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Bad Habits

Bad Habits

Scepter 12126 - Hook Nose And Wooden Leg / Don't Take My Love Away - 1965

Bad Habits 


The Chessmen (members Robert Patton (guitar), Tommy Carter (bass), Ron DiIulio (piano) and Tommy Carrigan (drums)) 1964

The Glass Cutters (members Ron DiIulio (keyboards)and Fred Engelke (drums)

The Group (members Noel Odom, Sonny Williams, Bob Fell and Fred Engelke) 1964 

Noel Odom & The Group (members Noel Odom (vocals), Bob Fell (guitar), Sonny Williams (bass), Ron DiIulio (keyboards) and Fred Engelke (drums))

Tower 441 - Come On Down To Earth / Love Too - 1968

The Noel Odom Group (members Noel Odom, Bob Fell, Sonny Williams, Ron DiIulio and Fred Engelke)

763 - I Can't See Nobody / Pardon My Complete Objection - 1969

Noel (members Noel Odom, Bob Fell, Sonny Williams, Ron DiIulio and Fred Engelke)

Tower 505 - Hey Yesterday Where's My Mind / Come On Rain - 1969

Debbie and The Lads (members Debbie (Falls) Folse (vocals), Pershing Wells (guitar) and Ronnie Plaisance (keyboards))

Ladd ? - Dear Lord Above / The Man Who Comes Around - 1969

Bad Habits (members Debbie Folse, Pershing Wells, Rick Folse and Ronnie Plaisance)

327 - Night Owl / It's Been A Long Time Coming - 1970
Paula 333 - My Baby Specializes / Born On The Bayou - 1970
Paula 342 - If The Whole World Stopped Loving / I Don't Want To Discuss It - 1971

Bad Habits (members Bob Fell, Sonny Williams (later replaced by Nick Pratt), Rick Folse (saxophone), Ron DiIulio and Fred Engelke)

Paula 353 - Thank You For The Love / My Days Are Numbered - 1971
Paula 370 - Bad Wind / Images: The City - 1972
Paula 374 - Touch The Wind / Louie, Louie – 1972

The Convertibles (members Bob Fell, ........................................)