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The Danderliers

The Dandeliers / Billy Boy RR

Soundcraft (No #) Chop Chop Boom / ?  - 1955 (45rpm Acetate)

The Danderliers Dallas Taylor Vocalist / The Danderliers Dallas Taylor & James Campbell Vocalists  (members James Campbell, Dallas Taylor, Bernard Dixon, Walter Stephenson and Richard Thomas)

States 147 - Chop Chop Boom* / My Autumn Love - 1955 *Covered By The Crew-Cuts On Mercury 70597(Red Vinyl Copies Scarcer Than Black).

The Danderliers Dallas
Taylor, Vocalist

States 150 - Shu-Wop* / My Loving Partner - 1955 *song was meant to be titled "New Way" but title had to be changed for censorship reasons.

The Danderliers James Campbell & Dallas Taylor Vocalsts / The Danderliers Dallas Taylor Vocalist

States 152 - May God Be With You / Little Man 1956

The Danderliers Dallas Taylor and James Campbell Vocalists

States 160 - My Love / She's Mine - 1956 (after this release the group recorded a few unreleased demos for Mercury records, lacking guidance they disbanded. Dallas Taylor did one record in 1961 as a member of The Dells "Swingin' Teens" on Vee-Jay 376)

The Danderliers 

B&F 150 - Shu-Wop / My Loving Partner 1960
B&F 160 - My Love / She's Mine 1960
B&F 1344 - Chop Chop Boom / My Autumn Love 1961
Midas 9004 - All The Way / Walk On With Your Nose Up - 1967 (group reunited for one more release)


The group decided to name themselves The Danderliers, an offshoot of the dandelion flower, hoping to differentiate themselves from all the car and bird groups on the scene.