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Theola Kilgore

Bishop Louis H. Narcisse and the Mt. Zion Spiritual Choir (members Bishop Louis H. Narcisse, Theola Kilgore, ........................................................)

Ajax 100 - Look To The Hills* / Give Me Wings Lord  -1955 *lead Theola Kilgore.

Theola Kilgore (born in
Shreveport, Louisiana. --- died 15-May-2005 in Los Angeles aged 79 --- cause: ? --- Discovered by Ed Townsend)

Candix 311 - Chain Gang The Sound Of My Man* / Later I'll Cry - 1960 *an "answer song" to the 1960 song by Sam Cooke "Chain Gang" on RCA 7783.
Serock 2004 - The Love Of My Man* / I Know That He Loves Me - 1963 *adapted from the hymn "The Love Of Jesus" - both sides written by Ed Townsend, who was also conductor on session. Also recorded in 1966 by Pearlean Gray and The Passengers on Green-Sea 104.   
Serock 2006 - As Long As You Need Me (Want Me, Love Me) / This Is My Prayer - 1963 
Serock - As Long As You Need Me (Want Me, Love Me) (Extended Version) - (unissued until released in the U. K. on a 2002 Kent CD "The Arock & Sylvia Story" CDKEND 212)
KT 501 - I'll Keep Trying / He's Coming Back To Me - 1964 (label formed by Theola Kilgore and Ed Townsend)
Scepter 12170 - The Love Of My Man / As Long As You Need Me - 1966
Mercury 72564 - I Can't Stand It / It's Gonna Be Alright - 1966
Scepter-Wand Forever 21024 - The Love Of My Man / As Long As You Need Me (Want Me, Love Me) - 1973
Collectables Col 033767 - The Love Of My Man / This Is My Prayer - ?