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Thelma Jones

The McDaniel Singers (members Vernell McDaniel, Thelma McDaniel and Mildred McDaniel)

Thelma McDaniels / James Lowe

? - Little David Play On Your Harp / God Put A Rainbow In The Sky - 1958 (gospel 45 produced by Clinton Utterbach)

The Bishop Lawson's Refuge Temple Radio Choir (Thelma McDaniel lead singer)

The Pussy Cats (members Mildred McDaniel, Thelma McDaniel...................................................)
Thelma McDaniel met James Hazely who was to become her manager and later husband while she was a member of The Pussy Cats, he was going to audition the group. Apparently group was involved with The Isley Brothers or Jackie Wilson's management. 

Thelma Jones (born 4-May-1942 in Fayetteville, North Carolina)

Barry 1010 - Never Leave Me / Stronger 1966
Barry 1014 - Oh Oh, Here Come The Heartbreak / Gotta Find A Way 1967
Barry 1018 - Souvenirs Of A Heartbreak / I Won't Give Up My Man 1967
Barry 1023 - The House That Jack Built / Give It To Me Straight - 1968
Barry 1024 - Mr. Fix It / Second Chance 1968
Columbia 10403 - Salty Tears / You're The Song (That I Can't Stop Singing) 1976
Columbia 10657 - I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love / Love Look What You've Got Me Into 1977
Columbia 10728 - I Want What You Want / I'm Lonely 1978
Columbia 10814 - I Second That Emotion / I Can Dream 1978


Columbia 35485 - Thelma Jones - 1978