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Debbie Dean

Penny Smith

Kahill 1006 - I've Got News For You* / Mad Mad Mad** - 1955 ~ 1956 *Written By Bill Haley & Frank Pingatore, arranged and conducted by Carmen Dello.** Written by Anson - Waller, arranged and conducted by Carmen Dello
Kahill 1018 - These Things We'll Share / Love Me* - 1955 ~ 1956 *Written By Leiber And Stoller.

Penny & The Ekos

Argo 5295 - Gimme What You Got / Share Your Love – 1958 (Both written by Berry Gordy Jr and R Davis)

Debbie Stevens (With The Deltones)

Roulette 4081 - Jerry / Rockin' Cha Cha – 1958
ABC-Paramount 10034 - I Sit And Cry / Billy Boy's Tune – 1959 (Writer and guitarist Fred Carter)
Apt 25027 - If You Can't Rock Me / What Will I Tell My Heart – 1959 (Troy Shondell played piano on 'If You Can't Rock Me)

Debbie Dean  (Born Reba Jeanette Smith In Corbin, Kentucky On 1-February-1928, Died 17-February-2001in Ojai, California - 

Motown 1007 - (Don't Let Him) Shop Around* / A New Girl** - 1961 (* Written by L Wakefield, B Gordy, W Robinson, produced by Berry Gordy Jr. ** Written by B Gordy & W Robinson, Produced by Berry Gordy) (Accompanied by The Miracles on (Don't Let Him) Shop Around.)ment 
Motown 1014 - Itsy, Bitty, Pity Love* / But I'm Afraid** – 1961* Marvin Gaye on Drums **Berry Gordy on Cowbells
Motown 1025 - Everybody's Talking About My Baby* / I Cried All Night - 1962 (Some Copies Issued With Picture Sleeve* Written by B Gordy Jr)

Debbie Deane

Treva 223 - Take My Hand / Dream In A Dream - 1966

Debbie Dean

V.I.P. 25044 - Why Am I Lovin' You* / Stay My Love – 1967 (*Written by D Dean & Dennis Lussier (AKA Deke Richards)
Jobete Music Company Inc. - You Ask Me - ? (Unissued Acetate)

Biographical Information

Debbie was married to Chicago radio and television music pioneer, Jim Lounsbury, until 1963. In 1959, she was asked to be part of the "Winter Dance Party", with Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and "Big Bopper, featuring her song, "If You Can't Rock Me", under the ABC-Paramount label.  Following the untimely death of Holly, Valens and the "Bopper", Debbie toured with Frankie Avalon, Dion and The Belmonts, Fabian, Waylon Jennings, and Frankie Sardo.  In 1961, Berry Gordy encouraged her to sign with his new record company (Motown).  She recorded the songs listed above during her first couple of years there.  In 1964, she moved to Hollywood, still under contract with Motown.  She wrote and recorded with Dennis Lussier (aka "Deke Richards), not with Weatherspoon.  A few of  "D. Dean-D. Richards" songs written for other artists:  "I'm Gonna Make It", The Supremes, 'Reflections' album, "Honey Bee (Keep on Stingin' Me), 'Love Child' album;  Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, "I Can't Dance To That Music Your Playing"; Edwin Starr, "Sweet Joy of Life", on the '25 Miles' album.  Berry Gordy thought "Debbie Dean" was a good stage name, so she started using it.  She was the first white artist with Motown.  

Discography by Bosko Asanovic with additions from Dave Rimmer,

With thanks to Steven Lounsbury, who is Debbie Dean's son, for the biographical information..