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Jimmy Jules

Jimmy Jules
(Charlie Julien)

Atlantic 2120 - Take It Like It Comes / Talk About You - 1961
Carnival 534 - Don't Let Yourself Go / Nothing Will Ever Change (This Love Of Mine) - 1967
Carnival Unreleased - Just One More Time (First made available on the Kent CD ĎA Carnival Of Soul - Volume 3í CDKEND124)
A-Bet 9451 - Ten Carat Fool / My World Tumbles Down  - 1972
Gamble 4018 - I Should Have Listened / Women Gonna Rule The World - 1972
Jim Gem 002 - The New Year / Itís Impossible - 1977


Jimmy Jules & The Nuclear Soul System with Jackie Spencer

Jim Gem 1001 - Xmas Done Got Funky - 1977
Tracks: Xmas Done Got Funky / The New Year / It's Impossible / Come And Get Your Gift / Time's Moving On / The Macaroni Man / Too Many Horses