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Tommy Tucker

The Bobby Wood Orchestra (members Bobby Wood (tenor), Tommy Tucker (piano, clarinet and vocals), Dick Myers (bass) and Tom Clayburne (drums) later member Clarence LeVille (trumpet))

(Unsure of any recordings)

In 1951 Clarence LeVille and Tommy Tucker formed a band which became the resident house band at the Farm Dell Club in Dayton. Among acts they played for were Big Maybelle, Billie Holliday, Little Walter, Jimmy Reed, Little Willie John, Amos Milburn and The 5 Keys.

(members of above group were Jerry Bacon (vocals), Tommy Tucker (piano and vocals), Logan Walker (tenor), Donald Parsons (tenor), Johnny Martin (bass), Clarence LeVille (trumpet) and Don "Bo" Tolliver (drums)

The Cavaliers (members Tommy Tucker, .........................................unsure of this one! group said to be The Bobby Wood Orchestra switching over to Doo - Wop, apparently staying intact until the late 1950's)

? (probably Arc )

The Belvaderes (members Tommy Tucker, Clarence LeVille, James Crosby, Yonnie Peoples and Dave Johnson)

Hudson 4 - Don't Leave Me To Cry / I Love You - 1955

The Dusters (members Tommy Tucker, Clarence LeVille, James Crosby, Yonnie Peoples and Dave Johnson)

Arc 3000 - Give Me Time / Sallie Mae - 1956 (with Jimmy Binkley's Orchestra)

In 1957 Tommy Tucker joins the resident house band at The Frolic Night Club in Springfield, Ohio.

(members of above group Tommy Tucker (piano and vocals), Buddy Bell (tenor), Nelson Powers (guitar), Dick Myers (bass) and Charles Johnson (drums) Another combo / house band that Tommy Tucker was involved in had amongst it's members Weldon Young (guitars) and Brenda Lee Jones (bassist), when this trio moved to Newark, New Jersey, his two companions also did well for themselves renaming themselves Dean & Jean they had releases on Ember and Buckeye in 1958, Ember in 1960, 1962 and on Rust in 1962 ~ 1966.

Tommy Tucker (born Robert Higginbotham in Springfield, Ohio -- died 22-January- 1982 at College Hospital in Newark, New Jersey from inhaling carbon tetrachloride while refinishing the hardwood floors of his home, his death has been alternately attributed to food poisoning.)

Mark 120 - Backtrack / ? - 1958 (promo issue of this release was accompanied by a "Tommy Tucker Flash" postcard insert)

Tee Tucker
(Tommy Tucker)

Atco 6208 - My Girl (I Really Love Her So) / Rock 'N' Roll Machine - 1961

Tommy Tucker

Checker 1067 - Hi Heel Sneakers / I Don't Want ' Cha (Watcha Gonna Do) - 1964
Checker 1075 - Long Tall Shorty / Mo' Shorty - 1964 
Checker 1112 - Alimony / All About Melanie - 1965 
Checker 1133 - Chewin' Gum / (All My Life) I've Been A Fool - 1966 
Festival 704 - That's Life / That's How Much I Love You Baby - 1966 
Checker 1178 - Sitting Home Alone / I'm Shorty - 1967 
Checker 1186 - A Whole Lot Of Fun Before The Weekend Is Done / Real True Love - 1967

Leaving music in the late sixties Tommy Tucker settled in East Orange, New Jersey where he took a position as a real estate agent. Returning to the studio in 1974, Tucker was joined by Bo Diddley on a pair of albums, "Mother Tucker" and "The Rocks Is My Pillow  ---------- The Cold Ground Is My Bed".

The Tommy Tucker Neo-Blues Ensemble

A 1975 group formed by Tommy Tucker all recordings made remain unissued.

Dale Hawkins / Tommy Tucker

Collectables 3429 - Suzie Q / Hi Heel Sneakers* - ? *Flip By Tommy Tucker. 
Chess Ch-138 - Suzie Q / Hi Heel Sneakers* - ? *Flip By Tommy Tucker. 
Ripete 45-189 - Suzie Q / Hi Heel Sneakers* - ? *flip by Tommy Tucker.

Sam Cooke / Tommy Tucker

Trip 123 - Only Sixteen / Hi Heel Sneakers* - ? *flip by Tommy Tucker

UK Only release (Possibly)

London HL9932 - Oh What A Feeling / Wine Bottles - 1964
Red Lightnin 450031 - Hi Heel Sneakers (Long Version) / ? - 197? (Said to be recorded in 1962, thus pre-dating the Checker release by two years)

Additions by Gene Robertson, Johnny Spencer, Jean Marc Vos & Richard Higginbotham