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David And The Giants

David And The Giants (Members David W. Huff (Guitars And Vocals), Clayborn Huff (Bass), Rayburn Huff (Keyboards) And Jerry Parker (Drums)) 

Amy 983 - On Bended Knees / Someday (You're Gonna Be Sorry) - 1967
Fame 1467 - Super Good Feeling / A Letter To Josephine - 1967
Crazy Horse 1300 - Ten Miles High / I'm Down So Low - 1968  
Crazy Horse 1307 - Superlove / Rolling In My Sleep - 1969  
Capitol  P-2893 - Don't Say No / Love 'Em And Leave 'Em - 1970

David And The Giants
(Members David W. Huff (Guitars And Vocals), Clayborn Huff (Bass And Vocals), Rayborn Huff (Keyboards And Vocals),................................) 1977

David And The Giants (Members David W. Huff (Guitars And Vocals), Billy Carr (Steel Guitar), Clayborn Huff (Bass And Vocals), Rayborn Huff (Keyboards And Vocals), Hal Atkinson (Flute), Gerald Hagan (Piano) And Owen Hale (Drums)) 1979

David And The Giants (Members David W. Huff, Clayborn Huff, Rayborn Huff, Gerald Hagan And Keith Thibodeaux (Drums --- Who At The Age Of Five Was A T.V. Star Playing Little Ricky On The "I Love Lucy" Show)) 1980

David And The Giants (Members David W. Huff, Clayborn Huff, Rayborn Huff And Keith Thibodeaux) 1982

David And The Giants (Members David W. Huff, Clayborn Huff, Rayborn Huff, Lance Huff And Keith Thibodeaux)  1987

David And The Giants (Members David W. Huff, Clayborn Huff, Rayborn Huff And Lance Huff ) 1990

David And The Giants (Members David W. Huff, Dennon Dearman, Rayborn Huff And Lance Huff ) 1995


Dh 372 - Song Of Songs - 1977
Tracks: Roll On / Rough And Rocky / Thank You Jesus / Turn, Turn / This Is My Prayer /// Glory Hallelujah / Jesus Saves / Hold On / The Lord Is My Lover / Save Me.

? - This One's For You - 1978
Tracks: Noah / Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven / Missing In Action / This One's For You / Going Up To Meet My Maker / Open Up Your Heart / Golgotha / Go Home Mama / When You've Tried Everything - Try Jesus / He's Coming Back.

Song Of Songs Sos-777 - Step In My Shoes - 1979
Tracks: I Love Him More Today (Than I Did Yesterday) / San Francisco (Help Is On The Way) / Gonna Take A Ride (Up Through The Sky) / Israel / I'm In Love With Love / If You Ain't Living For Jesus (You're Just Dying) / He's Got The Whole World In His Hands / It's Not A Dream / Lift Up Your Eyes / Step In My Shoes / The End Of Time.

Song Of Songs Sos-3311 - Almost Midnight - 1980
Tracks: Almost Midnight / Keep On Keeping On / Keep On Singing My Song / Thank You Lord (For Coming Into My Life / Upper Room Experience / The Well (Will Never Run Dry) / Ten Miles High / Borrowed Time / Holy Rain / Daddy. 

Song Of Songs Sos-113377 - Heaven Or Hell - 1981 Tracks: Look / In All Things Praise The Lord / Tis So Sweet To Be Remembered / Life Begins When You're Born Again / Never Giving Up / I'm A Fanatic / Everybody Wants To Go To The Moon / Thank God For Jesus Christ / Come On Home Today / Heaven Or Hell.

Priority Ju-37936 - David And The Giants - 1982
Tracks: One Less Stone / God Is Love / America (In God You Used To Trust) / I'm Gonna Go Fly Away / Noah / The Well (Will Never Run Dry) / Who In The World / Thunder And Lightning / Rock 'N Roll Blues / Highway To Heaven.

Priority Ju-38714 - Riders In The Sky - 1983
Tracks: Jesus Is The Only Superstar / Humanistic Wisdom / Please Don't Give Up On Me / Riders In The Sky / King Of The Jews / Step By Step / I Belong To You / Look At The People / I'm A Fanatic / Glory Hallelujah.

Myrrh 701-6803-066 - Inhabitants Of The Rock - 1984
Tracks: Are You Ready / Higher / I Can Depend On You / Moving On Up / To Know Him Is To Love Him / Fire / I Am Persuaded / Holy Rain / I've Been Drinking / You're Gonna Be Somebody.

Myrrh 701-6825-06x - Under Control - 1985
Tracks: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet / He's Got It Under Control / Taking It To The World / Rockin' For The Rock / Borrowed Time / It's Just A Matter Of Time / Sweet Inspiration / His Love Lifted Me Up / You've Really Got A Hold Of Me / Almost Midnight.

Myrrh 701-6857-069 - Magnificat - 1987
Tracks: He Is The Resurrection / Your Eyes / Heavenly Love / Why / Cold Lonely Nights / Signs Of The Time / Ordinary Man / Hosanna / Everlasting Praise / Upper Room Experience.

Giant Grd-1234 - Strangers To The Night - 1988
Tracks: Celebrate His Power / Show Them The Light / Lively Stones / I'm Not Ashamed / Perfect Love / Restless / Strangers To The Night / No Compromise / I Believe In You / I Was The Nails.

Giant Cd-02555 - R U Gonna Stand Up - 1989
Tracks: R U Gonna Stand Up / I'll Stay With You / Love Has A Place / Joy Up In The Sky / Evolution Is Pollution / Here's My Heart / Everybody Got A Story / Living On High Hopes / Count On Me / Everybody Needs Love / He'll Be There.

Giant Cd-02705 - Distant Journey - 1990

Tracks: Never Had It So Good / Time On My Side / Anchored Deep / Always On My Mind / Do You Feel What I Feel / Quiet Faith / Tear It Down / Let Go Let God / Can't Live Without You / Distant Journey / Won't Stop Believing / Easy Loving You.

Giant ? - Long Time Comin' - 1992
Tracks: Love Won't Leave You Alone / Live And Learn / Long Time Coming / Listen To Your Heart / Dream On / I'm Still Rockin' / Do You Love Your Neighbor / No Matter How Long / No Shortcuts / Stumbling Block To A Stepping Stone / In My Father's House.

Giant 740-7271-0932 - David And The Giants: Giant Hits - 1993
Tracks: Get Together / Here's My Heart / Love Has A Place / Show Them The Light / Heavenly Love / Why / I'll Be Loving You / Always On My Mind / I Was The Nails / Noah.

Giant 844-1841-642 - Angels Unaware - 1995
Tracks: Can't Stop The Music / Light The Fire / Somebody Tell Me / Writing On The Wall / No One But You / Dance Your Night Away / Inside My Heart / I Was Made For You / The Beat Goes On / Selah.

Giant 844-1876-132 - Dream - 1996
Tracks: Can't Help Myself / When I Close My Eyes / You Gotta Move / The Sun Will Shine Again / Don't Take Away My Dream / All I Know / A Million Years From Now / Out Of Control / New Wine / Love Everybody / I Will Be Waiting For You.

Discography by Bosko Asanovic