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The Sherrys

The Sherrys (members Delthine Cook and Dinell Cook (daughters of Little Joe Cook), Charlotte Butler and Delores "Honey" Wylie) 

Guyden 2068 - Pop Pop Pop-Eye / Your Hand In Mine 1962
Guyden 2077 - Slop Time / Let's Stomp Again 1963
Guyden 2084 - Saturday Night / I've Got No One 1963
Guyden 2094 - Monk, Monk, Monkey / That Boy Of Mine - 1963 (after this release Delthine Cook and Charlotte Butler leave group to get married. Group manager Little Joe Cook forms a new group using the same name)

The Sherrys (members 

Mercury 72256 - No No Baby / That Guy Of Mine 1964
Roberts 701 - Slow Jerk / Confusion 1965
JJ 1002 - Put Your Arms Around Me* / Happy Girl - 1966 (*first track played at the first all-nighter starting at 2 a.m. on 23-September-1973 at Wigan Casino with 634 people in attendance)
Hot 1002 - Put Your Arms Around Me / Happy Girl - 1966


Charlotte Butler moved to Sweden in the late sixties - she married the lead singer of the Hep Stars (members  Svenne Hedlund (lead), Benny Anderson (later of Abba fame), Christer Petersson, Janne Frisk and Lennart Hegland) - Charlotte became lead singer for the group in the late 1960's, in 1969 she was one half of the duo called Svenne & Lotte.