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The Precisions

There are several different groups called The Precisions. Bosko Asanovic and I think we have identified all the different groups below. Please get in touch should you wish to add, or correct, anything. 

The Precisions (Los Angeles Group)

Highland 300 - Eight Reasons (Why I Love You) / Mama Told Me – 1962
Rayna 1001 - White Christmas / Brenda - ?

The Precisions (New York Group)

Golden Crest 571 - Cleopatra / Someone To Watch Over Me – 1962

The group was reformed in 1996 around one original member (Mike Pellegrino), and we are now one of the most popular 60's bands in the New York tri-state area. We have a web site that may be of interest to your readers.

Thanks much
Al Frazia

The Precisions (Boston Group)

Wild 903 - The Love (I Found In You) / Boston - ? (With Herchel Dwellingham & Orchestra)
Wild 903 - The Love (I Found In You) / What Would You Do - ? (With Herchel Dwellingham & Orchestra)

The Precisions (Scranton, PA)

Strand 25038 - You Can't Play Games / Dream On – 1961
Debra 1001 - Sweet Dreams / Stop Leading Me On - 1963

I was one of the original Precisions:
We had the name first but our manager changed it to the Palesades and then the Magics. You can check the about us page at . We are still doing shows in the NE. I co wrote the song Sweet Dreams with one of the other guys who has since passed away. You can go to and you will see my name as co writer.

Theodore Santos.

The Precisions (Detroit Origin) (members Arthur Ashford (died 6-November-2003, cause cancer), Michael Morgan, Billy Prince and Denis Gilmore (one-time member of The Nonchalants) 

D-Town 1033 - My Lover Come Back / I Wanna Tell My Baby - 1965 
D-Town 1055 - Mexican Love Song / You're Sweet – 1965
Drew 1001 - Such Misery / A Lovers Plea - 1967 
Drew 1002 - Sugar Ain't Sweet / What I Want – 1967 (Withdrawn because of a pressing fault, possibly less than a dozen copies survived)
Drew 1002 - Why Girl / What I Want – 1967
Drew 1003 - If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)* / You'll Soon Be Gone - 1967 *tambourine player Lou Ragland. 
Drew 1004 - Instant Heartbreak (Just Add Tears) / Dream Girl – 1968
Drew 1005 - A Place / Never Let Her Go – 1968
Atco 6643 - Into My Life / Don't Double With Trouble – 1969
Atco 6669 - New York City / You're The Best (That Ever Did It) – 1969

The Precisions (Philadelphia Group)

Hen Mar 4501 - Take A Good Look / My Sense Of Direction - 1972 

Non US Releases

The Precisions

Stone 717 - If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)* / You'll Soon Be Gone – 1967 (Canadian)

Timmy Willis

Soul HQ JBA007V3 – Such Misery / Blank – 2002 (UK) (An alternative take of the same release by The Precisions) 

CD Only tracks

The (Detroit) Precisions - Send Me A Sign (On the CD 'The Northern Soul Years Volume 2' Joeboy JBA 006

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