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Kurt Harris

The Charmers (members Nathaniel Epps (lead --- later member of The Chips on Josie), Jose Harris (first tenor) with brothers Kenny Scott (baritone) and Kurtis Scott (bass)) 1955.

The Capitols (members Nathaniel Epps (lead), Billy Hall (first tenor), Eddie Jacobs (second tenor), Clarence Collins (baritone --- later member of The Imperials on End) and Kurtis Scott (bass))

Pet 807 - Angel Of Love* / Cause I Love You** - 1958 *leads Nathaniel Epps and Kurtis Scott. **lead Nathaniel Epps.  

Kurt Harris

Josie 898 - Let Her Dance / I Can't Love Nobody Else -  1962 (With Group)
Josie 902 - Uh-Huh / You Better Shut Your Mouth – 1962
Diamond 158 - Emperor Of My Baby's Heart / Go On - 1964
Apex 76903 - Emperor Of My Baby's Heart* / Go On - 1964 (Canadian release) *co-writer Mark Barkan also wrote "Pretty Flamingo" for Manfred Mann.

Kurtis Scott (Kurt Harris)

Sure Shot 5020 - No, No Baby / No Place Like Home - 1966 
Marky Ho 100 - Moon River (Vocal) / Moon River (Instrumental) - 1975
Cherokee 101/102 - Teach Me To Love Again /
Lonely Singer - ?
Apache 100 - Brother / Black Child

Discography by Bosko Asanovic, additions by Jeff Beckman