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The ‘60s Soul Quiz  

Simple really, all you’ve got to do is decide which is the right answer from the alternatives offered. No Prizes, but If you want to Email  your answers to I’ll let you know how you got on, and start a ‘Hall Of Fame’ for the highest scores.

In fact, to see the highest scores click HERE

If you want to cheat, you’ll find all the questions and answers on the Soul Cards in Rhino’s ‘Big ‘Ol Box Of ‘60s Soul’ CD Compilation.  

1. As a member of the Soul Clan which other artist did Ben E King replace ?  

a) George Kerr
b) John Ellison
c) Wilson Pickett  

2. Which soon to be famous producer recorded ‘La La Means I Love You’ ?  

a) Kenny Gamble
b) Lenny Gamble
c) Thom Bell  

3. James Epps of The Fantastic Four was related to members of which other Detroit group ?  

a) The Volumes
b) The Detroit Emeralds
c) The Four Tops  

4. Who later covered Toussaint McCall’s hit ‘Nothing Takes The Place Of You’ ?  

a) Brook Benton
b) Eddie Kendrick
c) Jerry Butler  

5. Which Chicago Soul legend produced records on Barbara Mason ?  

a) Carl Davis
b) Curtis Mayfield
c) Major Lance  

6. Who co-wrote most of Sam & Dave’s hits ?  

a) David Porter
b) Isaac Hayes
c) William Bell  

7. Who sings background on Barbara Lewis’ hit ‘Baby I’m Yours ?  

a) Chuck Jackson
b) Solomon Burke
c) Van McCoy  

8. Percy Sledge made most of his recordings in which legendary studio ?  

a) Hitsville, Detroit
b) Muscle Shoals, Alabama
c) Stax, Memphis  

9. Deon Jackson recorded ‘Love Makes The World Go Round’, but who else did ?  

a) John Pugh & The Pugilists
b) Bettye Lavette
c) Barbara Lewis  

10. Who arranged ‘Choice Of Colours’ by the Impressions ?  

a) Donny Hathaway
b) Curtis Mayfield
c) Carl Davis  

11. Who co-wrote ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’ with Otis Redding  

a) Garnett Mimms
b) Jerry Butler
c) Levi Stubbs  

12. Who recorded the first version of Eddie Holman’s hit ‘Hey There Lonely Girl’ ?  

a) Ruby & The Romantics
b) The Blossoms
c) Honey & The Bees  

13. Which of these hits for Etta James was written by Tony Clarke ?  

a) ‘Tell Mama’
b) ‘Seven Day Fool’
c) ‘Pushover’  

14. Who discovered Tyrone Davis  

a) Otis Leavill
b) Major Lance
c) Harold Burrage  

15. Who was recorded the first version of ‘I’m Your Puppet’ ?  

a) Spooner Oldham
b) Dan Penn
c) James & Bobby Purify  

16. Who discovered Esther Phillips ?  

a) Bobby Bland
b) Johnny Otis
c) B B King  

17. How tall was Shorty Long ?  

a) 6’2”
b) 5’2”
c) 5’1”  

18. How Many O’Jays sand on ‘Lipstick Traces’ ?  

a) Five
b) Four
c) Three  

19. How long had the Four Tops been together before their first hit ?  

a) Ten years
b) Nine Years
c) Eleven Years  

20. How did Gladys Knight’s Pips get their name ?  

a) From their manager
b) From an apple
c) From Gladys herself  

21. What was the title of Bob Kuban & The In-Men’s first hit ?  

a) The Mailman
b) Jerkin’ Time
c) The Cheater  

22. Who wrote ‘First I Look At The Purse’ ?  

a) Smokey Robinson
b) Sylvester Potts
c) Johnny Bristol  

23. How many singles did Rufus Thomas release with the word ‘Dog’ in the title ?  

a) Two
b) Three
c) Four  

24. Sir Mack Rice was in which vocal group ?  

a) The Fortunes
b) The Falcons
c) The Diablos  

25. After what did the Isley’s name their label T-Neck ?  

a) The town they lived in
b) A type of guitar
c) The drummer’s nickname  

26. Johnny Taylor sang in a Doo-Wop group with which other Sixties Soul star ?  

a) Sam Cooke
b) Tommy Hunt
c) Edwin Starr  

27. How many times did Lee Rogers have a hit on the R & B top twenty ?  

a) Six
b) Two
c) One  

28. Who wrote and produced ‘Tainted Love’ by Gloria Jones ?  

a) Teddy Randazzo
b) Ed Cobb
c) Paul Riser  

29. What does “Oogum Boogum” mean ?  

a) Sex
b) Nothing
c) Money  

30. Which city were the Esquires from ?  

a) Philadelphia
b) Chicago
c) Milwaukie  

31. What was Marvin Gaye's Brother called ?

a) Leo
b) Frankie
c) Jermaine

32. Who was Maxine Brown's manager ?

a) Paul Cantor
b) Ellie Greenburgh
c) Chuck Jackson

33. Which Detroit label owner, named his group of labels after his children ?

a) Berry Gordy
b) Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie
c) Ollie McLaughlin

34. In which city was Charles Hatcher born ?

a) Detroit
b) Cleveland
c) Nashville

35. At what number is the 100 Club on Oxford Street ?

a) 99
b) 100
c) 101