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Chris Bartley

The Soulful Inspirations (members Chris Bartley, Ronald Marshall, William Graham, Henry Powell and Sam Nesbitt) 1959 group.

The Mindbenders (members Chris Bartley........................................) this was actually The Soulful Inspirations after numerous name and personnel changes --- the group's manager Bill Downs introduced Van McCoy to the group who auditioned for him accapella style. Van McCoy disliked the group as a whole but was impressed by their lead singer Chris Bartley, whom he promptly signed to his newly formed Vando record label. 

Chris Bartley (born 17-April-1947 in Harlem, New York --- died 26 – October-2009 --- cause: kidney failure)

Vando 101 - The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven / Love My Baby – 1967 (first pressings have red label)
Vando 3000 - Baby, It's Wonderful / I'll Be Loving You - 1967 (some copies issued with picture sleeve)
Vando 3002 - You Get Next To My Heart / For You* - 1967 *also recorded in 1965 by The Spellbinders on Columbia 43384.

14,000 - Truer Words Were Never Spoken / This Feeling You Give Me – 1968 
Vando 14,001 - I Found A Goodie / Be Mine Forever - 1968 (all of the above releases were composed, arranged and produced by Van McCoy, who also played piano and sang back-up vocals on the sessions) 
Buddah 93 - Baby I'm Yours* / I'll Take The Blame - 1968 *cover of Barbara Lewis' 1965 hit on Atlantic 2283.
Buddah 115 - (My Baby's) One Wonderful Girl / I Know We Can Work It Out* - 1969 *this is a re-titled reissue of a number from his Vando album originally called "Sugar Baby".
Musicor 1437 - A Man, A Woman / Tomorrow Keeps Shining On Me* - 1970  

Ray Alexander Technique (members Ray Alexander, Chris Bartley, ....................)

Lu Jun 2001 – Let’s Talk / (Instrumental) – 1974

The Ad-Libs
(members David Watt (died 5-December-2008 --- cause: ?), Chris Bartley, Jimmy Hollinger, Eller Weas Little and Natalie ?) This veteran New York group are also managed by Chris Bartley's manager Bill Downs. Chris Bartley joined the group sometime around 1975   

Passion.1 - I Don't Need No Fortune Teller / Spring And Summer* - 1977 *Chris Bartley lead.

The Ad-Libs (members David Watt, Chris Bartley, Ray Block, Abby Grant and Mary Ann Thomas) 

Johnnie Boy 01 - I Stayed Home (New Years Eve) / I Stayed Home (New Years Eve) (Acapella) – 1988
Johnnie Boy 02 – The Tide Has Turned / The Tide Has Turned (Instrumental) – 1988
Johnnie Boy 03 - Close To Me / Close To Me (Instrumental) – 1988
Johnnie Boy 04 – I Stayed Home (New Years Eve) / Santa's On His Way – 1988

Chris Bartley / Jimmy Holiday

Collectables Col 040427 - The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven / How Can I Forget - ?

United Kingdom Release Only:

Right On 105 - I See Your Name / (Instrumental) - 1975 (also released in Canada on Extra 12604) 
Move - Mis 4 - Baby, I'm For Real* / I Found A Goodie /// Truer Words Were Never Spoken / The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven - 1986 *although released under the name Chris Bartley it is actually The Ad Libs featuring Chris Bartley and Rhonda Hill as lead vocalists on the number. The Ad Libs only original member, David Watt delivers a short opening monologue. Bill Downs produced the session.

Donnie Elbert 

Joe Boy 1 - So Soon / ? - 1997 (Discovered to be Chris Bartley not Donnie Elbert when Goldmine received a tape of various Van McCoy productions credited to Chris Bartley --- see liner notes on 2005 Goldmine Cd "Going To The Go-Go" GSCD182)