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The Counts
(members Nickie Robbins (vocals), Rick Ciccareli (a former member of The Court Jesters --- vocals), Bob Babbit (upright bass), Ali Bushamie (saxophone), Gene Malido (saxophone) and Norman Sands (drums)) 

The Royaltones (members Nickie Robbins, Dennis Coffey, Bob Babbit, and Marcus Terry (a former member of The Court Jesters --- drums))  

Nabay (Nickie Robbins a local Lebanese Detroit singer)  

Impact 1032 - Believe It Or Not / (Instrumental) - 1968 (recorded at the original Terra Shirma Studio (amongst the musicians Uriel Jones (drums), Dennis Coffey (guitar), Bob Babbitt (bass), Johnny Griffith (keyboards), Jack Ashford (tambourine) and maybe Eddie Willis (on second guitar). Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore arranged the horns)