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Pat Powdrill (born Birmingham, Alabama --- died 11-April-1996 --- cause: ?) 

20,166 - I Only Came To Dance With You / Fell By The Wayside - 1963 
20,204 - Happy Anniversary / I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know - 1963
Reprise 0286 - Breaking Point / Luckiest Girl In Town - 1964
Downey 139 - Do It / I Can't Hear You - 1966  ( Group consisted of
Pete Parker - keyboards, Ken Johnston - guitar, Dennis Trull - bass, Skip Metheny – drums)

Pat Powdrill and The Powerdrills (members Pat Powdrill,
Pete Parker - keyboards, Ken Johnston - guitar, Dennis Trull - bass, Skip Metheny – drums)

Downey 141 - Together Forever* / They Are The Lonely - 1966 (promo copies issued in red vinyl) *co-written by Jack Stern and Barry White --- also recorded in 1967 by Viola Wills on Bronco 2053. 

The Ikettes (member Shellie Clark (later member of Honey Cone), Ann Thomas and Pat Powdrill (replacing P. P. Arnold)) 1966 

The Ikettes (member Ann Thomas, Pat Powdrill and Vermettya Royster) 1966

The Ikettes (member Ann Thomas, Pat Powdrill and Maxanne Lewis (a. k. a. Paulette Parker on Duke)) 1967  

The Ikettes (member Ann Thomas, Pat Powdrill, Maxanne Lewis and Jean Brown) 

Shalamar (members Pat Powdrill, ...........................................................)

Soul Train 10885 - Uptown Festival (Part 1) / Uptown Festival (Part 2) - 1977

"For what it is worth, the band that did the “I Can’t Hear You” and “Do It” cuts (music, claps, background vocals) that were released by Downey was: 

Pete Parker - keyboards
Ken Johnston - guitar
Dennis Trull - bass
Skip Metheny – drums 

Those two tunes were recorded in Los Angeles in ’66.  Pat was so young and so full of life and energy then – she was just great.  Thanks for bringing up the memories.I have no idea who the members were that did the other tunes listed. 

Thanks for all your effort to keep this music alive –

Skip Metheny"

"I just wanted to add to Skip's entry. The same group also recorded

"Together Forever" and "They are The Lonely". I still have my copy.

I was very excited to hear that these songs and all of the information

about Pat are available on the internet.

Thanks for your efforts,

Dennis Trull"