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The Seven Souls

Ivory Hudson & The Harlequins (members Ivory Hudson, Bob Welch (later member of Fleetwood Mac), .............................) an Oregon based integrated soul band which moved to Los Angeles and played the black club circuit around the time of the Watts riots. After touring Europe the group returned to Los Angeles where they changed their name to The Seven Souls and lost a battle of the bands competition to Sly & The Family Stone. Bob Welch left the group soon after.

The Seven Souls (members at various times Ivory Hudson, Henry Moore, Bob Welch who replaced Ray Tusken , Fred Murphy (drummer - died 2003), Henry Thompson (died 26-May-2004), Anthony Lytle, Wayne Purnell (piano), Bobby Watson, David T. Walker, Tony Maiden, Billy Diez (bass) and Ron Edge (drums))

Okeh 7289 - I Still Love You / I'm No Stranger - 1967 Also released in France & Italy
Venture 614 - Groove On / Got To Find A Way - 1968