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Kenny Carter

United Artists 301 Ė Hey Lover / Will My Baby Be With Me - 1961
Lola 1003 Ė Nothiníg Goiní On But The Rent / Endless Streams - 1964

RCA Victor 45-8841
- Gotta Get Myself Together / Showdown - 1965
RCA Victor 45-8791 - I've Got To Find Her / Body & Soul - 1965
RCA Victor 45-8970 Ė Donít Go / How Can You Say Goodbye - 1966
Renee 3001 - What About The Children / Why Do You Have To Go - 1970
Atlantic 2898 - I Ainít Got :Love / Itís Sad When Love Has Gone - 1972

The following RCA Recordings were made available via Kent CDs in the RCA Victor series of releases:
I Can't Stop Laughing

Lights Out
What's So Wrong With You Loving Me
What's That On Your Finger
You'd Better Get Hip Girl

Apparently these recordings (Also made for RCA) are still unreleased:

Living In The Land Of Heartache
ĎRound In Circles
Iím Not The One
Time After Time
Iíll Know
Like A Big Bad Rain
I Believe In You