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The Newcomers

The Newcomers (William Summers, Bert Brown, Terry Bartlet, Randy Brown)

4022 - Open Up Your Heart / Girl, This Boy Loves You - 1969 Volt 4049 - You Put The Sunshine Back In My World / Still A Boy In My Heart - 1970 Stax 0099 - Pin The Tail On The Donkey / Mannish Boy – 1971 Stax 0186 -  The Martian Hop / Humpty Dumpty – 1973 Truth 3204 - Keep An Eye On Your Close Friends / Keep An Eye On Your Close Friends (Inst) - 1974 Truth 3213 - (Too Little In Common To Be Lovers) Too Much Thing To Say Goodbye / The Whole World’s A Picture Show - 1974 Mercury 74011 - Do Yourself A Favor / That’s When You Know Your Woman Wants To Be Free - 1978 


Columbia Christian College CCC-1973 - Presents The Newcomers - 1973
Believe In Music / Sunshine On My Shoulder / Scarborough Fair / I Can See It Clearly Now / Angie / Dreams Of Our Lives / Reach Out And Touch / An Old Fashioned Love Song / Kathy's Song / Follow Me / Beautiful / Blue Skies / Somebody Called My Name / Walk With Jesus / Swing Low / Sing And Be Happy


Stax SCD-8597-25 - The Astors Meet The Newcomers - Sweet Soul From Memphis -- 1996
Tracks: The Astors - Candy / As You Can See / You Make Me Feel So Good / Just Enough to Hurt Me / What Can It Be / I Found Out / In the Twilight Zone / Mystery Woman / Daddy Didn't Tell Me / More Power to You / Candy (Live from 5/4 Ballroom)
The Newcomers - Girl, This Boy Loves You / Open Up Your Heart (Let Me In) / Mannish Boy / You Put the Sunshine Back into My World / Pin the Tail on the Donkey / Humpty Dumpty / Keep an Eye on Your Close Friends / (Too Little in Common to be Lovers) Too Much Going to Say Goodbye / The Whole World's a Picture Show