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Various Artists - Keeping The Faith – 40 Years Of Northern Soul – Castle CMXBX1423 

This is almost certainly the most comprehensive, best packaged, largest, Northern Soul compilation ever released. 101 tracks (Although it says there are 100 tracks on the cover, there is another track hidden away on one of the four CDs) ranging from the very early days of the scene to current dance floor monsters. What’s more there is a sixty page, full colour book, written by Neil Rushton which is fabulously illustrated by Glenn Gunton. At least it looks very much like Glenn’s work even though I can’t find it credited to him. Really, all I can say is go out and buy this set, it’s available for less than thirty quid in most places which makes it a bargain in anyone’s eyes. 

Disc 1

  1. The Showstoppers - Ain't Nothing But A Houseparty
  2. Darrell Banks - Open The Door To Your Heart
  3. JJ Barnes - Our Love Is In The Pocket
  4. Chuck Jackson - These Chains Of Love (Are Breaking Me Down)
  5. James Carr - That's What I Want To Know
  6. Ronnie Milsap - Ain't No Soul (Left In These Ole Shoes)
  7. The Platters - Sweet Sweet Lovin
  8. Fathers Angels - Bok To Bach
  9. Moses & Joshua Dillard - My Elusive Dreams
  10. Inez & Charlie Foxx - Tightrope
  11. The Formations - At The Top Of The Stairs
  12. The Fascinations - Girls Are Out To Get You
  13. The Sapphires - Gotta Have Your Love
  14. The Parliaments - Don't Be Sore At Me
  15. Major Lance - The Beat
  16. Timmy Willis - Mr Soul Satisfaction
  17. Richard Temple - That Beatin' Rhythm
  18. The Superbs - I Wanna Do It With You Baby
  19. Sandi Sheldon - Gonna Make You Love Me
  20. The Detroit Executives - Cool Off
  21. Jimmy Soul Clark - (I'll Be Your Champion) I'll Be Your Winner
  22. Stemmons Express - Woman Love Thief
  23. The Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl
  24. New Sound - Don't Take Your Love From Me
  25. Beverley Hills - I Don't Care Anymore

Disc 2

  1. Just Brothers - Sliced Tomatoes
  2. Rose Batiste - Hit & Run
  3. Rita & The Tiaras - Gone With The Wind Is My Love
  4. The Tomangoes - I Really Love You
  5. The Masqueraders - Do You Love Me Baby
  6. The Superlatives - I Still Love You
  7. Dena Barnes - If You Ever Walk Out Of My Life
  8. Gwen Owens - Just Say You're Wanted And Needed
  9. The Four Perfections - I'm Not Strong Enough
  10. Bernie Williams- Ever Again
  11. Tony Middleton-Paris Blues
  12. Michael & Raymond-Man Without A Woman
  13. The Glories-I Worship You Baby
  14. Marie Knight - That's No Way To Treat A Lady
  15. Porchy & The Monarchs - That Girl
  16. Shirley J Scott - Goose Pimples
  17. The Fuller Brothers - Time's A Wasting
  18. Little Johnny Hamilton/ Creators - Keep On Moving
  19. Virgil Henry - You Ain't Saying Nothing New
  20. Diane Jenkins - Tow Away Zone
  21. The Continental - 4 The Way I Love You
  22. The Festivals - Gee Baby
  23. Jimmy Helms - Romeo & Juliet
  24. Odds & Ends - Let Me Try
  25. The Whispers - Flying High

Disc 3

  1. The Precisions - Such Misery
  2. Donnie Burdick - Candle
  3. Rayal Five - Don't Stop
  4. Eddie Daye & The 4 Bars - Guess Who Loves You
  5. Terri Bryant - Genie
  6. Mel Britt - She'll Come Running Back
  7. Felton Burks - I'll Always Love You
  8. Jock Mitchell - Not A Chance In A Million
  9. Jack Montgomery - Dearly Beloved
  10. The Group feat. Cecil Washington - I Don't Like To Lose
  11. Ray Gant & The Arabian Knights - I Need A True Love
  12. Johnny Bragg - They're Talking About Me
  13. Otis Smith - Let Her Go
  14. The Fidels - I'm Giving You Notice Baby
  15. The Jades - I'm Where It's At
  16. Robby Lawson - Burning Sensation
  17. Ronnie Walker - Trouble
  18. The Whispers - You've Got A Man On Your Hands
  19. Willie & The Mighty Magnificents - Check It Baby
  20. Edwin Starr - Has It Happened To You Yet
  21. Andrea Henry - I Need You Like A Baby
  22. Dave Hamilton Orchestra - Who Are You Trying To Fool?
  23. Johnnie Taylor - What About My Love
  24. Glenn Miller - Where Is The Love
  25. Eddie Kool - Where There's A Will There's A Way

Disc 4

  1. The Swans - Nitty Gritty City
  2. Dynamic Siblings - I Bear Witness
  3. The United Four - Baby Don¿t Do It
  4. The Fiestas - Think Smart
  5. Roy Hamilton - Earthquake
  6. Bunny Sigler - Girl Don't Make Me Wait
  7. The Poppies - There's A Pain In My Heart
  8. Johnny Caswell - You Don't Love Me Anymore
  9. Don Ray - Born A Loser
  10. Shane Martin - I Need You
  11. Williams & Watson - A Quitter Never Wins
  12. The Ivories - Please Stay
  13. GiGi & the Charmaines - I Don't Want To Lose Him
  14. Tan Geers - Let My Heart And Soul Be Free
  15. Ketty Lester - Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
  16. Joey Delorenzo - Wake Up To The Sunshine Girl
  17. Larry Saunders - On The Real Side
  18. Stanley Mitchell - Get It Baby
  19. The Crow - Your Autumn Of Tomorrow
  20. Joe Hicks - Don't It Make You Feel Funky
  21. The Appointments & Others - I Saw You There
  22. Jimmy James & The Vagabonds - Hey Girl
  23. Willie Feaster & The Concrete Wall - Voices
  24. Chuk Cockerham - Have I Got The Right
  25. Bobby Womack - So Many Sides Of You


Various Artists – Shake What You Brought – Sundazed – SC11154

I’ve finally worked out what the third S in SSS International stands for. I always knew it was Shelby Singleton’s label, but it turns out his full name was Shelby S. Singleton. So that should give you a clue what this CD contains. The subtitle for the CD is ‘Soul Treasures from the SSS International label’, and that pretty much explains what this import CD is. Tracks from Sam Dees, Betty Harris, Clarence Murrey, Robert Parker, Peggy Scott, Johnny Adams, and more, and not a bad track amongst them. Not all Northern, but enough to keep anyone’s interest if that’s what you want.

Sticky Sue - Mickey Murray / There's a Break in the Road - Billy Harris /. Lonely for You Baby - Sam Dees / Don't Talk Like That - Clarence Murray / Piece of My Heart - Bettye LaVette / Natural Soul Brother - Danny White & Linda Nail /. Soul Butter - Johnny Barfield, Johnny Barfield & The Men of S.O.U.L., / Take a Chance with Me - Big John Hamilton / Shake What You Brought with You, Pt. 1 - Mr. Jamo, / Hiccup - Robert Parker / Hit Record - Mickey Murray / Having My Glory - Jo Jo Benson / You Can Never Get Something for Nothing - Peggy Scott / Pretty Little Women - Wilbert Harrison / I've Really Got Something to Be Proud Of - Willie Charles Gray / I Almost Called Your Name - Johnny Soul / I Wanta Make Her Love Me Till the Cows Come Home - Jake "Vernon" Porter / Proud Woman - Johnny Adams / Soul Serenade - Clay's Composite, , Bill Hemmans / Soul Ranger - Clifford Curry





Various Artists – The Uplook Records Story – Grapevine GVCD 3033

The Delegates Of Soul, Charles Mintz, Teddy Pendergrass, and Tony Talent are the artists who make up this CD. In fact almost everything recorded bu these artists is on here, along with some alternate takes as well. I just can’t figure Grapevine out though. When you look at the detail of the liner notes on the La Beat CD, and then consider the paucity ofthese notes it’s almost as if they didn’t care about this CD. Strange, but, as the music is pretty good almost all the way through who am I to complain ! Especially as it means the artists who are still around, like Charles Mintz will actually benefit from the release of this CD. So well done to Grapevine for putting itr out there in the first place.

 I'll Come Running Back - Delegates of Soul / What a Lucky Guy I Am - Delegates of Soul /  Heartbreak of Love - Delegates of Soul / Girl I'm at Your Door - Delegates of Soul / Don't Take Your Love from Me - Delegates of Soul / Candy Baby - Charles J. Mintz / Think of What You're Losin' - Charles J. Mintz / Love Wheel Turning - Charles J. Mintz / We Got Love - Teddy Pendergrass / Angel with Muddy Feet - Teddy Pendergrass / Should I Go or Should I Stay - Teddy Pendergrass / Gotta Tell Someday (About My Baby) / Hooked on You / Since I Found You Girl - Charles J. Mintz / Finders Keepers - Charles J. Mintz / Lucky Guy - Charles J. Mintz / Give a Man a Break - Charles J. Mintz / Running Back - Charles J. Mintz / I'll Come Running Back [Alternative Version] - Delegates of Soul / Running Back [Instrumental] / Running Back [Alternative Version] - Charles J. Mintz



Various Artists – Northern Monsters – Kent CDKEND 272

What can I say about this CD that the title doesn’t already ? So just roll the carpet back and get ready for a session of some of the biggest records that have been played on the Northern Scene. The only thing I’d add is that this compilation isn’t restricted to the Wigan years and ranges right through the eras from the Torch sounds to present day plays.

We Must Be Doing Something Right - Joan Moody / Elijah Rockin' With Soul - Hank Jacobs / Don't Pretend - The Belles / You Hit Me (Right Where It Hurts Me) - Alice Clark / Can't Be Still - Buster & Eddie / They'll Never Know Why - Freddie Chevez / Times A Wasting - Fuller Brothers / I Was Born To Love You - Herbert Hunter / I Don't Want To Lose Him - The Charmaines / The Joker - The Milestones & Littler Leroy / They're Talking About Me - Johnny Bragg / Just Ask Me - Lenis Guess / If The Shoe Fits - Lou Courtney / Wash And Wear Love - Lynn Vernando / Too Darn Soulful - Morris Chestnut / Double Cookin' - The Checkerboard Squares / Stronger Than Her Love - The Flirtations / I'll Be There - The Gems / Sweet Magic - The Servicemen / Happiness Is Here - Tobi Lark / Lighten Up Baby - Ty Karim / He Broke Your Game Wide Open - Frank Dell / I'm Gonna Love You A Long Long Time - Patti & The Emblems / Nobody But You - Wooden Nickels



Various Artists – The Birth Of Soul Vol. 4 – Kent CDKEND 275

A series of CDs originally compiled by Dave Godin that look at the, fairly obvious from the CD title, earlier styles of Soul and R & B. This is the first one released since Dave’s sad demise, and Ady Croasdell has taken over the reins. He’s done a great job and if anything has surpassed the previous three releases with this mixture of dancers, mid tempo, and ballads that showcase the earlier sound that is currently getting spins on the Northern dancefloors. Several standout tracks, but for me the real pleasure was finding James Conwell’s ‘ The Trouble With Girls (Of Today( on here. Excellent choice that deserves more recognition. Copious notes from Ady compliment this CD nicely.

 I Can Tell (I'm Losing You) - Lena Calhoun / Lil' Valley - M & M & The Peanuts / The Trouble I've Had - Clarence Ashe / A Clock That's Got No Hands - Della Reese / How Much Land (Does A Man Need - Frank Minion / On My Own Two Feet - Hal Miller / Please Don't Cry Anymore - Ketty Lester / Pretty Little Girl Next Door - Bobby Day / Irresistible You - Bobby Peterson / Gee What A Girl - The Persians / You'd Be Crying Too - The Matadors / Baby You Can Bet Your Boots - The Furys / Come On And Stop - Marv Johnson / (Puff) Up In Smoke - Kenny Lynch / Take My Heart - Betty Willis / Don't Lead Me On - Mr Tears Paris / Troubles With Girls (Of Today) - James Conwell / I Don't Love You No More - Jimmy Norman / Bossa Nova Baby - Tippie & The Clovers / My Hearts On Fire - Billy Bland / The Gypsy Said - The Fiestas / To Be Loved By You - Marie Knight / I Came Running - Wade Flemmons / Crying For My Baby - Harold Burrage


Various Artists – Macon Soul Soup – Grapevine GVCD 3034

A CD which features recordings from the Jar-Val and Stone labels. Both of which were fairly successful local labels during the late Sixties/ Local of course to the city of Macon. The city itself was a real hotbed of Soul and R & B, but the local scene was always overshadowed by the big three, Little Richard, James Brown, and Otis Redding. That doesn’t mean these recordings should lie hidden in obscurity, and that’s why Grapevine have put this CD together. Funk, through to ballads, Southern Soul at it’s achingly tortured best.

Thank You Baby - Matt Brown / I Can't Love But One Man at a Time - Nancy Butts / This Time It's Got to Be for Real - Jimmy Braswell / I Want to Hold You - Jimmy Bryant / Sweet Thing - Matt Brown / Only One Love - Nancy Butts / I Owe You Love - Ronnie Miller / Too Many Yesterdays - Nancy Butts / Every Day (I Love You Just a Little Bit More) - Matt Brown / My Little Girl - Jimmy Bryant / Time Waits for No Man - Jimmy Braswell / Letter Full of Tears - Nancy Butts / Listen to the Music - Ronnie Miller / Baby I'm a Want You - Matt Brown / I've Been Blind Too Long - Nancy Butts / I've Been Blind Too Long [Instrumental] - Nancy Butts / I Love You - Alice Rozier & Little Joe / I'm Gonna Hold on to You - Alice Rozier & Little Joe / Ruby - Flintstones / Flintstones - Flintstones / I Need You (Most of All) - Thomas Bailey & The Flintstones Band / Flintstone Shuffle - Thomas Bailey & The Flintstones Band



The 5 Royales – Catch That Teardrop – Ace CDCHD 1055

There have been previous 5 Royales CD compilations aimed really at Doo Wop and R & B fans. Given the recent huge popularity of the title track, this is a good time for Ace to release probably the definitive compilation. Not only does this contain all the Home Of The Blues Recordings, but there is also a previously unreleased one, which is a belter. Also included are the solo recordings by Lowman ‘El’ Pauling and Royal Abbit on Federal and King making a grand total of 28 tracks.

Please Please Please / I Got To Know / If You Don't Need Me / I'm Gonna Tell Them / Take Me With You Baby / Not Going To Cry / They Don't Know / So Much In Need / Catch That Teardrop / Goof Ball / She Did Me Wrong / Show Me / I Want It Like That / What's In The Heart / I'm A Cool Teenager - Pauling, El & The Royalton / Solid Rock - Pauling, El & The Royalton / Everybody Knows - Pauling, El / Now Baby Don't Do It - Pauling, El & The Royalton / Rain Drops Keep A Fallin' - Pauling, El & Royal Abbit / Please Please Be Mine - Pauling, El & Royal Abbit / Here It 'Tis Right Here - Pauling, El & Royal Abbit / Let's Have A Good Time - Pauling, El & Royal Abbit / I'm A Cool Teenager (2) - Pauling, El & The Royalton / Mr Moon Man - Pauling, El & The Exciters / Time For Everything - Pauling, El & The Exciters / Soul House (It Won't Be Long) - Pauling, El & The Exciters


Luther Ingram - Pity For The Lonely, The Ko Ko Singles Vol 1 - Kent CDKEND 279 

Shortly before this CD was completed the news of Luther Ingram’s death reached the world. He was 69 years old and had performed and recorded since the 1950s until ill health incapacitated him. This, as the first release of his recordings features the ‘A’ and ‘B’ side of his first ten singles for the Ko Ko label. Recorded in the late Sixties and early Sventies, as an example of how adaptive a singer Luther Ingram was you couldn’t ask for better, ranging from ballads through to out and out Funk, these trcks just scream Memphis at you. Another job well done from Kent. 

You’ve Got To Give Love To Get Some / I Can’t Stop / Since You Don’t Want Me / Oh Baby You Can Depend On Me / Looking For A New Love / Pity For The Lonely / Putting’ Game Down / Since You Don’t Want Me (Version 2) / My Honey And Me / I Can’t Stop (Version 2) / Ain’t That Lovin You (For More Reasons Than One) / Home Don’t Seem Like Home / To The Other Man / I’ll Just Call You Honey / Be Good To Me Baby / I’ll Love You Until The End / Ghetto Train / My Honey And Me (Radio Promo)


Various Artists - Tears Full Of Soul - Castle CMEDD1514 

Similar in concept to Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasures series of CDs, David Cole from ‘In The Basement magazine has compiled a superb double CD of mid tempo and ballads that aren’t all of the wrist slashing variety. I’ll be honest, I often find complete CDs of Deep Soul too much to take in one session so viewed this with trepidation as I placed it in the player. I was wrong, and although there aren’t any on the fours dancers included, the whole CD is rather well balanced, with the emphasis on Soul throughout. 

Jimmy James - I’m Glad / Odds & Ends - Talk That Talk / Brown Sugar Feat. Clydie King - Weep For Me / Lee Charles - I Just Want To Be Loved / Black Ivory - Time Is Love / Gloria Barnes - Old Before My Time / Ray Gant & The Arabian Knights - Don’t Leave Me Baby / Soul Generation - I Wonder What She’s Doing / Pat Dennis - It’s So Easy / Brook Benton - You Were Gone / The Trumains - Girl Don’t Let Me Down / Lezli Valentine - Love On A Two Way Street / Charles Brimmer - Please Let Me Come Home / The Carstairs - The Story Of Our Love / Linda Jones - I Can’t Make It Alone / Tommy Keith - On The Real Side / The Dynamics - Let Me Be Your Friend / Charen Cotton - A Little Bit Of Love

Disc 2
Marion Jarvis - Hell Of A Fix / The Continental 4 - (You’re Living) In A Dream World / Val Martin - What Can I Do / Jean Carne - Do My Best / Positive Express - Not On The Outside / Bobby Patterson - Right Place Wrong Time / Lonnie Youngblood - Girl I’m Gonna Miss You / Communicators & The Black Experience Band - One Chance / Mark Greene - I’m So Lost / Jean Knight - Don’t Ask For 24 Hours / Jimmy Briscoe & The Little Beavers - Where Were You (When I Needed You) / Louis Williams - I Care For You / Eleanore Mills - Telegram / The Barrons - I’m So Lonely / Lee Moses - I Can’t Take No Chances / Susan Phillips - He’s Gone / First Class - What About Me / Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez - Unaddressed Letter

Thelma Jones - Second Chance - Kent CDKEND 277 

The title of this CD is taken from one of Thelma Jones’ singles for Barry Records, but it also refers to the fact that it’s also a second chance to hear some of these cuts in a long time, and certainly the Columbia cuts haven’t appeared on CD before. With it’s release timed to coincide with her first UK appearance, I’m sure this will become a strong seller for Kent. Gathering together her complete recorded catalogue for the Barry and Columbia logos, ten from Barry and twelve from Columbia it makes you wonder why someone with a voice this strong never became a superstar. Ah well, it happens. 

Stronger / Never Leave Me / Gotta Find A Way / Oh Oh Here Comes The Heartbreak / Souvenirs Of A Heartbreak / I Won’t Give Up My Man / The House That Jack Built / Give It To Me Straight / Second Chance / Mr Fix It / Salty Tears / You’re The Song (That I Can’t Stop Singing) / I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love / Love Look What You Got Me Into / I’m Lonely Enough To Try Anything Now / I Want What You Want / I Second That Emotion / I Can Dream / Now That We Found Love / Angel Of The Morning / How Long / Stay A While With Me