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Detroit Soul

The Hi-Tones (members Bart Mazzarlella, Joey Verillo, Richard "Skip" Blankenburg (died 1999), .......) 1962 ~ 1963

The Connoisseurs (members Sal Linaras, ............... )

Detroit Soul (members Sal Linares (vocals), Bart Mazzarlella (bass), Joey Verillo (saxophone), Richard "Skip" Blankenburg (trumpet), Angelo Mariani (trumpet), Peter Villano (Hammond B-3 organ) and Ronnie Carruba (drums))

Music Town 502 - All Of My Life / Mister Hip - 1967 (group from Hartford, Connecticut)

Detroit Soul (members Sal Lenares (vocals), Dave Calcagni (bass), Joey Verillo (saxophone), Skip Blankenburg (trumpet), Angelo Mariani (trumpet --- killed in action in Vietnam), Peter Villano, (Hammond B-3 organ) and Ronnie Carruba (drums))

Music Town 503 - Does Your Mind Go Wild / Love Without Meaning - 1968

Kangaroo (members Richard "Skip" Blankenberg, Dave Calcinari and, later, Joe Verillo...........) 197?