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Soul Power                       

107 - Shay Holiday - It's Not How long You Make It / Fight Fire With Fire
108 - George Perkins - A Man In Love / When You Try To Use A Good Man
109 - African Music Machine - Black Water Gold (Pearl) / Making Nassau Fruit Drink
110 - Tommie Young - Hit And Run Lover / Take Time To Know Him
111 - African Music Machine – Tropical / A Girl In France
112 - Tommie Young - Do You Feel The Same Way / Everybody's Got A Little Devil In Their Soul
113 - George Perkins - Baby You Saved Me / How Sweet It Would Be
114 - Tommie Young - She Don't Have To See You / That's All Part Of Loving Him
115 - African Music Machine – Dapp / Never Name A Baby (Before It's Born)
116 - Tommie Young - You Brought It All On Yourself / You Can Only Do Wrong So Long
117 - African Music Machine - Mr Brown / Camel Time
118 - Tommie Young - You Came Just In Time / You Cant Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too)
119 - Tommie Young - Get Out Of My Life/That’s How Strong My Love Is


Discography by John Reed