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Joe Matthews

Joe Matthews (born in Juliet, Illinois)

Thelma 104 - She's My Beauty Queen* / Is It Worth It All - 1966 *the backing track on this song was also used on the 1966 release “I’ll Never Forget” by The Tempos on Diamond Jim 8792. 
Thelma 107 - Sorry Ain't Good Enough / You Better Mend Your Ways - 1966

The Fabulous Apollos / The Valtone Band 

Valtone 107 - What's So Good To You* / (Instrumental)** - 1968 *lead Joe Matthews. **flip by The Valtone Band.

Joe Matthews 

Kool Kat 1001 - Ain't Nothing You Can Do / Check Your Self - 1968 
Westbound 146/147 What Every Little Girl Needs / Third World 1969 (possibly unissued)
New Moon 0001 - Little Angel (That's What You Are) / I Had To Moan - ?
New Moon 0002 - I Got Chose / Cause I Love You - ?