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The Jelly Beans

The Jelly Beans (members (sisters) Elyse Herbert, Maxine Herbert, Alma Brewer, Diane Taylor and Charles Thomas)

Red Bird 10-003 - I Wanna Love Him So Bad / So Long - 1964
Red Bird 10-011 - Baby Be Mine / The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget - 1964
Eskee 10001 - You Don't Mean Me No Good / I'm Hip To You - 1965
SSS International GTS-435 - Baby Be Mine / I Wanna Love Him So Bad - 1977 (Golden Treasure Series)

The Ad-Libs / The Jelly Beans

Goldisc 3058 - The Boy From New York City / I Wanna Love Him So Bad* - 1978 *flip by The Jelly Beans.

The Jelly Beans

Collectables Col 013747 - I Wanna Love Him So Bad / So Long - ?

The Dixie Cups / The Jelly Beans

Collectables Col 038817 - Iko Iko / I Wanna Love Him So Bad* - ? *Flip By The Jelly Beans.


'Baby Be Mine' was the title also of a tentatively planned album by group, which was shelved when Diane Taylor and Charles Thomas quit group. The group then left Red Bird.

Discography by Bosko Asanovic