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Sherri Taylor


Sherri Taylor & "Singin'" Sammy Ward

Motown 1004 - Oh Lover / That's Why I Love You So Much – 1960

Sherri Taylor George Martin and The Cruisers (members Sherri Taylor, George Martin, ..)

PG 1171 - He's The One Who Rings My Bell / I've Got A Crush – 1961

Sherri Taylor

Gloreco 1002 - He's The One That Rings My Bell / I've Got A Crush – 1961

The Taylor Tones (members Clara Taylor and Sherri Taylor - mother and daughter)

Starmaker 1926 - Poor Little Girl / A Star – 1962

Taylor Tones Jack Thomas Band (members Clara Taylor, Sherri Taylor, Jack Thomas, ........ )

C & T 0001 - My Heart Went Zing / To Young To Love - 1962