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Brenda Holloway

Brenda Holloway (born 21-June-1946 in Atascadero, California, moved to L.A. at age two.  Whilst in High school Brenda Holloway was a member of a school group with Walter and Wallace Scott, later of The Whispers. Also a member of a group called The Watesians who backed Johnny Rivers and Ike & Tina Turner when they performed in their region -- she is also a classically trained violinist)

Donna 1358 - Hey Fool / Echo- 1962
Donna 1366 - Game Of Love / Echo-Echo-Echo – 1962
Donna 1370 - I'll Give My Life / More Echo - 1962 (The Above Three Flip Sides Are Identical Versions Of The Same Song)  

The Watesians
(Members Of This Girl Group Brenda Holloway, Patrice Holloway, Pat Hunt And Priscilla Kennedy (Who Later Became Known As Eleanore Rigby And Had A 1969 Release On Amsterdam 85004 - "Father Mackenzie"))

Donna 1371 - I'll Find Myself A Guy / I Told You Baby – 1962

The Four J's (Members Brenda Holloway, Patrice Holloway, Pat Hunt And Priscilla Kennedy)

4-J 506 - Will You Be My Love / Nursery - 1963

Freddie Romain (Former Member Of The Native Boys)

Spindletop ? - Be My Girl / Be My Girl (Instrumental) - 1963 (With Backing Vocals By Brenda Holloway, Patrice Holloway And Their Cousin Pat Hunt)
Spindletop ? - Be My Girl* / I've Got A Feeling - 1963 *With Backing Vocals By Brenda Holloway, Patrice Holloway And Pat Hunt)

Patrice Holloway

Taste 125 - Do The Del-Viking (Pt. 1) / Do The Del-Viking (Pt. 2) - 1963 (Backing Vocals Brenda Holloway -- Co-Written By Brenda And Her Sister Patrice Holloway)

The Sisters (Members Rosella Arvizu, Ersi Arvizu And Mary Arvizu, A Chicano girl group with whom Brenda Holloway claims she sang backing vocals)

Del-Fi 4300 - Gee Baby Gee / All Grown Up - 1963 
Del-Fi 4302 - Ooh Poo Pa Do / Happy New Year Baby – 1963
Del-Fi 4306 - Wait 'Til My
Bobby Comes Home / For Sentimental Reasons - 1963          

Brenda Holloway

Del-Fi - Every Little Bit Hurts* / I'll Give My Life - ? *Original Version Of Song Later To Be Released In 1964 On Tamla 54094.
Both of these tracks can be found on a DEL-FI Cd released in the U. S. A. in 1999 "Del-Fi Girl Groups: Gee Baby Gee" DFCD 71266)

Hal And Brenda (Hal Davis And Brenda Holloway)

Minasa 6714 - It's You / Unless I Have You – 1963
Snap 6714 - It's You / Unless I Have You – 1963

Brenda Holloway & Jess Harris

Brevit 641 - I Never Knew You Loooked So Good Until I Quit You / Gonna Make You Mine - 1963

Bonnie & Clyde (Brenda Holloway & Robert Jackson (Brother Of Gloria Jones))

In-Sound 405 - I Get A Feeling / I Want A Boyfriend (Girlfriend) – 1963

The Soul-Mates (Brenda Holloway & Robert Jackson (Brother Of Gloria Jones))

Era 3109 - I Get A Feeling / I Want A Boyfriend – 1963

Brenda Holloway & The Carrolls

Catch 109 - I Ain't Gonna Take You Back / You're My Only Love* - 1964 *The Verdict Is Still Out Whether This Is Brenda Holloway Or Not Singing This Track.

Brenda Holloway

Tamla 54094 - Every Little Bit Hurts* / Land Of A Thousand Boys** - 1964 *Written By Ed Cobb And Featuring The Piano Of
Lincoln Mayorga And Backing Vocals By Patrice Holloway And Gloria Jones. Covered In 1973 By Stacie Johnson On Motown 1236. **Written By Brenda And Her Sister Patrice Holloway. Both Tracks Are On Her Only Album Released In May 1964 "Every Little Bit Hurts" On Tamla T-257.  This Was Motown's First West Coast Produced Hit.  

Brenda & Patrice Holloway

? - Come Into My Palace - 1964 (Unreleased Demo Of Song Previously Recorded In 1962 By Lee & The Leopards On Gordy 7002, Also Recorded By The Supremes -- Apparently Only Track Recorded By The Two Sisters As A Duet)

Brenda Holloway

Tamla 54099 - I'll Always Love You - 1964 (One Sided Disc -- Promo Issue Only)
Tamla 54099 - I'll Always Love You* / Sad Song** - 1964 *Written By Ed Cobb - Covered By Blinky In 1968 On Motown 1134 Also Released By The Spinners In 1965 On Motown 1078. **Written By Frank Wilson.
Tamla 54111 - When I'm Gone* / I've Been Good To You - 1965 (Also Issued With Picture Sleeve) *Originally Recorded By Mary Wells In 1964 On Motown 1061.
Tamla 54115 - Operator* / I'll Be Available - 1965 *Originally Recorded By Mary Wells In 1962 On Motown 1035.
Tamla 54121 - You Can Cry On My Shoulder* / How Many Times Did You Mean It - 1965 *Written By
Berry Gordy. Slated To Be Released On The Cancelled Album "Hurtin' & Cryin' ". The Promo Copies Have A Different Mix To The Released Version. This Was Covered In 1972 By Michael Jackson On Motown 1207. 
Tamla 54125 - Together 'Til The End Of Time* / Sad Song* - 1965 *Written By Frank Wilson.
Tamla 54137 - Hurt A Little Every Day / Where Were You – 1966
Q-Icm Kxxx ? - Keep Me - 1966 (10" 45rpm One Sided Acetate, Label Has Rundown Stamped On It And With Thick Felt Pen Has Recoat Handwritten On It, Plus Two Signatures?)
Tamla Zt1l-206312 - Play It Cool, Stay In School - 1966 (One Sided Promo Issue -- Recorded In Co-Operation With The Women's Ad Club Of Detroit. It Was Composed By The Writer Of The Miracles Promo "I Care About Detroit", Jimmy Clark)

The Ikettes (members rumoured to be Pat Arnold, Brenda Holloway and Patrice Holloway) after The Ikettes split with Ike Turner over royalties, Ike Turner retained the rights to the group name and he continued to record the group with ever changing personnel.

Phi-Dan 5009 - Down Down / What'cha Gonna Do - 1966

The Belles
(members Sherlie Matthews, Brenda Holloway and Patrice Holloway) on all recordings this was group line-up.While the Mirwood contract lists the members as Sherlie Matthews, Debra Dion, Rose Mary Bailey and Patricia McElroy.  

Mirwood 5505 - Don't Pretend / Word's Can't Explain - 1966  
Mirwood - Cupid's Got A Hold On Me - 1966 (lead vocals by Patrice Holloway this track can be found on a U. K. 2006 Kent CD "The Mirwood Soul Story Volume 2" CDKEND 264)

Brenda Holloway

Tamla 54144 - 'Til Johnny Comes / Where Were You - 1967 (Unissued) It Was Long Believed That The Miracles "I Care About Detroit" Was To Have Been Assigned This Number. But The Motown Listings For Recording Sessions Have Brenda Holloway Assigned This Number)
Tamla 54148 - Just Look What You've Done* / Starting The Hurt All Over Again - 1967 *Written By Frank Wilson And R. Dean Taylor.
Tamla 54155 - You've Made Me So Very Happy* / I've Got To Find It - 1967 *Written By Berry Gordy, Frank Wilson, Brenda Holloway And Patrice Holloway, Slated To Be Released On The Cancelled Album "Hurtin' & Cryin' ". Song Covered By Blood, Sweat & Tears In 1969 On Columbia 44776.
Tk4m-0401 - I Don't Want Nobody's Gonna Make Me Cry - 1968 (Unreleased Track Scheduled For An Album Release)

Brendetta Davis (Rumoured To Be Brenda Holloway) 

Liberty 56056 - I Can't Make It Without Him* / Until You Were Gone - 1968 *Written By Barry White And Vernon Jones.

Brenda Holloway

Bronco / Mustang ? - Under Construction - 19?? (Unreleased Track Found In Company Vaults)
Music Merchant 1001 - Let Love Grow / Some Quiet Place - 1972 (The First 45 Issued By Hdh On This Label)
All For U 2 - I'm So Happy / Baby Don't Waste My Time - ?
All For U 3 - On The Real Side / Make Me Believe In You - ?
Mare 53 - Give Me A Little Inspiration - 1987 (One Sided Disc)

Brenda Holloway retired in the late sixties, returning only for occasional sessions with Joe Cocker


Brenda Holloway opened several concerts for The Beatles on their 1965 U.S. tour, including their Shea Stadium show.

Additions & Corrections from John MacDonald,  & Aaron Shore