, Nebs, Musicland USA, and Mask. New discographies for The Loveables, and The New Yorkers.

16th January, 2016 - New label listings for Apache Records, and Star West Records. New discographies for George Hobson and The Ravin Mads. And a fantastic article and discography on Yodi Records from St Louis by Malcolm Collins.

15th January, 2016 - New discography for Lee Andrews & The Hearts.

14th January, 2016 - New discographies for Eddie Kirkland, G L Crockett, J. Frank Wilson, and Travis Wammack. New label listings for Ruby Doo, and GMC.

13th January 2016 - DJ Bookings again. New discography for Pic & Bill, and new label listing for Flying Dutchman Records.

12th January, 2016 - DJ Bookings for 2016 added. Label Listing for Penny Records from Chicago, and Rampart Records from LA  added. Discography for Lonnie Youngblood added.

11th January, 2016 - A huge update to the Charay label listing by Wolfgang Weissbrot.

9th January, 2016 - After a three year period when I only had limited access to a PC, I've now bought a second one. This mean I'll be doing updates on a regular basis from now on. Starting with a new discography for the Yan-G label. Lot's of other updates as well which are listed on the Discography updates page.

26th November - Label Listings added for Hourglass, Retta's, Chanson, Drive, (We're Moving) Smogville, Festival, and Turbo, a couple of new articles posted, and the 2015 DJ Bookings added.

23rd July - Label listings added for Brent, Bang, Bandstand USA, and 4J.

1st July - Discographies added for Bobby Wade, Denise LaSalle, Frankie & The Damons, Gino Parks, Koko Taylor, Ty Karim, Doris Duke, and Yvonne Fair. Label listings added for Axe, Black Patch, Bonatemp, Coleman, DPG, Gatur, Gamma, Hep' Me, International City, JB's, Jenmark, Paid, House Of Orange, Romark, Renee, Parlo, Hot Line, Poncello, R, Ron, Shagg, Sko-Field, Super Dome, T-Neck, and Whurley Burley. DJ Bookings page updated.

2nd March - The Jessica Records Story article is published.

24th December - New discographies for The Dixie Cups, The International Kansas City Playboys, The Lost Generation, The Satintones, The Sweet Inspirations, and Timmy Willis. New label listings for Thunder, Toddlin' Town, and Tou-Sea.

2nd December - New discographies for Betty Bibbs, Billy Paul, Huey ' Piano' Smith, Joe Valentine, Johnny Summers, Minnie Epperson, Pep Brown, The Charmels, and Stacy Johnson. New label listings for 1-2-3, Big Bunny, Fantasy, Jessica / Essica, Moonshot, Mainstream, Quinvy, Palos, Sonja, and Satin

23rd June - New discographies for Annette Thomas, The Flamingos, and Hot Sauce. New Label Listings for AGC, and Blue Candle. DJ Bookings page updated.

22nd May - CD Reviews updated.

14th March - DJ Bookings updated, several discographies updated.

17th February - New CD Reviews added, 2013 DJ Bookings added, lots of discographies updated.

10th November - New label listings for Dade, Early Bird, and North Bay. New discographies for Charles Spurling and Sam Dees.

14th October - CD Reviews updated, and a discography for The Softones added.

2nd October - New discographies for Johnny Gilliam, Leah Dawson, Maxine Davis, Nolan Porter, Lucille Mathis, Pat Lundy, and Rodge Martin.

28th September - New discographies for Jeannie Reynolds, Eloise Laws, Jerry O, and Jo Ann Garrett

23rd September - New discographies for Darryl Stewart, Dave 'Baby' Cortez, Dean Courtney, Eddie Purrell, Eddie Giles, The Elgins, Frank Howard, Helene Smith, Herb Johnson, and Jean Du Shon.

16th September - Well a change of host server meant the updates didn't get added in August, and I've only just made a start with these; Albert Jones, Betty Moorer, Billy Hambric, Carl Henderson, Carolyn Crawford, Clarence Murray, The Commodores, and Curley Moore discographies added. Ashford, Awake, Baby Luv, Barracuda, Big R, Boola Boola, Call Me, Citation, and Clock label listings added.

7th August - CD Reviews updated. Loads more to come this week as well.

1st July - I've just added the largest discography so far to the site, and surprisingly it's a UK label. Kent Records of course !

5th June  - New discographies for The Honey Cone, The Impalas, The Mirettes, William DeVaughn, and Willie West. DJ Bookings updated.

4th June - New discographies for The Beginning Of The End, Blue Magic, John Roberts, Johnny Soul, Little Johnny Taylor, and Little Rose Little, and two new Soul Junction singles reviewed.

30th May - New CD reviews, and new discographies for 100 Proof (Aged In Soul), J J Jackson, Freddie Waters, Jackie Verdell, and label listings for Crash, and Heidi.

28th May - Five new single reviews from the Soul Intention label.

3rd May - A link to Chris Anderton's new website Midas Touch Soul added.

28th April - CD & Singles reviews updated.

12th April - New discography for Ernie K-Doe. DJ Bookings updated.

5th April - New discographies for the Mighty Mo, Watts Way, Pride, and Pompeii labels

23rd March - New discographies for La Benda Ben, Little Hank, Little Rose Little, Lynn Varnardo, The Newcomers, Harvey Scales, Sonny Green, The Malibus, The Masters Of Soul, Henry Lumpkin, and Sisters Love. New label listings for Lemco and Tarpon. New release singles from Kent and Timmion reviewed.

19th March - New discographies for Ben Aiken, Bette Williams, Beverly Shaffer, and Billy 'The Kid' Emerson, plus a listing for Goodie Train Records. DJ Bookings updated.

14th March - New discographies for G C Cameron, Jimmy Tig, John Edwards, Johnny Daye,
Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr, Katie Love & The Four Shades Of Black, Larry Birdsong, Prince Harold, Ronnie McNeir, The Lamp Sisters, The Undisputed Truth, and Ty Hunter.

9th March - DJ Bookings updated. New discographies for Billy Harner, Diane Lewis, Freddie Hughes, Herman Griffin, James Crawford, Jean Wells, and The Electrifying Cashmeres. New label listings for Harthon, Brown Door, Lo Lo, Almeria, and Scamm.

23rd February - New discographies for Jean Shy, Jimmy Braswell, and The Mayberry Movement. New label listings for Botanic, and Duo.

17th February - New discographies for Jimmy Burns, Margaret Little, Jimmy Jules, Mel Carter, and Jimmy Norman, new label listing for Helpp Records

15th February - CD Reviews updated.

11th February - Two new articles, and new discographies for Ollie & The Nightingales, The Enjoyables, The Festivals, The Minits, Unique Blend, and Warren Lee.

7th February - New discographies for King Floyd, Lily Fields, Marion Black, Mel Wynn & The Rhythm Aces, Percy Milem, Philip & The Faithfuls, Ronnie & Robyn, Randolph Walker, Ronnie Savoy, The Notations, and The Ultimations. A new label listing for Mack IV

4th February - New label listing for Malaco Records, new discographies for The Fabulous Dinos, The Monitors, Freddie North, and Rodger Collins.

3rd February - New label listings for La-Cindy, Twin Stacks and Tri-Us, and new discographies for Ann Hodge, Bette Williams, Bruce Cloud, William Bollinger, Wally Cox, Jimmy Church, King Coleman, The Vel-Tones, The Ascots, and Odds & Ends. DJ Bookings updated.

25th January - Book reviews updated

21st January - CD Reviews updated.

20th January - New discographies for Timmy Willis and Roy Wright.

18th January - New discographies for Gene Middleton, Little Archie, Kim Tolliver, and Tony Owens.
New label listings for People records, Spectrum Records, and TSOP Records.

15th January - It's the 15th of January, and I've finally hit 1500 discographies / label listings ! New today: Label listings for Sound Of Soul, Brewtown, Bronco, Golden Eye, Sound City, Blue Star, TMP-Ting, and Yorktown.

13th January - New discographies for Gloria Taylor, Josephine Taylor, The Ikettes, The Brothers Of Soul, The Jackson Five, and the Mercury Records discography 1960-1978

6th January - New discographies for Hamilton Bohannon, Sam Hawkins, Tommy Bush, Ann Byers, Lorraine Chandler, and Kenny Gamble. DJ Bookings for 2012 added.

1st January - New label listings for the Arnold, and Gone labels, new discographies for Diamond Joe, Leon Haywood, Little Sonny, Pat Lewis, Sir Mack Rice, and The Invincibles.

23rd December - New discographies for Al Green, Andrea Henry, Barbara Randolph, Joan Moody, Joe Haywood, Lou Johnson, and Ortheia Barnes, and new label listings for Chi-Sound and Hull Records.

11th November - Singles Reviews updated.

7th November - CD Reviews updated.

3rd October - New discography for Jean Knight, and a label listing for White Cliffs. DJ Bookings page updated.


Dave Rimmer