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Bessie Banks

The Turbans (members Bessie White, ............................................................................)  

Three Guys & A Doll (members Bessie White, David Jones (died 1995), Jimmy McGowan and Larry Banks)

Miss Toni Banks And The Four Fellows (members Bessie White (lead), Jimmy McGowan (born James A. McGowan ?-February-1932 in Brooklyn, New York --- died ?-October-2008 --- cause: ?) and Jimmy Mobley (alternating first and second tenor on both songs), Larry Banks (baritone - later to become Bessie's husband) and Teddy Williams (bass)) 

Glory 263 - You're Still In My Heart / Johnny The Dreamer - 1957

The Four Fellows (members Jimmy McGowan (singing lead), David Jones (tenor), Larry Banks (baritone) and Teddy Williams (bass))

Glory 263 - You're Still In My Heart* / I Sit In My Window** - 1957 *Toni Banks sings on "A" side only. **flip by The Four Fellows.

The Companions (members Larry Banks, Bessie (White) Banks, Harriette Banks, Milton Bennett and Al Wiiliams)

Brook's 100 - Why, Oh Why Baby / I Didn't Know (You Got Married) - 1959  
Federal 12397 - Why, Oh Why Baby / I Didn't Know (You Got Married) - 1960  

Bessie Banks

Tiger 102 - Go Now / It Sounds Like My Baby - 1964 *session: Cissy Houston (backing vocals) --- song was covered in 1965 by The Moody Blues on London 9726.  
Blue Cat 106 - Go Now / It Sounds Like My Baby - 1964
Spokane 4009 - Do It Now / (You Should Have Been A) Doctor - 1964  
Wand 163 - Do It Now / (You Should Have Been A) Doctor - 1964 
Verve 10519 - I Can't Make It (Without You Baby) / Need You - 1967  

Linda Jones / Bessie Banks

Cotique C-177 - Fugitive From Luv * / Go Now ** - 1969 *"A" side sung by Linda Jones. **flip side sung by Bessie Banks

Bessie Banks

Volt 4112 - Ain't No Easy Way / Try To Leave Me If You Can (I Bet You Can't Do It) - 1974 
Quality 503 - Don't You Worry Baby The Best Is Yet To Come* / Try To Leave Me If You Can - 1976  
Quality 508 - Baby You Sure Know How To Get To Me /  Do You Really Want To Be Right  - 1976 


Bessie was married to a Larry Banks who along with James A. McGowan were members of the group The Four Fellows. (Glory / Derby) and The Companions on FederalHe also wrote songs for several artists including The Exciters, The Geminis, Kenny Carter, The Metros and Willie Kendrick and also produced records for some of these performers. He died in February 1992, apparently. Also an  RCA track by Lawrence & Jaibi called "(You're Not)  Mine. The Lawrence is Larry Banks. Jaibi was his wife (real name Joan Alma Bates?).

Discography by Bosko Asanovic. Updates by Candiman