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Jackey Beavers

From Cartersville To Detroit And Back


Jackey Beavers was born and raised in Cartersville, Georgia, and Christened Robert L Beavers. It was from here that he joined the US Airforce straight from High School. During his stint in the Service he was stationed at Fort Custer in Battle Creek, and it just happened that one of the regular features of the camp club was a talent competition. Whilst Jackey regularly won the competition, the ones he didn’t win were won by a gentleman called Johnny Bristol. Recognising  an opportunity the two soon joined forces and began performing as a duo, named Johnny & Jackie. Regular appearances at the El Grotto Lounge in Battle Creek (Where the house band was led by Junior Walker) led to them signing for Anna Records, and being managed by Gwen Gordy. 

Two releases followed for the label, and although neither were hits, they sold enough copies for Gwen Gordy to retain them as artists when Anna Records closed and Anna started Tri-Phi Records with Harvey Fuqua. Again, several releases followed, and certainly the duo had no problem gaining live work. It was their second release on Tri-Phi that was to have the most impact though, even though it was the duo’s biggest hit, but not at the time it was recorded by Johnny & Jackey ! 

‘Someday, We’ll Be Together’ was written by Johnny Bristol, Jackey Beavers, and Harvey Fuqua, and became a million seller when it was released as the last single Diana Ross recorded with The Supremes. 

One further release followed and then the Tri-Phi label closed it’s doors with most of the artists transferring to Berry Gordy’s Motown label, Johnny Bristol included. Jackey Beavers though decided that he would go back to work for Roquel Davis (Joint owner of Anna Records with Gwen Gordy) who was by this time the Artist and Repertoire Director at Chicago’s Checker Records. 

Two releases followed in 1965, the first ‘Jack-a-Rue’ being a moderate hit. Sadly the second failed to make the charts and Checker Records didn’t continue with any further recordings. 

Label hopping through the next few years Jackey Beavers achieved very little commercial success as an artist. However, he recorded some wonderful

songs that he wrote himself, particularly his solo release for Revilot ‘Love That Never Grows Old’ which is now recognized as classic Detroit ‘Northern Soul’. In total, Jackey Beavers registered in excess of a hundred songs with BMI, and they were recorded by a huge number of different artists. 

Moving on, Jackey found himself at Nashville’s Sound Stage 7 Records, as not just a recording artist, but also a producer. He also worked at the famed WLAC Radio station.

There was also a period where Jackey joined and toured with The Continental Showstoppers, although no recordings were made during this time. 

Eventually though, a lack of commercial success as an artist meant that Jackey moved back to Cartersville. 

Originally buying and running a nightclub called the Brothers Three, he gave it away to his brother because he found he actually hated working in this side of the music industry.  

Returning to College, Jackey Beavers earned his degree and became an ordained Minister, originally at the New Hope Baptist Church and later at the Glory Harvester Church. It was whilst at the Glory Harvester Church that his interest in music resurfaced and he recorded several Gospel albums on the Glory label in the 1980’s. 

Throughout this period Jackey also maintained a healthy interest in local politics, and in particular the welfare of prisoners, and worked as Executive Assistant to Joe Frank Harris, the Governor of Georgia, for eight years, Executive Assistant to Bobby Whitworth, the Commissioner of Georgia's Department of Corrections, for three years, and aide to Tom Murphy, Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, for seven years. 

Jackey Beavers also wrote a column for the Cartersville Daily Tribune News for many years. Sadly, as reported by his own paper, he passed away on October 28th, 2008.


Johnny & Jackey (Johnny Bristol & Jackey Beavers)

Anna 1108 - Lonely And Blue / Let’s Go To A Movie Baby - 1960
Anna 1120 - Hoy Hoy / No One Else But You - 1960
Tri-Phi 1002 - Carry Your Own Load / So Disappointing - 1961
Tri-Phi 1005 - Someday We’ll Be Together / Sho - Don’t Play - 1962
1016 - Do You See My Love For You Growing / Carry Your Own Load - 1962
Tri-Phi 1019 - Baby Don’tcha Worry / Stop What You’re Saying - 1962

Jackey Beavers (Robert L Beavers)

Checker 1102 - Jack-A-Rue / Silly Boy - 1965
Checker 1119 - I Want Somebody / Slingshot - 1965
Nation 21765 - Come Back My Love / Understatement Of The Year - 1965

Jackie Beavers

Dade 2041 - Trying To get Back To You Part 1/ Trying To Get Back To You Part 2 - 1967

Jackey Beavers

Revilot 208 - A Love That Never Grows Old / I Need My Baby - 1967
Grandland 19000 - Bring Me All Your Heartaches / Don't Wanna Lose You - 1968

The Soul Continentals

Jaber 7110 - Movin’ And A Groovin’ / ? - 1968

Jackey Beavers

Jaber 7111 - Lover Come Back / Gee You're A Pretty Thing - 1968 (Orange Label)
Jaber 7111 - Lover Come Back / I Hate To See A Man Cry - 1968 (Blue
Jaber 7114 - Hold On / Hey Girl (I Can't Stand To See You Cry) - 1969

The Jackie Beavers Show

Mainstream 713 - We're Not Too Young To Fall In Love / When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
- 1969

Jackey Beavers

Sound Stage 7 2649 - Hey Girl (I Can’t Stand To See You Go) / Hold On - 1969
Sound Stage 7 2662 - You Can Have
Her Part 1 / You Can Have Her Part 2 - 1970
Sound Stage 7 1502 - Some Day We’ll Be Together / Lover Come Back - 1971
Sound Stage 7 1506 - Hey Girl / Singing A Funky Song – 1972

Jackey Beavers & The Fame Gang

Sound Plus 2104 - Someone (Bigger Than You Or Me) / La La La (Can You Feel It) - 1972

Jackey Beavers

Seventy Seven 904 - Mr Bump Man (Give Me A Hand Part 2 / Somebody Help The Beggar Man - 1974

The New Atlanta Gospel Sound Featuring Evangelist Robert L “Jackey” Beavers

Glory 1001 – Thank God For America / God Bless America - 1983 


Rev. Robert Jackey Beavers

Gospel Roots 5006 – The Inspired – 1977

Robert L Jackey Beavers

Glory 100 - Refreshing 1986
Tracks: Holy Ground / Philippians 2 (He Is Lord) / Yes Jesus Loves Me This I Know / Aint No Rock / Prayer Of Praise / I Know It Was The Blood / Last Mile Of The Way / Last Mile Of The Way Instrumental  

Glory 1003 - We Are Gods Children - 1988
Tracks: Its Time American (To Come Back To The Family Altar) / We Are The Children Of God / We Are The Children Of God - Track / Im Saved / Someone To Care / Since Ive Laid My Burdens Down / I Know It Was The Blood

Robert L Jackey Beavers With Special Guest Kathy Mathis

Glory ? – Something Old Something New - ?