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Curtis Smith

Willie Small

Jessica 401 - How High Can You Fly / Say You Will - 1965 (This is actually Curtis Smith)

Curtis Smith

Essica 404 - Curtis Smith - The Living End / Blank - 1965 (DJ Copy only)
Essica 404 - Curtis Smith - The Living End / Say You Will* - 1965 (*Also released on Doma 101)
Essica 404 - Curtis Smith - The Living End / How High Can You Fly - 1965 (To complicate matters more, the two labels actually read the same, ie ‘The Living End / Say You Will’ . It’s only from listening to the records or checking the matrix numbers that you know that ‘Say You Will’ plays ‘How High Can You Fly’ which is identical to ‘How High Can You Fly’ by Willie Small)
Doma 101 - Say You Will / I Like Everything - 1966


Roy Lee Johnson With Guest Curtis Smith

Bear Family 16321 - When A Guitar Plays The Blues - 2009
Tracks: Roy Lee Johnson -
Mister Moonlight / Love Is Amazing / Sea Breeze / Black Pepper Will Make You Sneeze / Too Many Tears / Nobody Does Something For Nothing / Busybody / I'm So Happy / My Best Just Ain't Good Enough / Love Birds / When A Guitar Plays The Blues / Plowing Playboy / That's All I Need / Slowly I'm Falling In Love With You / Two Doors Down (Instrumental) / Stanback Headache Powder / It's All Over - Busybody (2) / So Anna Just Love Me / Boogaloo #3 / Cheer Up Daddy's Comin' Home / Guitar Man / Can You Handle It / Chunk Some Love / Take Me Back And Try Me / She Put The Whammy On Me / Curtis Smith - Don't Do This To Me / Two Wrongs (Won't Make It Right) / Come Here Baby / I've Got A Feeling