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Curtis Blandon

The Vocaleers (members Curtis Blandon, Caesar Williams, William Walker and Melvin Walton)

Twistime 11 - The Cootie Snap* / A Golden Tear** - 1962 *lead Curtis Blandon. **lead Caesar Williams.

Curtis Blandon (Mr. Soul)

Port 70035 - Soul / Mr. Imagination 1963

From 1-July-1964 to 21-June-1966 Curtis Blandon was drafted into the armed forces and completed his tour of duty in Germany.

Curtis Blandon (born 31-August-? in Birmingham, Alabama) 

Tower 355 - I Need You / Young Dumb  1967.
Buddah 94 - Where Is My Baby / So Much To Give - 1967

The Dubs (members Richard Blandon, Curtis Blandon, .....................) The Dubs recorded their first album "The Dubs Meet The Shells". Curtis Blandon played piano on "Your Very First Love", "Blue Velvet" and "This I Swear".

Curtis Blandon

Wand 11241 - In The Long Run / Push Comes To Shove -1972
Wand - Love Is The Answer / Come Back 1972 (Unissued)

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