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The Young Folk

The Baby Miracles (members Madeline Strickland and her brother Glenn Strickland, brothers Johnny and Arthur Methune, Patrice Skaggs and Jerry Starks) 1964 line-up. 

The Young Folk (members Madeline Strickland, Glenn Strickland, Johnny Methune, Arthur Methune, Patrice Skaggs and Jerry Starks)  

Mar-V-Lus 6018 - Joey / Lonely Girl - 1967 

Miss Madeline (Madeline Strickland) 

Mar-V-Lus 6019 - Lonely Girl / Behave Yourself - 1967 (this 45 has the same label number as the 1967 release by Alvin Cash "Different Strokes For Different Folks / The Charge")