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Rather than try and publish the whole of the current issue on-line (I want you to buy a copy, not read it here), I thought I'd put a few articles here which I felt were particularly worth reading.

Of course, as time has gone on, this page has become rather long, so I've split each article off onto it's own page. Just click on the link to take you there.

Yodi Records of St Louis

By Malcolm Collins

The Delcos

A short biography of the group.

Cody Black - A Journeyman Of Detroit Soul

Biography & discography

Northern Soul, it's a UK thing isn't it ?

A summation of my 'overseas' bookings

The Jessica Records Story

The story of a small independent label from St Louis.

No Tulips From Amsterdam, But A Whole Lot Of Soul

A report on my recent trip to DJ at Amsterdam Soul Club

Working On A Groovy Thing! - The Patti Drew Story

Biography and discography of Patti Drew

The Esquires - Milwaukee’s Favourite Group

An article about The Esquires with full discography and label scans

Jackey Beavers - From Cartersville To Detroit And Back

A biography of Jackey Beavers, with full discography and loads of label scans.

Revue Records Reviewed !

An article that looks at all the releases on the Revue label.

Don Robey & Peacock Records

An article I wrote in March 2009 for Soul Up North Magazine

The Musette Records Story

A wonderful article by Angelo Alexander giving the history of the Musette label

Cover Ups

If you look in the Winter '04 Edition of N.Soul Magazine, you will find an article about 'Cover Up's by Arnold 'Bo-Jangles' Winterbottom III. I can now reveal that I am Arnold, but at the time the article was published only three people knew who had written the article.

The Green At Darlaston

An article from John Pugh of Wolverhampton about a venue that is now sadly closed. As John would say, "Get yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit, and then start reading".

Can 7" 45prm American Soul singles be considered to be of significant historical value ?

A reasoned argument that establishes why the records we love can now be considered to be of significant historical value, as well as round pieces of plastic that make a noise when you play them

The Prestatyn Weekender, March 2004

The venue report from this years weekender at Prestatyn, rather obviously !

How To Buy Northern Soul

Here's another article I wrote, this time for Ace Records. Please bear in mind that the article is aimed at beginners on the Northern scene.

The Dudley Chronicle - February 2004.

An article I wrote for the local Newspaper. In the end they edited two thirds of the article out, but syndicated it in the Dudley, Wolverhampton, Halesowen, and Stourbridge papers. Originally written as background information, they decided to publish it under my name with the third person references changed to first person.

The Llandudno Connoisseurs Weekender & The Prestatyn Midnight Hour Weekender 2002. 

Venue reports from both venues.

Milk and Northern Soul.

What ? ! How on earth can you compare milk and Northern Soul, well I managed it.

"I went to a great allnighter last night !"

A summing up of the allnighter scene as I saw it when the article was written.

Northern Soul Is Dead !

This one caused so much fuss I couldn't believe it. Written slightly tongue in cheek, as an exaggeration of my own views, I ended up being called the anti Christ of Soul music on one mailing list !