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The Solitaires

The Solitaires (members Eddie "California" Jones (later to become a member of The Demens), Nick Anderson, Winston "Buzzy" Willis, Rudy "Angel" Morgan and Pat Gaston (a former member of The Four Bells on Gem)

The Mello-Moods (members Alvin "Bobby" Baylor (born 27-October-1935 --- died 1-January-1980 --- cause: pneumonia), Ray "Buddy" Wooten, Bobby Williams (born 1936 --- died 1961--- cause: blood disease), Monteith "Monte" Owens (born 31-March-1936 --- died 3-March-2011 in the Bronx, New York --- cause: ?) and Jimmy Bethea)

Red Robin 105 - Where Are You / How Could You  1952

The Hi-Lites (members Alvin "Bobby" Baylor, .........................................) 

The Solitaires (members Alvin "Bobby" Baylor, Nick Anderson, Winston "Buzzy" Willis, Rudy "Angel" Morgan and Pat Gaston) This lineup was actually filmed for a T.V. programme.

The Solitaires (members Alvin "Bobby" Baylor, Winston "Buzzy" Willis, Pat Gaston, Bobby "Schubie" Williams (former member of The Mello-Moods), Monteith "Monte" Owens (former member of The Mellow Moods) and Herman Dunham (aka Herman Curtis) (former member of The Vocaleers on Red Robin))

Old Town 1000 - Wonder Why / Blue Valentine - 1954 (some copies issued on red vinyl)

Ursula Reed

Old Town 1001 - You're Laughing Cause I'm Not Crying* / Ursula's Blues - 1954 *uncredited backing vocals by The Solitaires

The Solitaires (members Alvin Baylor, Winston Willis, Pat Gaston, Bobby Williams (died 1961 --- cause: blood disease), Monteith Owens and Herman Dunham (born 8-February-1936 --- died 31-January-2010 in Queens, New York --- cause: lung cancer))

Old Town 1003 - Chapel Of St. Clair / If I Loved You - 1954 (Unissued) 
Old Town 1003 - Stranger In Paradise / Come Back To Me - 1954 (No copies have yet been found - Probably unissued - Also said to have this record number) 
Old Town 1006/1006 - Please Remember My Heart / South Of The Border – 1954
Old Town 1006/1007 - Please Remember My Heart / South Of The Border - 1954 (Some copies issued on red vinyl - Records with this flip side number are scarcer copies)
Old Town 1006/1008 - Please Remember My Heart / Chances I've Taken – 1954
Old Town 1008 - Chances I've Taken / Lonely - 1954 (some copies issued on red vinyl - Blue label copies are from the 1960's)
Old Town 1010 - I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance / Girl Of Mine – 1954
Old Town 1012 - What Did She Say / My Dear - 1955 (After this recording Herman Dunham is drafted and is replaced by Milton Love (Former lead of The Concords)) Copies of this 45 with the Old English Typestyle are scarcer than the Block Typestyle.

The Solitaires (Members Alvin Baylor, Winston Willis, Pat Gaston, Bobby Williams, Monteith Owens And Milton Love)

Old Town 1014 - The Wedding / Don't Fall In Love – 1955

The Solitaires (Members Alvin Baylor, Winston Willis, Pat Gaston, Bobby Williams, Monteith Owens And Milton Love)

Old Town 1015 - Magic Rose / Later For You Baby – 1955
Old Town 1019 - The Honeymoon / Fine Little Girl – 1956
Old Town 1026 - You've Sinned / You're Back With Me - 1956 (Scarcer copy - With alternate flip title)
Old Town 1026 - You've Sinned / The Angels Sang* - 1956 *Alternate flip side title - Same song  

After this recording Pat Gaston joins the Air Force - He was replaced by Freddy Barksdale (A former member of The Crickets and The New Yorkers Five). Shortly after Bobby Williams left to join Charlie Mingus and Herman Dunham would leave and rejoin the group numerous times.

The Solitaires  (Members Alvin Baylor, Winston Willis, Freddy Barksdale, Monteith Owens And Milton Love)

Old Town 1032 - Give Me One More Chance / Nothing Like A Little Love – 1956
Old Town 1034 - Walking Along* / Please Kiss This Letter - 1957 (Yellow label - Blue label issued in 1960's) *Covered in 1958 by The Diamonds on Mercury 71366.
Old Town 1044 - I Really Love You So* / Thrill Of Love - 1957 *Later released in 1963 on Old Town 1139 as "Honey Babe".
Old Town 1049 - Walkin' And Talkin'* / No More Sorrows - 1958 *Fred Barksdale was not at this session his spot was filled by Wally Roker from The Heartbeats.
Old Town 1059 - Big Mary's House / Please Remember My Heart – 1958
Argo 5316 -  Walking Along / Please Kiss This Letter – 1958
Old Town 1066 - Embraceable / Round Goes My Heart - 1958  

Shortly after this release Winston Willis and Alvin Baylor were drafted into the Army they were replaced by Cecil Holmes and Reggie Barnes both former members of The Fi-Tones.

The Solitaires (Members Cecil Holmes, Reggie Barnes, Freddy Barksdale, Monteith Owens And Milton Love)

Old Town 1071 - Helpless / Light A Candle In The Chapel – 1959
Old Town 1096 - Lonesome Lover / Pretty Thing - 1960 (After this recording Milton Love was drafted into the Army.

The Solitaires  (Members Alvin Baylor, Cecil Holmes, Reggie Barnes, Monteith Owens and Harriet "Toni"Williams) This is the lineup for numerous concert appearances from 1961 ~ 1963

The Solitaires (Alvin Baylor, Milton Love, Freddy Barksdale And Cathy Miller) Early 1963 Lineup

The Solitaires (Alvin Baylor, Milton Love, Freddy Barksdale And Herman Dunham)

Old Town 1139 - The Time Is Here / Honey Babe – 1963

The Solitaires (Milton Love, Winston Willis, Reggie Barnes, Cecil Holmes And Freddy Barksdale)

MGM 13221 - Fool That I Am / Fair Weather Lover – 1964

The Chances (Members Milton Love, Alvin Baylor, Winston Willis, Monteith Owens, Cecil Holmes, Reggie Barnes And Freddie Barnes (From The Willows))

Roulette 4549 - Through A Long And Sleepless Night / What Would You Say – 1964

Ray Brewster & The Cadillacs (Members Ray Brewster, Milton Love, Alvin Baylor And Freddy Barksdale)

Arctic 101 - Fool / The Right Kind Of Lovin' – 1964

The Solitaires (Members Alvin Baylor, Winston Willis, Freddy Barksdale, Monteith Owens And Milton Love)

King Tut 178 - At Night / Hully Gully Roll - 1979 (Previously Unreleased Old Town Tracks From 1958 ~ 1959)

The Solitaires / Billy Bland

Collectables Col 010397 - The Angels Sang / Let The Little Girl Dance* - ? *Flip By Billy Bland.


The Solitaires first manager was Maurice "Chink" Hines Father of actor Gregory Hines.

Winston Willis was Director Of Marketing for RCA's Rhythm & Blues Division (He supervised LP's by The Main Ingredient and The Friends Of Distinction) He was later Vice President Of R&B Operations for Polydor. By the 1990's he was Manager of Kool And The Gang. 

Cecil Holmes became Vice President And General Manager Of R&B activities at Buddah Records.  

Discography by Bosko Asanovic