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Angela Davis

Angela Davis And The Might Chevelles

Flaming Arrow 2829 - My Love (Is So Strong) / My Love (Is So Strong) (Inst)

Angela Davis With The Angelettes & The Black Gold Band

Flaming Arrow 30/1 - Georgia Bulldog Part 1 / Georgia Bulldog Part 2
Flaming Arrow 32/3 - Take Me To The Bathtub / Take Me To The Bathtub (Inst)

The Davis Two Plus One (Members: Angela Davis, Lisa Davis……?)

Flaming Arrow - 53 - Momma I’ve Been A Bad Girl / Dr Strangelove

Angela Davis & The Chevelle Band

Flaming Arrow 238 - Love Bumpin’ / Love Bumpin’ (Inst)

Angela Davis / Angela Davis & Rueben Fisher

Flaming Arrow 318/9 - Talking ‘Bout My Baby / Time Don’t Wait For No One

Angela Davis & Rueben Fisher

Crow 6969 - Get Up And Dance Part 1 / Get Up And Dance Part 2

Angela Davis And Father

Flaming Arrow 1510 - Black Gold / Barefoot Boy