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January 2016 February 2016 March 2016 April 2016    
10th January 2016

Kent UK
Parlo Records
King Curtis
Lou Johnson
O V Wright
The Chi-Lites
Modern Records
Pat Lundy
Billy Bland
Renfro Records
Robert Ward

11th January 2016

Johnny Copeland
Charay Records

12th January, 2016

Faro Records
Linda Records
100 Club Anniversary Singles

14th January

4 Brothers Records
Josie Records
Charger Records
Money Records

17th January

E T White
Maskman & The Agents
Lanie Records
Bay Sound Records
Dee Dee Warwick

18th January

Clarence Reid
Otis Clay
Tommy Bush

19th January

Amy Records
Maskman & The Agents
The Fiestas
IPG Records
Lloyd Price
Garnet Mimms
GSF Records

20th January

Minnie Epperson

21st January

The Pentagons
Ron Holden

Brenda Holloway

26th January

ABC Records
Topper Records

Brunswick Records

27th January

Dotty's Records

28th January

Liz Lands
Fee Records










9th February

Betty Bibbs
Benny Gordon

10th February

Billy Storm
Earl Gaines

12th February

Prix Records

17th February

Avco Embassy Records
Blue Candle Records
Helene Smith
Annette Snell
Ella Washington

18th February

Johnnie Mae Matthews
Bessie Banks
IPG Records

21st February

The Drifters
The Tams
Sims Records

1st March

Tony Galla

18th March

Stax Records

20th March

Volt Records

24th March

Shrine Records

Arctic Records

27th March

Nola Records
Mirwood Records

29th March

House OF The Fox Records

30th March

Dayco Records

7th April

Sansu Records
Groovesville Records
Silver Fox Records

15th April

Blue Cat Records

Hot Wax Records
Audio Arts Records
Quinvy Records

17th April

Phil La Of Soul Records
Peachtree Records

25th April

The Drifters
Gama Records

28th April

Top & Bottom Records
Tomorrow Records
Turntable Records
Topper Records
Wild Deuce Records