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The Stafford Allnighters




Top Of The World.

The Playlists - first the '60s sounds, then a list of '70s sounds. It's not meant to be a representative list of any ONE DJ though, but all these sounds graced the decks at Stafford on a fairly regular basis.

Tommy Navarro  I Cried My Life Away  DE JAC
Donald Jenkins  Somebody Help Me  CORTLAND
Romance Watson  Where Does That Leave Me  CORAL
Sam Fletcher  I'd Think It Over   TOLLIE
Bobby Hutton  Come See What's Left Of Me PHILIPS
Bobby Smith  Walk On Into My Heart  AMERICAN ARTS
Shadows   My Love Is Gone   GOLDEN SOUND / U.S.A.
Shadows   No Other Love   GOLDEN SOUND / U.S.A.
Ascots   Another Day   MIR-A-DON
Four Tracks  Like My Love For You  MANDINGO
Sherlock Holmes  Standing At A Standstill  PART III
Monique   If You Love Me ( Show Me ) MAURCI
Stewart Ames  King For A Day   J & W
Stewart Ames  Angelina, Oh Angelina  J & W
Howard Guyton  I Watched You Slowly Slip Away VERVE
H. B. Barnum  It Hurts Too Much To Cry  R. C. A. VICTOR
Danny Moore  Somebody New   ALLRITE
Johnny Rogers  Make A Change   AMON
Brilliant Korners  Three Lonely Guys   MODERN
Jimmy & Entertainers New Girl    TODDLIN' TOWN
Gail Anderson  Be Proud ( You're In Love )  SALVADOR
Freddie North  The Hurt    R.I.C.
Royal Robins  Something About You Sends Me TRU-GLO-TOWN
Tempests   Someday    SMASH ( L.P. )
Groovettes  Think It Over Baby  RENESS
Scotty Williams  Fear    MONA LEE
Bobby Kline  Say Something Nice To Me  MB
Empires   You're On Top Girl  CANDI
Soul Set   Will You Ever Learn  BI ME
Andy Fisher  Hearts Beating Stronger  FAT FISH
Shirley Edwards  Dream My Heart   SHRINE
J. D. Bryant  I Won't Be Coming Back  SHRINE
Detroit Strings  In The Pocket   UNISSUED / KOOL KAT
Shirelles   You Could Be My Remedy  UNISSUED SCEPTER
Josephine Taylor  Ain't Gonna Cry No More  MAR-V-LUS
Lee Bates   Why Don't You Write  INSTANT
The M-M & Peanuts The Phillie   MONEY
Jimmy Radcliffe  My Ship Is Coming In  AURORA
Paris    Sleepless Nights   DOC
Roy Wright  Hook Line & Sinker  MICA
Jackie Day  Naughty Boy   PHELECTRON
Gordon Keith  Look Ahead   CALUMET
The " Q "  That's The Way   HOUND
Little John  Just Wait And See   GoGATE / MAFMON
Gladys Knight  Too Late For You And Me  UNISSUED MOTOWN
Temptations  Angel Doll   UNISSUED MOTOWN
Originals   Baby Have Mercy On Me  UNISSUED MOTOWN
Chryslers & Monarchs I'm Not Gonna Lose You  JE JODY
Richard Anthony  Keep On Livin' On   VIRTUE
Mr. Caldwell  Love Bandit   SCORPIO
Main Changs  Sunshine Is Her Way  NEBULA
Martells   Where Can My Baby Be  A LA CARTE
Larry Davis  I've Been Hurt So Many Times KENT
Soul Blenders  Tightrope   KNIGHT
Victors   Hurt    PHILIPS
Betty Lloyd  I'm Catching On   B. S. C.
Norma Jenkins & Dolls The Airplane Song   MALTESE
Elbie Parker  Please Keep Away From Me  VEEP
Buddy Conner  When You're Alone  BREAKTHROUGH
Sonny Daye  Long Long Road To Happiness POWER
Accents   Who You Gonna Love ?  ONE - DERFUL !
Frank Howard   I'm So Glad   BARRY
Little Charles  Talkin About You, Babe  DECCA
Chris Morgan  Who Am I   BELL
Big Frank & Essences I  Won't Let Her See Me Cry  PHILIPS / BLUE ROCK
Barry White & Atlantics Tracy ( All I Have Is You )  FARO
Carl Carlton  So What    LANDO
Little John  Heart Breaking Time  MARTAY
Enchantments  I'm In Love With Your Daughter FARO
Bobby Valentin  Use It Before You Lose It  FANIA
Gwen Davis  My Man Don't Think I Know SOUND STAGE 7
Cairo's   Stop Overlooking Me  SHRINE ? HORACE'S
Andy Mack  Later Than You Think  CHESS
Metros   Since I found My Baby  R.C.A. VICTOR
Danny Woods  You Had Me Fooled  CORREC-TONE
Creations   Just Remember Me   GLOBE
Ad- Libs   Johnny My Boy   BLUE CAT / CONTEMPO RARIES
Chuck Carter  I'm A Lover   UNISSUED BRUNSWICK
Wade Flemons  That Other Place   VEE-JAY

Bobby Sheen  Something New To Do   WARNER BROS.
Bobby Hebb  You Want To Change Me   PHILIPS UK
Lew Kirton  Heaven In The Afternoon   ALSTON
Larry Houston  Let's Spend Some Time Together  H.F.M.P.
Alfie Davison  Love Is Serious Business   MERCURY
Greg Perry  It Takes Heart    ALFA
Cheryl Berdell  Giving It All To You   EM-T
Otis Clay   The Only Way Is Up   ECHO
Jan Jones  Independant Woman pt 2.   DAY-WOOD
Soul Bros. Inc.  Pyramid     GOLDEN EYE
Out-Of-Sights  My Woman's Love    SARU
Rayford Tucker  If You Need More Time   SANDPIPER
Gerald Sims  You'll Never Be Sorry   WARNER BROS.
James Gadson  Go By What's In Your Heart   UNITED ARTISTS
Jimmy Lewis  Is That Any Way To Treat A Lady  HOTLANTA   
Lucky Davis   It's Not Where You Start   HIGHLAND
King Tutt  You've Got Me Hung Up   FUN CITY
Bileo   You Can Win    M.T.U. / WATTS CITY
O.T. Sykes  Stone Crush On You   FUN CITY
Z.Z. & Co  Get Ready For The Getdown   COLUMBUS
Mandrill   My Kind Of Girl ( My Girl )   ARISTA
Skip Mahoaney & Casuals  Running Away From Love   ABET
Dells   Don't Want Nobody   PRIVATE I
Webster Lewis  Let Me Be The One   EPIC
Larry Brown  Breaking Training pt 1.   FIREWORKS
Terry Collins  Hold Hands With One Another  SILVER BLUE
Eddie Holman  This Could Be A Night To Remember  SALSOUL UK
Skip Mahoney  Janice ( Don't Be So Blind To Love )  UNDERWORLD UK
Bill Harris  Am I Cold, Am I Hot   R.C.A. VICTOR

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