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Billy Barnes

The Five Echoes (members in 1953 Willie Barnes, Eugene McDaniels, James Farmer, Jimmy Mimms and ? ------ Jimmy Mimms left group shortly after it was formed and was replaced by Richard Beasley, at this time Wesley Devreaux (the son of the famous blues shouter Wynonie Harris) also joined group)
The Sultans (members Richard Beasley, Wesley Devreaux, Eugene McDaniels, Willie Barnes and James Farmer)

Duke 125 - How Deep Is The Ocean / Good Thing Baby - 1954.
Duke 133 - I Cried My Heart Out / Baby Don't Put Me Down - 1954
Duke 135 - Boppin' With The Mambo / What Makes Me Feel This Way - 1954

The Admirals (members Richard Beasley, Wesley Devreaux, Eugene McDaniels, Willie Barnes and James Farmer) group name change came about because group was broke but still under contract with DUKE records. This way they could record for someone else.

King 4772 - Oh Yes / Left With A Broken Heart - 1955
King 4782 - Close Your Eyes / Give Me Your Love - 1955

Cathy Ryan with The Lucky Millinder Orchestra

King 4792 - It's A Sad, Sad Feeling*/ Ow - 1955 *Backing Vocals The Admirals.

Bubber Johnson

King 4793 - Ding Dang Doo* / Drop Me A Line* - 1955 *Backing Vocals The Admirals.
King 5068 - A Crazy Afternoon* / So Much Tonight - 1955 *Backing Vocals The Admirals.

The Sultans

Duke 178 - If I Could Tell / My Love Is So High - 1957 (in 1957 Jimmy Farmer enlisted and this was the end of the group. Willie Barnes and Wesley Devreaux recorded for a while as a duo. unsure of recordings.

Billy Barnes (Willie Barnes)

Mercury 71057 - Poor Old Me / Penalty - 1957
United Artists 148 - You'd Have To Fall In Love / If You But Knew - 1958
United Artists 157 - I'm Coming To See You / What Am I Supposed To Do - 1959
United Artists 218 - Home Again / I Wish I Didn't Love You So - 1960
United Artists 311 - C. C. Rider / Here Am I - 1961
Liberty 55421 - To Prove My Love / Until - 1962
Tahoe 2532 - Road Of Love / There's A Lion Out There - 1963