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The idea of this section is to keep people who don’t attend as many niters as I do informed about what is being played by some of the country’s top DJs. Obviously the playlists won’t always be right up to date, none of us play the same records every time we DJ, so it’s only meant to be representative.

Belfast Soul Club 3rd Anniversary Weekender - 7th & 8th October, 2006

I think nearly all the playlists are in alphabetical order rather than the order in which they were played.

Dave Rimmer

Saturday – Freestyle Room

Doni Burdick – Bari Track – Sound Impression
Mickie Champion – What Good Am I – Musette
Dick Jordan – I Want Her Back – Jamie
Johnnie Mae Matthews – Lonely You’ll Be – Atco
Ripple Blast Singers & Band – Sadie Sadie – Power Lp
Johnny Sayles – I Can’t Get Enough – St Lawrence
Joe Simon – I See Your Face – Hush
Tommy T & The Targets – Sales Pitch – Big R
Ted Taylor – Miss You So – Ronn
Valentinos – Sweeter Than The Day Before - Chess

Saturday – Main Room

Lavern Baker – Wrapped Tied & Tangled – Brunswick
The Belles – Don’t Pretend – Mirwood
Brooks Brothers – Looking For A Woman – Tay
Caressors – I Can’t Stay Away – Ru-Jac
Cooperettes – Shing-A-Ling – Brunswick
Joanne Courcy – I Got The Power – Twirl
Troy Dodds – Try My Love – El Camino
Enchantments – I’m In Love With Your Daughter – Faro
Edward Hamilton – Girl I Love You – Carrie
Andrea Henry – I Need You Like A Baby – Mgm
International Gtos – I Love My Baby – Rojac
Charles Lamont & The Extremes – I’ve Got To Keep Movin’ – Challenge
Thelma Lindsey – Prepared To Love You – Magic City
Magnetics – I Have A Girl – Ra-Sel
Johnnie Mae Matthews – I Have No Choice – Big Hit
Sparkels – Try Love – Old Town
Van Dykes – Save My Love For A Rainy Day – Mala
Vondells – Hey Girl – Airtown
Jimmy Wallace – I’ll Be Back – Alpha
Mel Wynn – Stop Sign - Wand

Sunday – Double Decking With Phil Shields

Douglas Banks – Ain’t That Just Like A Woman – Guyden
Bobby Bland – Sweet Lips Of Joy – Duke Lp
Garland Green – Girl I Love You – Revue
Sandy Hollis – I’m Tempted – Big Wheel
Sherlock Holmes – Standing At A Standstill – Part Iii
Rose St John – I Know The Meaning – Veep

Sunday – On My Own

Larry Banks & Jaibi – My Life Is No Better – Unissued Gwp
H B Barnum – It Hurts Too Much Too Cry – Rca
Solomon Burke – Stupidity – Atlantic
Brice Coefield – Ain’t That Right – Omen
Frank Dell – He Broke Your Game Wide Open – Valise
Delcos – Arabia – Ebony
Joe Douglas – Crazy Thinks – Playhouse
Eptones – A Love That’s Real – Jox
Mill Evans – Why Why Why – King
Beverley Gibson – A Three Dollar Bill – Jubilee
Major Harris – Call Me
Tomorrow – Okeh
Bettye Lavette – One Thin Dime – Unreleased Scepter
Syng Mcgowan – That’s What I Want – Hope
Servicemen – I’ll Stop Loving You – Unreleased Wind Hit
Tommy Navarro – I Cried My Life Away – De Jac
Betty O’Brien – She’ll Be Gone – Liberty
Trends – Not Too Old To Cry – ABC Paramount
Ike & Tina Turner – Dust My Broom – Tangerine
Bobby Freeman – Swing Me – Unreleased Autumn

Phil Shields

Saturday Night 2.00 - 2.30

Ames "Angelina, Oh Angelina" J&W.
Anthony & The Aqualads "I Remember" Gold Bee.
Ron Baxter "This Is It" Ole- 9.
Morris Chestnut "Too Darn Soulful" Amy.
Chryslers & The Monarchs Band "I'm Not Gonna Lose You" Je Jody.
Jimmey "Soul" Clark "I'll Be Your Winner" Soulhawk.
The Embers "First Time" Jcp.
The Fiestas "Think Smart" Old Town.
The New Yorkers "Dont Want To Be Your Fool" Tag-Ful.
Susan Rewis "They Say You Found A New Baby" Columbia.
Marion Stewart "I Must Be Losing You" R.
The Trends "Thanks For A Little Lovin'" Abc.

Double Deckin With Dave Rimmer Sunday Afternoon.

Tony Colton "I Stand Accused" Pye.
Gardner "Is This Really Love" Cedric.
Joey Gee "It's More Than I Deserve" Abc Paramount.
Tommy Good "Baby I Miss You" Jobete Acetate Version.
Frank Howard "Judy" Excello.
Johnny Mcrae "I Like That Girl" Dc.
Sylvia St. Claire "It Hurts To See You Happy" Brunswick.
The Vel-Vettes "Give Me A Little More Time" Round.

Sunday 9.15 Til The End

Darrell Banks "Im The One That Loves You" Volt.
The Exceptions "Baby You Know I Love You" Groovey Grooves.
The Pentagons "Gonna Wait For You" Sutter.
Sam Dees "Lonely For You Baby" Sss International.
The Capitols "Hello Stranger" French Atco.
Beth Bynum "I'll Set You Free" Star-Maker.
The Shadows "My Love Is Gone"
Stewart Ames "King For A Day" J&W.
The Perfections "So Lonely" Big B.
Bobby Hebb "You Want To Change Me" Uk Philips.
The Soul City "Who Do You Think You Are" Good Time.
The Other Ones "The Two Of Us" Knoll.
Kris Peterson "Just As Much" Top Dog.
And Then The Last 45 Of The Night,,,
Jimmie Soul Clark "I'll Be Your Winner" Soul Hawk.

Chris Morgan

Saturday Night 8.00 - 9.30 Double Decking With Chic..My Contribution

by Copney ..Love Au Go-Go .. Tuff
Chris Bartley ..I Found A Goodie ..Bell
Barbara Banks .. Living In The Past..Veep
Embraceables ..Here I Go ..Sidra
Kenny Carter ..I've Gotta Find Her ..Rca Victor
Mel Hueston ...Searching...Cez Vista
Shufflers..Always Be Mine...Crackerjack
Sonji Clay ...I Can't Wait...Songee
Esther Phillips..Nobody But You..Roulette
Wendell Watts....Grooviest Thing..Jiminnie
Bobby Bloom...Love Don't Let Me Down...Kama-Sutra
Bobby Bland..Yum Yum Tree...Duke
Steeplechase....Never Coming Back...Polydor
V.I.Ps ....You Pulled A Fast One...Big-Top
Vibrations...Finding Out The Hard Way....Okeh
Volumes..Gotta Give Her Love....American Arts
Dells...Poor Little Boy...Vee-Jay
Brock Peters...That's Why...C/U

Saturday Late 11.15 - 12.00 Freestyle Room

Bobby Jones...Talkin Bout Jones...Expo
Segments Of Time...Are You Too Blind To See..Sussex
Johnny Williams...Love Don't Rub Off...Pir
Eloise Laws..You Need Love..Unnisued
Viola Wills...I've Got News For You...Supreme
Fantastic Puzzles...Come Back...New Moon
Eddie Billups...Shake Off That Dream...Ss7
Leon Haywood..Consider The Source..Capitol
Dewey Jeffries..When No One Cared..Gary-Dew
Belita Woods ...Magic Corner....Acetate
Sisters Of Righteous..That's How I Feel..King
Stu Gardner..Expressin My Love..Chisa
Leon Austin....Turn Me Loose..King
Dorothy Berry...You Better Watch Out...Planetary
Chuck Wright...The Palm Of Your Hand...Ember

Sunday...6.30 - 7.10 ..
Main Bar

Donnie Elbert...Along Came Pride..
Uk Cbs
Edwin Starr...Headline News...Uk Polydor
Sammy Bryant Group ..Grapevine...Roulette
The Channels...You Can Count On Me..Groove
The Companions..Be Yourself..General American
Billy Watson...Get Myself Together..Barracuda
Leroy Britton..Your'e Never Too Young...Sound Records
Gladys Knight...How Can You Say That Ain't Love...Tm ..Lp
Bobby Williams..Baby I Need Your Loving..Sure-Shot
Little Carl Carlton...Bad For Each Other...Back Beat
Stu Gardner..Expressin My Love...Chisa (For Jo)
Lee Tillman..She's The One I Love..Whit
Endeavours...I Can't Help Crying...Empire State
Jessie Fisher...You Ain't Loving A Beginner..Way-Out
Bobby Hutton..Lend A Hand....Abc Lp 

Paul Grant 

The Accents - Who You Gonna Love (One-Derful)
The Sheppards - How Do You Like It (Mirwood)
Cajun Hart - Got To
Find A Way (Warner Bros.)
Gino Washington - I'll Be Around (Atac)
Judy Freeman - Hold On (Rca)
Harvey Averne - Never Learned To Dance (Uptite)
Moses Smith - Come On And Let Me Love You (Cotillion)
Jimmie Reed Jr. - I Ain't Going Nowhere (Mercury)
Jesse Johnson - Left Out (Old Town)
Brice Coefield - Ain't That Right (Omen)
August Moon - You're Together Baby (O-Gee)
Little Charles & Sidewinders - It's A Heartache (Decca)
The Dramatics - All Because Of You (Sport)
Shirley Lawson - One More Chance (Back Beat)
T.J. Williams & 2 Shades Of Soul - Baby I Need You (Josie)
The Dynamics - I Need Your Love (Rca)
The Pop Tops - I Want To Make It With You (Sounds Int.)
The Intentions - I'm Losin' Your Love (Up Tight)
Towana & Total Destruction - Help Me Get That Feeling Back Again (Romark)
Barbara Lynn - Movin' On A Groove (Jetstream)
Garland Green - Girl I Love You (Revue)
Willie Tee - First Taste Of Hurt (Gatur)
Edwin Starr - I Just Wanted To Cry (Gordy)
Little Richard - I Don't Want To Discuss It (Spanish Epic)
Carl Carlton - I Can Feel It (Back Beat)
The Shepards - Little Girl Lost (Abc Paramount)
The Marvelows - Little Girl Lost (Abc Paramount)
The Showmen - The Wrong Girl (Minit)
Marv Johnson - Come On And Stop (United Artists)
Clydie King - My Love Grows Deeper (Imperial)
Big Daddy Rogers - I'm A Big Man (Midas)
The Jackson Brothers - I've Gotta Hear It From You (Providence)
Bobby Williams - I've Only Got Myself To Blame (Sure Shot)
Ruby Andrews - Just Loving You (Zodiac) 

Danny Duggan 

Fantastic Johnny C - New Love - Phil La
Spellbinders - Were Acting Like Lovers
Showmen - Take It Baby - Swan
Volumes - Gotta Give Her Love - American Arts
George Byrd - Im Available - Trc
Gene Chandler - Nothing Can Stop Me - Constellation
Ethics - I Want My Baby Back - Vent
Barbara Hall - You Brought It On Yourself -
Joe Simon - When - Ss7
Creations - Dream - Zodiac
Caesers - La La I Love You - Lanie
Isonics - Sugar - Kammy
Willie Kendricks - You Cant Bypass Love - Wb
John Bowie - Your Gonna Miss A Good Thing - Merben
Voices Of East Harlem - Cashing In - Just Sunshine
Marvin Gaye - Little Darling - Tmg
Bobby Bland - Honey Child - Duke
Hesitations - Is That A Way To Treat A Girl - Gwp
Pioneers - My Good Friend James - Mercury
Butlers - Laugh Laugh Laugh - Phila
Platters - Going Back To Detroit - Pye
Laverne Baker - Im The One To Do It - Brunswick
Masquaraders - Thats The Same Thing - Soultime
Vibrating Vibrations - Suprise Party - Neptune
Jerry Cook - I Hurt On The Other Side - Capitol
Steve Mancha - Friday Night - Groovesville
Emanuel Laskey - Dont Lead Me On - Thelma
Cliff Nobles - My Love Is Getting Stronger - Jv
Carolyn Franklin - Reality - Rca
Brothers Of Soul - Id Be Grateful - Boo
Rotations - I Cant Find Her - Debrossard
Porgy & Monarchs - Hey Girl - Musicor
Archie Bell & Drells - Where Will You Go - Pir
Bobby Womack - Home Is Where The Heart Is - Cbs
Four Pros - Just Another Girl – Carla 


The Inspirations : Your Wish Is My Command
Ernie & Ed : Indication
Valerie & Nick : I'll Find You
Leroy Taylor : Oh Linda
Enchanters : There's A Look About You
Guitar Ray : You're Gonna Wreck My Life
Spiedels : Dream Girl
Brand New : Thousand Years
Mixed Emotions : Gold Of My Life
Unique Blend : Yes I'm In Love
Ascots : Just A Few Feet From The Gutter
Earls : Everybodys' Got Somebody
Ultimates : Girl I've Been Trying
Papa Bear & The Cubs : You're So Fine
Bitter & The Sweet : I Wont Have No Babies For You
Soul Bros Inc : Pyramid
Bobby Reed : The Time Is Right For Love
Choice Of Colour : Your Love
Stratoliners : What Do You Want
Constellations : I Don't Know About You
Ella Woods : I Need Your Love
Rockmasters : Raining Teardrops
Barbara Lewis : Straighten Up Your Heart
Beverley Shaffer : Where Will You Be Boy
V.I.Ps : Strange Little Girl
Volumes : That Same Old Feeling
Paul Smith : I'll Run
Fiestas : Think Smart
Vontastics : I'll Never Say Goodbye
Falcons : Good Good Feeling
The Lost Soul : A Secret Of Mine
Liz Verdi : Think It Over
Bonnie Herman : Hush Don't Cry
Anne Heywood : Crook His Little Finger
Troy Dodds : Try My Love
Ray & Dave : Wrong,Wrong,Wrong
Commands : Hey It's Love
Dynells : Call On Me
Cashmeres : Showstopper
Syl Johnson : Do You Know What Love Is
Delegates Of Soul : I'll Come Running Back
Tobi Lark : Sweep It Out Of The Shed
Betty Lloyd : I'm Catching On
Pat & The Blenders : Just Because
Little Tommy : Baby Can't See You

Michael Fuchs 

Billy Webster & The Club Rockers – Good People – Silver-Tone
The Upfronts – Baby For Your Love – Lummtone
Little Johnny Taylor – Somewhere Down The Line – Galaxy
Fabulous Playboys –
Honky Tonk Woman – Apollo
“5” Royals – Catch That Teardrop – Abc
Linda Queen – I Feel The Pain – Rod
Pets – I Say Yeah – Carnival
Joan Proctor – Just My Pride – Scenic
J.J. Barnes – Won’t You Let Me Know – Rich
Sugar Lumps – Won’t You Help Me – Uptown
Ronnie & Joyce – Yes I’m Falling In Love – Alpha
Sir Guy Armond – God Bless A Woman – Scam
Clarence Williams – No Rest For The Worried – Throne
Stratoliners – What Do You Want With My Love – Federal
Newports – C/U
Yvonne Carol – Stuck On You – Domain
Leon Peterson – Searchin’ –
New Yorkers – Don’t Want To Be Your Fool – Tac-Ful
Susan Rafey – Hurt So Bad – Verve

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