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Group Members

Have you ever wondered who was in the groups that made the records back in the Sixties ?

Well, now is your chance to find out.

Obviously this section of the site could just grow and grow, so your contributions are happily accepted.

Line Ups included 94


The Accents (Jimmy Short, Ezell 'Zeke' Johnson, Clifford Curry, Oliver Jackson, James Brown, Robert Hill)
Act One
(Raeford Gerald, Reginal Ross, George Barker, Roger Terry)
The Adlibs
(Mary Ann Thomas, Hugh Harris, Danny Austin, Norman Donegan, Dave Watt)
The Admirations - (Kenneth Childs, Bruce Childs, Ralph Childs)
The Adorables - (Jackie Winston, Betty Winston, Diane Lewis, Pat Lewis)


The Ballards (Rico Thompson, Nathan Robertson, Jon Foster, Lesley La Palma)
The Blenders (Gail Mapp, Goldie Coates, Delores Johnson, Hilliard Jones, Albert Jones)
The Blue Lights (Leroy Gordon, Carlton 'Larry' Hart, Albert Townes, Phillip Townes, Charles Williams)
Blue Magic (Theodore 'Ted' Mills, Keith Beaton, Vernon Sawyer, Wendell Sawyer, Richard Pratt)
The Bobettes (Laura Webb, Janice Pought, Emma Pought, Heather Dixon)


The Cairos
(Keni Lewis, Tommy Monteir, Famon Johnson, Gerald Richardson)
The Capitols
(Samuel George, Donald Norman Storball, Willie Ford, Richard McDougal)
The Casualeers
(Arnold Davis, Jimmy Johnson, Ollie Johnson, Isiah Love)
The Contours
(Billy Gordon, Billy Hoggs, Joe Billingslea, Sylvester Potts, Hubert Johnson)
The Creators
(Hugh Harris, James Wright, John Alan, Danny Austin, Chris Coles)


The Delcos (Glen Msdison, Peter Woodard, Richard Green, Otis Smith, Ralph Woods)
The Del - Larks (Sammy Campbell, Mert Matthews, Ronald Taylor, Jmaes Anderson, Raymond Davis)
The Dells (Marvin Junior, Chuck Barksdale, Michael 'Mickey' McGill, Johnny Carter, Verne Allison)
The Detroit Emeralds (James Mitchell Jr, Abrim 'AC' Tilman, Ivory 'Ivy' Tilman)
The Dramatics (Ron Banks, William Howard, Larry Demps, Willie Ford, and Elbert Wilkins.)
The Dynamics (Fred Baker, Zerben R Hicks, Samuel D Stephenson, George H White, Styling Shazer)
The Delfonics (William "Poogie" Hart, Wilbert "Will Hart", Randy "The Doctor" Caine, and later Major Harris)


The Embers (Jackie Hamilton Gore, Bobby Tomlinson, Johnny Hopkins, Carig Woolard, Gerald Davis, Doug Strange, Johnny Barker)
Patti & The Emblems
(Patty Russell, Alex Wilde, Eddie Watts, Vance Walker)
The Enjoyables
(Keni Lewis, Sidney Hall, Carl 'Maxx' Kidd, James Johnson, William Britton, Gerald Richardson)
The Escorts
(Robert Jones, Eugene Proctor, Herman Robinson, Leonard Hogains)
The Essex (Anita Hulmes, Walter Vickers, Rodney Taylor, Billie Hill, Rudolph Johnson)

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The Fantastic Four ('Sweet' James Epps, Joseph Pruitt, Robert Pruitt, Wallace 'Toby' Childs)
The Fascinations (Shirley Walker, Joanne Levell, Bernadine Boswell, Fern Bledsoe)
The Fashions
(Barbara English,"Little" Frankie Brunson, Roger Andrews, Dave Thompson)
The Fiestas (Tommy Bullock, Eddie Morris, Sam Ingalls, Preston Lane, Randall Stewart)
The Five Stairsteps
(Clarence Burke, Alohe Burke, James Burke, Kenneth Burke, Dennis Burke, and later Cubie Burke)
The Formations (members Victor Drayton, Jerry Akines, Ernie Brooks, Reginald Turner and Johnny Bellman)
The Four Larks
(Jackie Marshall, Weldon McDougal, Calvin Nicholls, Bill Oxedine)

The G-Clefs (Theodore 'Teddy Scott, Chris Scott, Tim Scott, Arnold Scott, Raymond Gipson)
The Glories
(Betty Stokes, J R Bailey, Kenny Williams)


The Hesitations (George 'King' Scott, Charles Scott, Leonard Veal, Robert Sheppard, Arthur Blakely, Phillip Dorroh, Fred Deal
The High Keys (Troy Keyes, Jimmy Williams, Bobby Haggard, Cliff Rice)
Honey Cone (Edna Wright( aka Sandy Wynns), Carolyn Wills, Sharon Cash, Shellie Clark)


The Incredibles (Cal Waymon, Carl Gilbert, Alda Denise Edwards, Jean Smith)
The Intrigues (Alfred Brown, James Lee, James Harris, Ronald Hamilton)
The Intruders (Sam 'Little Sonny' Brown, Eugene Daughtery, Phillip Terry, Robert 'Big Sonny' Edwards)
The Invitations (Herman Colefield, Gary Grant, Bill Morris, Bobby Rivers)
The Isley Brothers (Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley, O'kelly Isley, later members Ernie Isley And Marvin Isley)


The Jelly Beans (Elyse Herbert, Maxine Herbert, Alma Brewer, Diane Taylor, Charles Thomas)
The Jive Five (Eugene Pitt, Richard C Harris, Casy Spencer, Beatrice Best, Norman Johnson)

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The Kittens (Bernice Willis, Laurel Ross, Thelma Mack)
The Knight Brothers (Richard Dunbar, Jerry Diggs)


The Larks (Don Julien, Charles Morrison, Ted Walters)
The Lovetones (Carl Jones, Stan Bracely, William 'Mickey' Stephenson, Joe Miles)


The Majors (Ricky Cordo, Eugene Glass, Idella Morris, Frank Tout, Ronald Gathers)
The Matadors (William "Smokey" Robinson, Warren "Pete" Moore, Ronnie White, Bobby Rogers, Emerson Rogers)
The Metros   (Arthur Mitchell, Paul Williams, Robert Suttles, James Buckman, Gordon Dunn)
The Miracles (William "Smokey" Robinson, Warren "Pete" Moore, Ronnie White, Bobby Rogers, Claudette Rogers)
The Moonglows ( Bobby Lester, Alexander "Pete" Graves, Harvey Fuqua, Prentiss Barnes


The Natural 4 (Chris James, Steve Striplin, Del Mos Whitely, Darryl Canady)
The Newcomers (William Summers, Bert Brown, Terry Bartlet, Randy Brown)


The O'Jays (Eddie Levert, Walter Williams, William Powell, Bobby Massey, Bill Isles)
The O'Kaysions
(Donnie Weaver, Jim Spidel, Jim Hennant, Ron Turner, Bruce Joyner)
The Ohio Untouchables (Robert Ward, Marshall Jones, Ralph 'Pee Wee'Middlebrook, Leroy 'Sugarfoot' Bonner, Cornelius Johnson)
The Orlons (Rosetta Hightower, Marlena Davis, Steve Caldwell, Shirley Brickley
The Ovations (Louis Williams, Melvin Jones, Nathan 'Pedro' Lewis)

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The Parliaments (
George Clinton, Grady Thomas, Calvin Simon, Clarence 'Fuzzy' Haskins, Raymond Davis)
The Peoples Choice
(Frankie Brunson, Roger Andrews, Dave Thompson, Leon Lee)
The Poets (Ronnie Lewis, Melvin Bradford, Paul Fulton, Johnny James)
The Poppies (Dorothy Moore, Rosemary Taylor, Pet McCune)
The Precisions (Bobby Brooks, Dennis Gilmore, Michael Morgan, Billy Prince, Arthur Ashford)


Quiet Elegance (Mildred Vaney, Yvonne Dearing, Lois Reeves)


The Radiants
(Mauric McAllister, Wallace Sampson, Elzie Butler, Green 'Mac' McLauren)
The Reflections
(Tony Micale (Aka Tony Michaels), John Dean, Phil Castrodale, Dan Bennie, Ray Steinberg)
The Ringleaders (Willie Hawkins, Edgar Donahue, Vandy Lane, Brent Anderson)
Ruby & The Romantics (Ruby Nash Curtis, Ed Roberts, George Lee, Ron Moseley, Leroy Faun)
The Royal Jokers (Willie Jones, Noah Howell, Billy Lyons, Raymond Dorsey)


The Sapphires
(Carol Jackson, George Gainer, Joe Livingstone)
The Shirelles
(Shirley Owens Alston, Addie "Miki" Harris, Beverly Lee, Doris Coley Kenner)
The Showstoppers (Earl Smith, Timmie Smith, Alec Burke, Laddie Burke)
The Silhouettes (Bill Horton, Richard "Rick" Lewis, Earl Beal, Ray Edwards)    
The Skyliners (Jimmy Beaumont, Janet Vogel, Wally Lester, Joe Verscharen, Jackie Taylor)
Sly, Slick, & Wicked (John 'Sly' Wilson, Charles 'Slick' Still, Marc 'Wicked' Sexton (who was replaced by DeFrantz Forrest))


The Tams
(Joseph Pope, Charles Pope, Floyd Ashton, Horace Key, Robert Lee Smith)
The Temprees (Jasper Phillips, Harold H Scott, Del Juan Calvin)
The Trammps (Earl D Young, Jimmy Ellis, Barrington McDonald, Horold 'Doc' Wade, Stanley Wade, John Hart, Michael Thompson)
The Trends (Eddie Dunn, Emmett Garner, ralph O'Neill, Jerome Jackson)
The Tymes (George Williamson, Albert 'Ceasar' Berry III, George Hilliard, Norman Burnett, Donald Banks)

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The Ulti-Mations
(Bobby L Davis, Vaughan Clemens, Alan C BennettGerald Jones, Brandon Smith)
The Unifics
(Al Johnson, Gregory Cook, Michael Ward, Hal Worthington, Glenn Leonard)


The Valentinos
(Bobby Womack, Cecil Womack, Harry Womack, Friendly Womack, Curtis Womack)
The Van Dykes
(Rondalis L Tandy, Wenzon Mosely, James Mays)
The Vibrations
(Ricky Owens, Carl Fisher, James Johnson, David Govan, Donald Bradley)
The Volcanos (Harold Wade, Stanley Wade, Eugene Jones)

The Vontastics
(Jose Holmes, Kenneth Golar, Raymond Penn, Bobby Newsom)


The Whatnauts
(Carlos 'Billy' Herndon, Garnett Jones, Gerald 'Chunky' Pickney)
The Whispers
(Walter Scott, Wallace Scott, Nicholas Caldwell, Gordy 'Snake' Harmon, Marcus Hudson)


If you can find one, you've done better than me !


The Younghearts
(James Moore, Charles Ingersol, Ronnie Preyer, Earl Carter)


Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs
(Maurice Williams, Henry Gaston, Wiley Bennett, Charles Thomas, Albert Hill, Willie Morrow)

Obviously some group line ups changed over the years. The line ups featured here are the ones which recorded the most tracks by each group.

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