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The Joe Boy Singles

JBV1 - Donnie Elbert - So Soon / Can't Get Over Losing You
JBV2 - Big Maybelle - Yesterday's Kisses / Oh Lord (What Are You Doing To Me / How Do You Feel / If I Had You
JBV3 - Ray Marchand - Your Ship Of Fools / The Puffs - I Only Cry Once A Day Now
JBV4 - The Falcons - You've Got The Power / Innervision - Let Me Love You
JBV5 - Little Johnny Hamilton - Oh How I Love You / Keep On Moving
JBV6 - The Contours - I'm So Glad You're Here / The Contours Band - The Groove
JBA002V - Pat Lewis - It'll Never Be Over For Me (Single Sided)
JBA002V2 - Joseph Moore - I Still Can't Get You / Mousie & The Traps - It's All In The Way
JBA003V - Girls From U.N.C.L.E. - Agent For Love (Single Sided)
JBA007V - The Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl (Single Sided)
JBA007V2 - Driza Bone - Pressure (Single Sided)
JBA007V3 - Timmy Willis - Such Misery (Single Sided)
JBA007V4 - Jackie Wilson & Erma Franklin - I Get The Sweetest Feeling (Single Sided)
JBA007V5 - Flashlight - He's Pulling My Strings(Single Sided)
JBA007V6 - Clydene Jackson - I Need Your Love (Single Sided)
S4275I - Tony Galla - In Love (Single sided)