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The Sharpees

Little Herbert & The Arabians (members Herbert Reeves, Stacy Johnson,............................)

Teek 4824 - Bouncing Ball / Condition Your Heart - 1961 
Teek 4824 - Pray Tell Me / ? - 1961 (Same Teek Number Used Twice)

Little Miss Jessie (Jessie Smith)

Mel-O 101 - My Baby's Gone / St. Louis Twist (Instrumental - By Benny Sharp & His Band) - 1961 (vocal backing by The Sharpees formerly known as The New Breed, members at this time were Benny Sharp, Stacy Johnson, Vernon Guy and Horise O'Toole. In 1962 Stacy Johnson and Guy Vernon left the group and joined The Ike & Tina Turner Revue whilst with Ike Turner the pair recorded two singles apiece with Ike Turner these are listed below.)

Vernon Guy (born 21-March-1945 in St. Louis -- a former member of The Seven Gospel Singers, who later changed their name to The Cool Sounds)

Teena 1703 - They Ain't Lovin' You / You've Got Me - 1963 
Sonja 2007 - Anything --- To Make It With You / (Instrumental Version) - 1963

Stacy Johnson (born 13-April-1945 in St. Louis.)

Sony 113 - Remove My Doubts / Don't Believe Him - 1963 
Modern 1001 - Consider Yourself / Don't Believe Him - 1964

The Sharpees (members Herbert Reeves, Benny Sharp, Horise O'Toole and Guy Vernon)

One - Derful 4835 - Do The 45* / Make Up Your Mind** - 1965 *lead Herbert Reeves. **lead Guy Vernon. (shortly after this record was released Horise O'Toole caught TB he had to leave the group for health reasons, he was replaced by Stacy Johnson)
One - Derful 4839 - Tired Of Being Lonely / Just To Please You - 1965 
One - Derful 4842/4843 - I've Got A Secret / Make Up Your Mind - 1965
One - Derful 4845 - The Sock / My Girl Jean - 1966
Essica 005 - Just To Please You* / Hug Me Tight - 1966 (*Also released as One-derful 4839)


Stacy Johnson

M - Pac 7230 - I Stand Alone / Don't Try To Fool Me - 1966

Benny Sharp & The Sharpees (members Benny Sharp, Stacy Johnson, Herbert Reeves and Guy Vernon)

Midas 303 - Music (I Like It) / Part 2 - 1969 (The Sharpees stayed together as a group while various members were working as solo artists on the road or in the studio, until 1972 when Herbert Reeves was shot and killed)

Stacie Johnson

Mowest 5047 - Woman In My Eyes / A Carbon Copy - 1973 (Unissued)

Vernon Guy

Electric Land 3 - Ooh Vernon / My Brand New Woman - 1980

The Sharpees (members Herbert Reeves, Benny Sharp, Horise O'Toole and Guy Vernon)

Knockout 4 - Do The 45 / Make Up Your Mind - ?

The Sharpees (Guy Vernon, Stacy Johnson, Bobby Williams and Paul Grady (Guy's nephew)) this was the lineup around a new set of The Sharpees formed in 1981 by Guy Vernon and Stacy Johnson)