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 Revue records was a subsidiary of MCA Records, and was nominally based at 8255 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, California. Set up to serve the Black music market, the label itself tended to lease recordings in rather than actually record the artists themselves. Consequently there are recordings from Detroit, Chicago, the West coast, and several points in between on the label.

In existence for four years, 1966 to 1969, there were a total of  71 singles released, and 12 albums. In some ways though the Revue label acted as a feeder label for Uni, in the sense that the artists who were successful on Revue, tended to be transferred to the Uni label for future releases, especially for albums.

So, who were the artists that recorded for the label:

Garland Green -

Garland Green was born on June 23, 1942, in Dunleath, Mississippi. He soon found his way to Chicago though, and his first recordings were done on the Giant label under the guidance of Jo Armstead and Mike Terry. This Giant release was then leased to Revue for national distribution. Several more singles were recorded, and then Garland was transferred to the Uni label for his classic ‘Jealous Kinda Fella album.

The Mirettes -

When the 1964-1966 edition of the Ikettes, Robbie Montgomery, Vanetta Fields, and Jessie Smith, decided to leave Ike Turner's organization to record on their own, they used the name The Mirettes to record for Revue. The trio's cover of In The Midnight Hour just missed the Top 40 in 1968, and Revue released a similarly titled LP later that year.

Jack Montgomery -

Only four records exist by Jack Montgomery, and he was the mystery man of Northern Soul for a long while until I discovered his real identity was Marvin Jones during an interview with Don Mancha. From Detroit, Jack recorded the Revue release in New York at Scepter’s studio at the same session as ‘My Dearly Beloved’ and leased to Revue by Johnny Terry, somewhat illegally by all accounts. The track of course turned out to be 'Baby Baby Take A Chance On Me' on Revue 11009. Which also has a rather strange configuration of releases: Demos with the vocal on both sides, the rarer demo with vocal and instrumental, and issues with vocal and instrumental.

The Chi-Lites -

The Chi-Lites were formed in Chicago in 1959.  Originally called the Hi-Lites, they consisted of Marshall Thompson, Creadel "Red" Jones, Eugene Record, Robert Lester, and Clarence Johnson. Originally called the Chanteurs, the released one single on Renee Records. Between 1960 and 1964 they recorded as The Hi-Lites, and then Marshall & The Hi-Lites and finally changing their name to the Chi-Lites at the end of 1964. Several local releases followed until they found themselves with a couple releases on Revue. They must have done the job, because straight after the Revue releases they were signed by Brunswick, and the rest is history

Marvin L Sims -  

Marvin L Sims was born on December 11th 1944, in Sedalia, Missouri.  After he graduated from high school, he joined the Air Force in 1961 and finished his term of service in 1965. Almost immediately he joined a group called The Gaypoppers, although no records were released. 

By 1966 he was recording as a solo artist, releasing three singles over a two year period on the Mellow label, then in 1968 the first of his two releases on Revue came out. Several singles followed on Mercury, and then after a break of twenty five years in his recording career, Marvin released a CD in 1998.

Darrow Fletcher -

Darrow Fletcher was only 15 years old when he made his first recording for the Groovy label, two more followed, and then a move to the Jacklyn label. Although he was getting localized success, even appearing on television several times in Chicago, he just couldn’t make it to the big time. A move to Revue in 1968 was supposed to get him the national distribution, but in all honesty the songs were not quite up to the standard of the Groovy and Jacklyn releases, so in 1969 he moved to Congress for one release, and then found himself recording for Uni. Several other releases followed until 1979 when his recording career ended. He made a triumphant return to live singing though at the Cleethorpes weekender a couple of years ago.

Alder Ray -

Other than the photograph on the next page, there is surprisingly little known about Alder Ray. It’s almost certain that she is the same artist who recorded as Alder Ray Black, and Alder Ray Mathis in the early 1970’s, and has some involvement with Phil Spector in the early Sixties, but that’s about all I know.

The Sunlovers -

The Sunlovers are originally from Los Angeles, and are the same group that recorded on Mutt & Jeff. They also recorded as Charles Pennywell And The Inspirations on Breakthrough, and a series of labels as The Fairlanes. Charles ‘Diamond’ Pennywell was the constant member between both The Sunlovers, The Inspirations and The Fairlanes, and sang lead on all the group’s releases. He is still working today a s a live act with the Fairlanes Band, and has performed in a variety of tribute groups as well. 

Lee Charles -  

Lee Charles was an artist that legendary arranger / producer Carl Davis took under his wing. Hios first recordings were for the Dakar label in 1966. Further recordings were cut at Dakar, but for some reason they were leased out to Revue through 1967 and 1968. Altogether there were two releases on Revue, and then Lee went onto record on Brunswick and Bamboo. 

Tony Borders –  

Tony Borders is one of the legendary names of Southern Soul, recording far too few sides over the years. Little is known of him as an artist though. His early recordings were patchy, to say the least, but once he hooked him with Quin Ivy, and started recording in Muscle Shoals the true sound emerged. The two Revue releases were, like most releases leased in by the label, and are probably the best examples of Southern Soul put out by Revue. 

Marvin Holmes & The Uptights –  

A strange release for the label this time. The exact same recording had already been released as ‘Funky Mule’ on Boola Marvin Holmes. So why, and how, it ended up on Revue is a complete mystery. It obviously did some sales though because Marvin Holmes and the Uptights went on to record an album for the Uni label. He also went on to form Marvin Holmes’ Justice, who recorded some heavy Funk tracks in the ‘70s. 

Third Avenue Blues Band –  

The group was actually from Oklahoma City rather than Texas. (Their management group was in Dallas.) They were a white group fronted by a black singer, Harold Jones, who sang on many of the tracks, Put a Little Love in Your Heart, Donít Make Me Laugh, Itís Your Thing and Bad Moon Rising. The organist, Harlan Rogers, provided the vocals for Rose Garden, If You Donít Want Me, and I Know About Love. The two shared the vocals on Itís Got to Be Love and Come On and Get It. Three members of the group, Harlan Rogers (organ/vocals), Bill Maxwell (drums), and Hadley Hockensmith (guitar) went on to have highly successful careers as the rhythm section for gospel artist Andre Crouch at the height of his career. Later, they were members of the jazz-fusion group Koinonia who recorded 4 albums and were extremely popular throughout the 80ís, particularly in Europe, Scandinavia, and Japan, and were highly sought-after studio musicians in L.A. Bill Maxwell is still very active in film and TV music, and as a producer, writer, and drummer. Hadley Hockensmith has been a guitarist for Neil Diamond for many years.

Information kindly supplied by Geary Rogers

Mike & The Censations -  

Mike Kirkland’s brother Robert bet some friends at a party that he and his brother could release a record every bit as good as the Motown tracks that were storming up the charts at the time. Unbelievably, the group they formed, Mike & The Censations released their first record within a couple of months of the bet being made. Released on their own label, Bryan, it went onto gather radio play and led to not only a second release, but a two record deal with Revue.   

David T Walker –  

Recognised for many years as one of the top Jazz guitar session musicians in the States, david T Walker also released quite a large number of tracks in his own name. Certainly there were several singles on Revue, and two albums. 

Eddie & Ernie –  

Eddie Campbell and Ernie Johnson Jnr recorded some of the most blistering Deep Soul you are ever likely to hear. Their two voices blend perfectly, with that raw edge that is so necessary for true Soul Music. Often compared to Sam & Dave, they never really received any recognition internationally until Dave Godin started championing their cause. Although they had long been know to Soul aficionados via their uptempo records, Dave Godin worked with Kent records to make sure that the Eddie & Ernie compilation CD was released. That, plus the inclusion of their recordings in the Dave Godin Deep Soul series of releases ensured that their legacy will live on forever. How they came to have a record released on Revue though is a complete mystery to me.

The following artists all had at least one release for the label, but I have no more information than that to be honest.

Joyce Hopson  

Joyce Hopson is an artist that I can find no information on at all, so other than the fact she cut this wonderful mid tempo Crossover track for the label in 1968. I don’t even know what area of the States it was recorded in, but it does sound Chicago, and the production credits do hint that way. 

Charles Lamont 

I can only assume that this is the same Charles Lamont that recorded for Challenge. 


11001 – Garland Green – Girl I Love You / It Rained Forty Days And Nights - 1966
11002 – Jimmy Coleman – Cloudy Days / Don’t Seem Like You Love Me - 1966
11003 – Lonnie B & Viki G – Pops / High On The Mountain - 1966
11004 – The Mirettes – In The Midnight Hour / To Love Somebody - 1966
11005 – The Chi-Lites – Love Is Gone / Love Me - 1967
11006 – The Johannesburg Street Band – Capetown / Wimbube (Wim-O-Way)  - 1967
11007 – Lee Charles – If That Ain’t Lovin’ You / Standing On The Outside - 1967
11008 – Darrow Fletcher – I Like The Way I Feel / Way Of A Man - 1967
11009 – Jack Montgomery – Baby Baby Take A Chance On Me / Inst - 1967
11010 – Stu Gardner – I Can’t Make It By Myself / Never Gonna Hurt Again - 1967
11011 – Deacon Lee & The Prophets – Buckaroo / Bad - 1967
11012 – Patti-Cakes – Peas Porridbe / Viva La Venezuela - 1967
11013 – The Living Souls – Drop It On Me / Soul Searchin’ - 1967
11014 – Alder Ray – Love Will Let You Down / Run Baby Run - 1967
11015 – ?
11016 – Lonnie B & Viki G – Lovin’ Feeling / Oops - 1968
11017 – The Mirettes – Real Thing / Take Me For A Little While - 1968
11018 – The Chi-Lites – (Um Um) My Baby Loves Me / That’s My Baby For You - 1968
11019 – Chic Carbo – Biggest Fool In Town / Touch Me - 1968
11020 – Garland Green – Mr Misery / You Played On A Player - 1968
11021 – June Gatlin – Baby Cakes / Good Girl Gone Bad - 1968
11022 – Lee Charles – Someone Somewhere / Wrong Number - 1968
11023 – Darrow Fletcher – Gonna Keep Loving You / We Can’t Go On This Way - 1968
11024 – Marvin L Simms – Old Man Time / Talkin’ ‘Bout Soul - 1968
11025 – Tony Borders – Cheaters Never Win / Love And A Friend - 1968
11026 – Marvin Holmes & The Uptights – Ride Your Mule Part 1 / Part 2 - 1968
11027 – Stu Gardner – I Got You / 634-5789 - 1968
11028 – Third Avenue Blues Band – If You Don’t Love Me / It’s Got To Be Love - 1968
11029 – The Mirettes – First Love / I’m A Whole New Thing - 1968
11030 – Garland Green – Ain’t That Good Enough / Love Now Pay Later - 1968
11031 – Chic Carbo - The Story Of My Life / Ordinarily - 1968
11032 – David T Walker – Reach Out For Me / Sidewalk - 1968
11033 – Two People – Love Dust / Stop Leave My Heart Alone - 1968
11034 – Joyce Hopson – I Surrender To You / This Time - 1968
11035 – Darrow Fletcher – Sitting There That Night / Those Hanging Heartaches - 1968
11036 – Harold
Johnson Sextet – Sorry About That / Think - 1968
11037 – Goody Colbert – Baby I Like It / I Wanna Thank You - 1968
11038 – Marvin L Simms – Danger / Get Off My Back - 1968
11039 – Lonnie B & Viki G – High On The Mountain / We’re Gonna Stay In Love - 1968
11040 – Tony Borders – I Met Her In Church / What Kind Of Spell - 1968
11041 – Mike & The Censations – Split Personality / You’re Living A Lie - 1968
11042 – Micki Lynn – In The Meantime / Sure Is Something - 1968
11043 – Skyline Drive – Make It To Spain / Tonight Could Be The Night Little Darling - 1968
11044 – Jimmy Graham – Soul Walk / Soul Walk In - 1968
11045 – Sun Lovers – Main Street / Main Street Shuffle - 1968
11046 – Party Brothers – Do The Grounding / Nassau Daddy - 1968
11047 – Charles Lamont – Before It’s Over / Hog Blues - 1968
11048 – Frankie Vance – Can’t Break The Habit Of Your Love / Do You Hear Me Baby - 1968
11049 – Eddie & Ernie – Thanks For Yesterday / Woman What Do You Be Doing - 1968
11050 – Harold
Johnson – Right On / Soul Perception - 1968
11051 – 3rd Avenue Blues Band – Pipedream / Don’t Make Me Laugh - 1968
11052 – Mark Eric – Don’t Cry Over Me / Night Of The Lions - 1968
11053 – Chris Bernard – Mother / Good Hearted Woman - 1968
11054 – Tony Borders – Polly Wally / Gentle On My Mind - 1968
11055 –
Johnny & Mark V – Down The Pike / Sands Of Malibu - 1968
11056 – Mike & The Censations – Shopping For Love / The Straw (That Broke The Camel’s Back) - 1968
11057 – Pleasure – Born A Girl / It Ain’t Right - 1968
11058 – Roy Gene Crimpton – Beautiful Lady At 8 / She Was Good To Me - 1968
11059 – Abraham & His Sons – I Can’t Do Without You / Your Mother Understood - 1968
11060 – David T Walker – Can I Change My Mind / My Baby Loves You - 1969
11061 – Charles Lamont – Lefty / Two Thousand Years Ago - 1969
11062 – Frankie Vance – Somewhere In Your Life (You’ve Been Hurt) / You Are My Solution - 1969
11063 – Eddie & Ernie – Tell It Like It Is / You Give Me Love To Go On - 1969
11064 – Mark Eric – California Home / Where Do The Girls Of Summer Go - 1969
11065 – Jimmy Graham – Love Can’t Be Modernized / We Shall Overcome - 1969
11066 – King Biscuit Entertainers – Rollin’ Free Man / Sunset Blues - 1969
11067 – 3rd Avenue Blues Band – Come On And Get It / Rose Garden - 1969
11068 – Mike & The Censations – Gonna Try To Get You Back / A Man Ain’t Nothing’ But A Man - 1969
11069 – The Saints – Mirror Mirror On The Wall /Come On Let’s Dance - 1969
11070 – David T Walker – Watch Out Dynamite / Baby I Need Your Loving - 1969
11071 - Len Woods - I'm In Love / Do It Funky - 1969


RS 7201 - Harold
Johnson Sextet - House on Elm Street - 1968
Tracks: House On Elm Street / Have You Got Good Religion? / Delores /
Watts '67 / Alfie / Sunny / Something Mellow / Yeh Uh Huh / Moses

RS 7202 - Stu Gardner - To Soul with Love - 1968
Tracks: Never Gonna Hurt Again / I Can't Make It By Myself / Soul Wrecker / Skating Shoes / Please Help Me Somebody / Cheatin' Girl / Love Slipped Away / Love Lifted Me / Friday Love / I'll Always Love You 

RS 7203 - Ural Thomas - Can You Dig It...Live - 1968
Tracks: The Right Time / Can You Dig It? / Pain Is The Name Of Your Game / Vibrations / The Fade Away / The
Instrumental / I Love You /  The Thing In G / Too Fast

RS 7204 - Harold Johnson Sextet - Everybody Loves a Winner - 1969
Tracks:Kealiians / We're a Winner / Be Quiet Man / Afro Freak / Lime Water / Baila Cinderella / Natural Napy / Cruising / Nature Boy / Erewhon

RS 7205 - Mirettes - In the Midnight Hour - 1968
Tracks: Take Me For A Little While / The Real Thing / I'm A Whole New Thing / On The Good Ship Lollipop / Somewhere // Keep On Running / First Love / Tweedle Dee / To Love Somebody / In The Midnight Hour

RS 7206 - Willie Bovain - Jazz + Soul = Love - 1969
Tracks:Hurts So Bad / What Now My Love / Love Walk / Patricia's Delight / Willow Weep For Me / I'm In The Mood For Love / Misty / Since I Fell For You / Love Anytime

 RS 7207 - David T. Walker - The Sidewalk - 1969
Tracks:My Flowers / Direction Wes / Lock of Love / Standing In the Shadows / Hurt So Bad / Reach Out I'll Be There / Up Up and Away

RS 7208 - ?

RS 7209 - ?

RS 7210 - Mark Eric - A Midsummer's Day Dream - 1969
Tracks:California Home / More With The Dawn / Laura's Changing / Where Do The Girls Of The Summer Go / I'd Like To Talk To You / Take Me With You // Night Of The Lions / Don't Cry Over Me / We Live So Fast / Sad Is The Way I Feel / Just Passing By / Lynn's Baby

 RS 7211 - David T. Walker - Going Up! - 1970
Tracks:Can I Change My Mind / My Baby Loves Me / Since You've Been Gone (Baby Baby, Sweet Baby) / I'm Going To Make You Love Me / Medley (You Don't Know What Love Is-This Guy's In Love With You) // Stormy / Bad Bad Whiskey / Going Up / Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me / Watch Out, Dynamite

RS 7212 - Harold Johnson - Wide Open - 1970
Tracks:Validiction / Love Is Blue / Spinning Wheel / Right On / Green Sleeves // My Cherie Amour / Soul Perception / Aquarius / Wide Open / Get Back

RS 7213 - 3rd Avenue Blues Band - Fantastic - 1970
Tracks: Rose Garden / It's Got To Be Love / I Know About Love / Put A Little Love / Hawk's Blues / Don't Make Me Laugh // Come On And Get It / It's Your Thing / If You Don't Want Me / Bad Moon Rising / Mean Greens 

Discography by Dave Rimmer with additions from John MacDonald, Bosko Asanovic, and Frank Driscoll






The Mirettes

Marvin L Sims

Alder Ray

The Sunlovers

Charles Pennywell

Tony Borders

                           Eddie & Ernie