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Welcome to the re-vamped CD Review page.

Rather than trying to keep the reviews sorted by Record companies, I've decide to keep this page relevant by reviewing CDs as they arrive with me, and trying to keep the contents of this page down to a dozen reviews, with older ones archived off to separate pages. That way you'll always get the new reviews first, but still be able to see the older reviews. I've also decided to include track listings for each CD as well. So here we go:

The Supremes – Meet The Supremes – Expanded Edition Hip-O-Select 001378802

Who would have thought that almost fifty years on from the original release of this album that companies would be doing such an in depth reissue ? You get the original Mono album, the original Stereo album, a live show from the Apollo theatre, a live show from The Graystone in Detroit, and as many alternative versions as you can count ! The liner notes also contain a simarly detailed series of essays and interviews. All told a fabulous record of the time, in fact possibly too much when taken all together. But this really was the Motown sound at it’s peak, unashamedly aiming for the Pop charts with the most successful female group of all time.

Disc 1:Your Heart Belongs To Me (Single Version (Mono With Echo) ) / Who's Lovin' You (Single Version ) / Baby Don’t Go (Mono Version ) / Buttered Popcorn (Mono Version ) / I Want A Guy (Single Version (Mono) ) / Let Me Go The Right Way (Single Version (Mono) ) / You Bring Back Memories (Mono Version ) / Time Changes Things (Mono Version ) / Play A Sad Song (Mono Version ) / Never Again (Mono Version ) / (He's) Seventeen (Single Version (Mono) ) / Your Heart Belongs To Me (16 Big Hits Stereo Version ) / Who's Lovin' You (Stereo Version ) / Baby Don’t Go (Stereo Version ) / Buttered Popcorn (16 Big Hits Stereo Version ) / I Want A Guy (Stereo Version ) / Let Me Go The Right Way (16 Big Hits Stereo Version ) / You Bring Back Memories (Stereo Version ) / Time Changes Things / Play A Sad Song (Stereo Version ) / Never Again (Single Version ) / He's Seventeen (Stereo Version ) / Your Heart Belongs To Me (Live At The Apollo Theater ) / I Want A Guy (Live At The Apollo Theater ) / Time Changes Things (Live At The Apollo Theater ) / Let Me Go The Right Way (Live At The Apollo Theater )

Disc 2:After All (Stereo Mix ) / You Can Depend On Me (Alternate Version ) / The Boy That Got Away (Alternate Mix ) / Hey Baby (Version 2 ) / Too Hot (Version 1 ) / Buttered Popcorn (Version 3 ) / Buttered Popcorn (Version 4 ) / I Want A Guy (Version 1 ) / Who's Lovin' You (Stereo Mix of Mono Vocal ) / Because I Love Him (Version 2 ) / Save Me A Star (Stereo Mix ) / Heavenly Father (Stereo Mix ) / Those D.J. Shows (Stereo Mix ) / The Tears (Stereo Mix ) / Your Heart Belongs To Me (Version 1 ) / I'm Giving You Your Freedom (Alternate Mix ) / Run, Run, Run (Battle Of The Stars: Live At The Graystone 1964 ) / Standing At The Crossroads Of Love (Battle Of The Stars: Live At The Graystone 1964 ) / Anyone Who Had A Heart (Battle Of The Stars: Live At The Graystone 1964 ) / Time Changes Things (Battle Of The Stars: Live At The Graystone 1964 ) / Make Someone Happy (Battle Of The Stars: Live At The Graystone 1964 ) / Let Me Go The Right Way (Battle Of The Stars: Live At The Graystone 1964 ) / When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes (Battle Of The Stars: Live At The Graystone 1964 )

Pearly Gates – On A Winning Streak – Night Dance Records Pearly 1

Excellently packaged CD and DVD, of recordings by Pearly Gates, who has recorded as a member of The Flirtations for almost 40 years now. These are all relatively new tracks dating back over the last ten years, and have that same style across them all. Ian Levine has certainly been involved in the production of some of the tracks, so that will give you an idea of the sound they represent. Not to my taste though, but at least you know they are available.

CD: On A Winning Streak / Letting Go Of The Pain / Whirlpool / Broken Bottles / Days In New York / No Holds Barred / One Time Too Many / Stop For Love / Once Bitten, Twice Shy / For Cryin' Out Loud / Ain't That Peculiar / Don't Take Away Your Love / Do What You've a Mind To / You've Got It / Dancing Jones / A Day Without You/ / You Gave Me Hope / I Got a Right (With The Soundcarvers) / Pearly In The Jukebox – Medley a. Johnny and the Jukebox b. Fandango Dancing c. Burning Love d. Third Time Lucky e. Action / Roulette (with The Flirtations)

DVD: On A Winning Streak / Letting Go Of The Pain / Broken Bottles / Days In New York / Stop For Love / One Time Too Many / Fading Into The Night / Thrill In Me / Once Bitten, Twice Shy / For Cryin' Out Loud / Action / Roulette (With The Flirtations) / Pearly Gates Interview (Conduced by Darren Harvey-Beswick)

Various Artists – The Plan – Night Dance Records – NDRCD1

Excuse my ignorance, But are these tracks classified as House ? Or Dance ? I just don’t know. What I do know is they are the sort of tempo and beat that I hear coming out of a lot of Modern rooms these days. And personally, I don’t particularly like it. However, by virtue of the fact that I do hear tracks like this, if that sort of track is for you, it’s probably well worth your while checking this CD out.

Disc 1: Evelyn Thomas - Stick To The Plan / Pearly Gates - One Time Too Many / Corine Armstrong - Feet Keep On Moving / Tahira Jumah - Seasons Come Around Again / Evelyn Thomas - Why Must The Sunrise /  Pamela Ivonne-Cole - Spider In A Cobweb / Donna Williams - Thinking Of You / Erire - Standing On Top Of The World / Pamela Ivonne-Cole - Let Us Try Again / Corine Armstrong - The Challenge / Tahira Jumah - Been There, Done That / Pearly Gates - Stop For Love / Erire - Come To A Decision / Evelyn Thomas – Infidelity / Corine Armstrong - Stronger Than Ever / Tahira Jumah - To Be Loved By Him / Donna Williams - I Will Follow My Dream / Evelyn Thomas - Missing The Target / Corine Armstrong - Point Of No Return / Tahira Jumah - Every Day's A New Day

Disc 2 – The Laurent Schark Re-mixes - Evelyn Thomas - Stick To The Plan / Pamela Ivonne-Cole - Spider In A Cobweb / Corine Armstrong - The Challenge / Erire - Come To A Decision / Evelyn Thomas – Infidelity / Tahira Jumah - Been There, Done That / Diana D. - Every Day's A New Day / Pearly Gates - One Time Too Many / Corine Armstrong - Feet Keep On Moving / Evelyn Thomas - Why Must The Sunrise / The Crazy Pitcher Megamix

Various Artists - Say Hi To Northern Soul Outta Site OSCD016

Hi Records of Memphis gets the Outta Site treatment, and a very creditable job it is to. The obvious Hi tracks are here, but as usual with Outta Site they have dug deeper and found a large number of underplayed, unknown, and just plain obscure tracks for this compilation. The presentation is of course, superb, and all in all the releases from the labela re quickly all becoming must buy CDs

Willie Mitchell featuring Don Bryant - That Driving Beat / Charlie Rich - Love Is After Me / Melodics - Ain't That Sharing My Love / Ace Cannon - Sea Cruise / Janit & The Jays - Hurting Over You Boy / James Fry - Still Around / Don Bryant - Coming On Strong / Willie Mitchell - The Champion (Part 1) / George Jackson - So Good To Me / The Five Royales - Help Yourself / Gene Miller - Sho Is Good / Kim Melvin - Doin' The Popcorn / Willie Mitchell - Who's Making Love / James Fry - I've Got Enough / Norm West - Baby Please / Charlie Rich - Don't Tear Me Down / Janet & The Jays - Love What You're Doing To Me / Bobo Mr. Soul - Hitch Hike To Heartbreak Road / Willie Walker - Love Makes The World Go Round / Veniece – Stepchild / Africano - Satisfactorize Your Mind / Majik - Back Into Your Heart

Various Artists – Diggin’ For Soul – Challenge, Dial, Hickory – Outta Site OSCD015

Not an out and out Northern Soul CD. There are of course a variety of dancers on show, but as the CD title says, the prime concern here is that the records are Soulful. A target they hit without hesitation.  In fact I had a quick think, amnd couldn’t actually come up with a single criticism of this CD, so just go and buy one.

Joe Tex - Under Your Powerful Love / Frederick Knight -Throw The Switch / Jean Knight - (He Ain't Nothin' But) Dirt / Little Archie - I Am A Carpet / The Dialtones - If You Don't Know, You Just Don't Know / Paul Kelly - Can't Help It / Johnny Wyatt - I'll Stand By You / Delicates - I Want To Get Married / Clarence Reid - I Got My Share / The Dialtones - Don't Let The Sun Shine On Me / P W Cannon - Hanging Out My Tears To Dry / Carnations - Part Of Your Love / Jimmy Holiday - Save Me / Bobby Marchan - I Gotta Sit Down And Cry / Chris Harris & The Invaders - Why Can't We Get Along / Johnny Wyatt - Hang Up The Phone / Bobby Marchan - Get Down With It / Annette Snell - I'll Be Your Fool (Once More) / Joe Tex - All The Heaven A Man Really Needs / Annette Snell - You Outta Be Here With Me / King Floyd - Learning To Forget You / Chris Harris & The Invaders - You Really Fooled Me / P W Cannon - It's A Woman’s World / Paul Kelly - Only Your Love / Little Archie - I Need You

Jimmy Hughes – Something Extra Special The Complete Volt Recordings 1968-1971 – Kent CDKEND341

The final release in the Jimmy Hughes trilogy of CDs that cover all his recorded work. This CD covers the latter period of his career, when he was recording for Volt. Included are the original album that the CD is named aftyer, all the non album singles that were released, and a staggering, dozen, previously unreleased tracks, of superb quality I might add. The usual informative and in depth liner notes also make fascinationg reading. So, another job well done by Kent.

I Like Everything About You / Let 'Em Down Baby / I'm So Glad / Lay It On The Line / Sweet Things You Do / Chains Of Love / I'm Not Ashamed To Beg Or Plead / It's All Up To You / Lock Me Up / What Side Of The Door / Peeped Around Yonder's Bend / (Just Ain't As Strong As I Used To Be) You Done Fed Me Sumpin' / Did You Forget / No Easy Way / Don't You Know I'm All Alone / I Was Closest At Hand / I Want You So Bad / I Worry About You / It Just Ain't Enough / Look What I Got / Never Grow Old / Your Love Made A U Turn / Tell Him Tonight / Too Old To Play / Leave Us Alone / You Got The Power / Your Love Is Important To Me


Various Artists - Northern Soul’s Classiest Rarities Vol. 4 - CDKEND338

Kent are known for doing CDs that feature, sometimes, a whole label’s output. This series is a nice way of gathering together lots of oddball releases, from to be honest, lots of oddball labels. Following on in the pattern from the other CDs in the series, there are some fairly well known, butr rare, tracks, a couple of relatively cheap things, some recently found things that are yet to have their day, and the much welcomed previously unreleased tracks. A must buy CD !

Hang On In There Girl - The Jesse Davis Band / Love Slave - The Antellects / Love's Made A Connection - The Tiara's / Try My Love - Troy Dodds / Are You Gonna Leave Me? - Jesse James / You Don't Even Know My Name - The Hytones / Black Mother Goose - Sam Nesbit / A Man Of My Word - Salt & Pepper / Queen Of Losers - Eleanor Rigby / My Mistake - Lord Luther / Suffering Wrath - Rudy Love & The Company Soul / Hook Line And Sinker - Dan Greer / I Don't Love You - Bobbie Dee / A Dream - The Creations / Kiss A Good Thing Goodbye - Wendell Watts / What Good Am I Without You - Darrow Fletcher / I've Been Done Wrong - Jimmy Holiday / For Your Love - The Inconquerables / Diamonds, Rubies, Gold And Fame - The Gypsies / Deeper - The Cheques / Cross The Bridge - Brenton Wood / It's No News - Melvin Davis / There's Room For Me - Jesse Davis / Just A Fool - Jerry Ganey


Various Artists - Stepping Stone: The Sounds Of Memphis / XL Records Story Vol. 3 - CDKEND339

Volume 3 eh ? Who would have thought that two fairly obscure labels would have given up so much absolute quality Soul music. Of the twenty two tracks on show here, a grand total of eighteen are previously unreleased, and would never have seen the light of day unless Kent had gained access to the tape vaults. So congratulations to Kent for their perseverance, and to the artists who must have thought all their recordings were long lost.

If You Never See Me - Willie Walker / I Won't Have To Cry No More - William Bollinger / Saturday In The Park - The Jacksonians / Hook Line And Sinker - The Minits / How Can I Get Next To You? - George Jackson / I'm Your Slave - Otis Wheat / You're Slipping Away - Dan Greer / I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know - The Jacksonians / People Are Talking - William Bollinger / Run Around - Willie Walker / Love Letters - The Minits / Sparkle Eyes - The Jacksonians / Always Treat Your Woman - Art Jerry Miller / Chirpin' - Lou Roberts / Take A Look At Yourself - Dan Greer / Love Trying To Come - George Jackson / Love Is Blind - Erma Shaw / Lover Boy - The Minits / Guessing Game - Jimi Hill / Because Of You - Tekelia Kelly / The Plumber - The Ovations


Spencer Wiggins - Feed The Flame: The Fame & XL Recordings - CDKEND340

Anyone who was at the recent Cleethorpes weekender could not fail to have been completely blown away by the majesty of Spencer Wiggins live performance. If I’d been asked I would have said his prime recording period was when he was with Goldwax, but having heard some (Nearly all, sixteen are previously unreleased on vinyl) of these tracks that were recorded when he was with Fame and Sounds Of Memphis, there is nothing to choose between the quality of all of them. Southern Soul at it’s best, add this one to your collection immediately.

I'm At The Breaking Point / We Gotta Make Up Baby / This Love Is Gonna Be True / Holding On To A Dying Love / You're My Kind Of Woman / I Can't Be Satisfied / I'd Rather Go Blind / Love Works That Way / Feed The Flame / Make Me Yours / Ooh-Be Ooh-Be-Doo / Take Time To Love Your Woman / Let's Talk It Over / I Can't Get Enough Of You Baby / Double Lovin' / Love Machine / Love Attack / Hit And Run / Best Thing I Ever Had / Water / Love Me Tonight / Cry To Me


The Satintones - Sing! The Complete Tamla And Motown Singles Plus - Ace CDLUX002

Ace delve into the Motown tape vaults, (Now there’s an intriguing prospect for future releases). And start with Motown’s first male group, The Satintones. As a group they had three singles released on Motown, and Chico Leverett had one on Tamla, hardly enough to fill a CD, even with both sides of each single. But then you add in all the alternative versions, and eleven previously unreleased tracks, and you soon get to a grand total of 26. Sadly, for me, some of the unreleased things were quite rightly shelved, but have to be included to complete what is in effect an aural historic record of the group. The CD is also a limited edition with a run of just 300 copies available, so f you want it, start searching now.

Motor City / Going To The Hop / My Beloved / Sugar Daddy / Tomorrow And Always / A Love That Can Never Be / Hungry Henry / You'd Make A Fine Son-In-Law / Foot Stomping Time / Angel / I Know How It Feels / My Kind Of Love / Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart / Faded Letter / You Cast A Spell On Me / Your Sweet Love / Angel / You'd Make A Fine Son-In-Law / My Beloved / Tomorrow And Always / Boogie Woogie Heart / Because I Love You / The Feeling Is So Fine / You Can't Beat My Lovin' / Solid Sender / I'll Never Love Again


Bobby Sheen - The Bobby Sheen Anthology 1958-1975 - CDCHD1257

What an odd mixture. From Doo Wop, to novelty, to pure Soul music. The Robins, through Bob B Soxx & the Blue Jeans to solo releases by Bobby Sheen (Including a wonderful unreleased Capitol recording). They all sit rather uneasily together though, and the difference between the sophisticated sound of ‘Something New To Do’ and the very early Sixties Doo Wop soiunds is vast, so perhaps this tries to cover too many areas for an overwhelming success. Great to hear some of the tracks in pristine quality though.

Dr Love / I May Not Be What You Want / Sweet, Sweet Love / Something New To Do / Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah / Just Like That / How Many Nights (How Many Days) / How Many More Times / The Bells Of St Mary / A Little Bird Told Me / My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You / White Cliffs Of Dover / The Shelter Of Your Arms / Come On And Love Me / Live Wire Suzie / Love Stealing / I Want You For My Sweetheart / Don't Make Me Do Wrong / Ding Dong (Saw Wood Mountain) / Don't Pass Me By / Magic Of A Dream / Baby I'll Come Right Away / She Taught Me What Love Really Is / Payback


Freddie Hughes – Send My Baby Back – CDKEND337

So what have we got here ? It’s the original Wand album by Freddie Hughes, which includes all his Wand singles, and both sides of his sole release on Wee Records. It’s a classic album as well, top quality Sixties Soul, so worth the CD for that alone. However, because there isn’t really enough material to fill a whole CD, Kent have kindly added five Casanova II tracks, seven by The Soul Brothers (Five of which are previously unreleased, and a solitarytrack by the Music City All Stars. All together it makes this a rather tasty release.

Freddie Hughes
- Send My Baby Back / Freddie Hughes - Tonight I'm Gonna See My Baby / Freddie Hughes - He's No Good / Freddie Hughes - Natural Man / Freddie Hughes - I Gotta Keep My Bluff In / Freddie Hughes - Every Night I See Your Lovely Face / Freddie Hughes - Where's My Baby / Freddie Hughes - You're My Everything / Freddie Hughes - What Am I Gonna Do Without Your Sweet Lovin' / Freddie Hughes - Love Can't Be Understood / Freddie Hughes - My Baby Came Back / Casanova II - We Gotta Keep On / Casanova II - Maybe They're Right / Casanova II - Love's Philosophy / Casanova II - I Was A Fool / Casanova II - We Got To Keep On / Soul Brothers - Let Our Love Go On / Soul Brothers - Every Night I See Your Face / Soul Brothers - She's Coming Back / Soul Brothers - Station L - O - V – E / Soul Brothers - Love's Philosophy Pt 2 / Soul Brothers - Love's Philosophy Pt 1 / Soul Brothers - Where's My Baby / Music City All Stars - Do The Philly

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