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Timothy Wilson

Five Hits & A Miss
(members Norma Lee Trader, Timothy Wilson, Lionel Brown, Orlesto Smith, Thomas Price and William Collier) when Norma Lee Trader dropped out of the group to start a family - group changed name.

Tiny Tim & The Hits (members Timothy Wilson, Lionel Brown, Orlesto Smith, Thomas Price and William Collier)

Roulette 4123 - Wedding Bells / Doll Baby - 1958 (after this 45 the group split and became The Diplomats, Timothy Wilson struck out on his own)

The Serenaders (members Timothy Wilson, Sidney Barnes, George Kerr and Howard Curry)

Riverside 4549 - Adios, My Love / Two Lovers Make One Fool - 1963
Motown 1046 - If Your Heart Says Yes* / I'll Cry Tomorrow - 1963 *lead Timothy Wilson.
V.I.P. 25002 - If Your Heart Says Yes / I'll Cry Tomorrow* - 1964  *lead George Kerr.

Timothy Wilson (born Howard Harrison "Timothy" Wilson on 17-November-1943 in Salisbury, Maryland

Veep 1213 - Hey Girl, Do You Love Me! / Come On Home - 1965
United Artists 861 - Hey Girl, Do You Love Me / Come On Home - 1965
Veep 1223 - Oh How I Wish She Were Mine / He Will Break Your Heart - 1965
Festival Acetate - Lovingly Yours* / ? - 1965 *written by Sidney Barnes and J.J. Jackson. --- unissued at the time this was released in the U. K. on a 1997 Goldmine Cd "A Treasure Chest Of Northern Soul" GSCD75. 
Buddah 19 - Baby Baby Please / Got To Find A New Love - 1967
Buddah 32 - Say It Again (Say I Love You) / Pigtails - 1968 (this was the labels first stereo release - first pressings were withdrawn due to too much echo)
Buddah 47 - Loving You / Pigtails - 1968
Buddah 72 - My Queen Of Hearts / Just Another Guy (On A String)* - 1968 *also released as "Just Another Guy" in 1971 by Stage IV on Millie 600.

Blue Rock 4087 - I Wanna Know Right Now / Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart - 1969 
Blue Rock 4090 - Are You Really Happy / Cross My Heart - 1969
Sky Disc 638 - These Are The Things That Make Me Know She's Gone / Ta Ta - 1971 (backed by Family Circle)
Sky Disc 643 - Hiding In Your Heart* / I Must Love You - 1972 (backed by Family Circle) *written by group member Charles Simmons.  
H&L 2006 - Sugarland Express (6:59) / (Wear Your) Red Dress (Tight) - 1978 (12" release)

Roy Brown / Timothy Wilson 

Excelsior 1011 - Boogie At Midnight / Oh How I Wish She Were Mine* - ?
*Flip By Timothy Wilson.  

The Teenagers (members Timothy Wilson (lead), Herman Santiago (original member of Frankie Lymon's group), Jimmy Merchant (original member of Frankie Lymon's group) and Bobby Jay (a former member of The Laddins))


H&L Lp69034 - Timothy Wilson - 1978